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Little Thomas is determined to cover the 2K20. Isn’t the hope of realizing his dreams with his strength?

Isiah Thomas updated Twitter today to set his sights on the cover of the NBA 2K20. He said: “NBA 2K20 cover. Oh okay! Say it.”

The most recent covers of 2K were: 2K14 James, 2K15KD, 2K17 Paul George, 2K18 Irving. On the 2K cover is a powerful hot star in the league.

Thomas will be a free agent next season. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers have expressed their interest in renewing Thomas.

Woj said: “The Los Angeles Lakers ’ plan is known to everyone. No change. They want to get both of them (James and George). They want to get at least one of them. If they all get it, they may be with Thomas or Lo Petz extended his contract for another year.”

Little Thomas said in Fox Sports’ “Chris and Caron” that his hip injury is no problem and he is excited to be healthy again.

Last year, Thomas, who suffered a broken hip in the offseason, was traded by the Celtics to the Cavaliers for Owen. He was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers by the Cavaliers in the middle of the season. The return of Thomas in January affected the injury and did not play the magic of last season.

If it is the last Thomas, it may be worth 2K cover. At present, Thomas, who is still in doubt about the contract, may return to the level of 2K cover.