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D’Antoni claims that the Rockets will win 70 games and win the championship next season. Can James join?

Rockets general manager Darrell Morey and head coach D’Antoni attended the team’s farewell party today and answered some questions that the fans are very concerned about.

This season the regular season rockets have won the league’s best record of 65 wins. For the team’s goals for the next season, D’Antoni said: “We can do it by winning 70 wins and winning the championship.”

Morey talked about the reinforcement plan this summer. “My job is to work hard to upgrade the lineup. I also talked to the coach. We will basically keep this lineup. We are great and there is no small chance. The owner, Fertitta, is willing to pay the luxury tax for this.”

The Rockets intended to get James and Paul began to recruit James. In this regard, Morey said: “My work considers all factors and we will explore these. We have Dantonian coaches, Harden, Paul and other core members. We must unite. Pursue some players.”

In addition, Morey also revealed that the Rockets lost to the Warriors, Paul is the team’s most upset player.

“I think he is the saddest because he knows that if he can play, we can reach the finals. He is very sad about his injury. But you know, he will come back, he will recover 100%. Said Morey.

The regular season won 70 wins and won the championship. The Rockets’ current lineup is definitely not acceptable. If James really joins, can it come true?