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Warriors’ championship champion Super Spurs

The 2018 finals have come to an end. The defending champion Warriors swept the Cavaliers 4-0 with a total score to win the 2018 championship.

According to the American media NBC Sports News, this is the sixth championship in the history of the Warriors. It ranks third in history behind the Spurs and the Bulls.

The first two days of history were dominated by two giants, the Celtics and the Lakers. The other teams still couldn’t see their tails. The two teams have not won the championship in recent years and only praised their ancestors. rich!

The Celtics topped the list with 17 championships, followed by the Lakers 16 with the Warriors and the Bulls 6 and tied for third place. The Spurs ranked fourth with five.

In addition, with the Warriors this championship, the five teams have reached 50 championships, accounting for 69.5% of the league’s total championship. The other teams have added up to 22 in total.

This championship is also the Warriors won the championship for the second consecutive year, winning the championship for the third time in nearly four seasons. If there is no accident, the Warriors will be the biggest favorites of the championship in the next few years, and the possibility of reaping several championships is not small.