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The US media asked – NBA Warriors and NBA Bulls 3V3, who can win?

The NBA Warriors took 73 wins and 9 losses in the 2015-2016 NBA season, surpassing the 1996 NBA Bulls 72 wins and 10 losses, creating the best record in NBA history. With the addition of Durant, the strength of the NBA Warriors has increased greatly, winning the championship for two consecutive years, and it is expected to have three consecutive championships. The strength of this NBA Warrior is enough to compete with any strong team in history.

NBA Warrior star Iguodala recently participated in the The Cloud 100 summit held by Forbes, during which he said that the 1996 Bulls are the best NBA team in history, and Jordan is the greatest NBA player in history. This has caused heated discussion among NBA fans. Many NBA fans say that the strength of the NBA Warriors is even above this bull.

ClutchPoints, who is not too big to see the crowd, shared a composite map of the NBA Warriors and NBA Bulls, but this time it was three to three. Curry, Durant and Draymond Green vs. Jordan, Pippen and Rodman, and this article: The three giants of the two dynasties, three to three, who can win?

From the comments of foreign NBA fans, more people think that the NBA Bulls can win, mainly Jordan is too unsolvable, and defense is not Curry’s strength; Durant is better than Pippen; there are fans The ridicule Rodman and Green are estimated to fight.

Which group of big three do you think will win? Tell me your reasons.