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The Rockets want to hit the championship again, can only gamble on Anthony?

After the Rockets gave Chris Paul a 1.6 billion dollar, they basically announced that there is not much room for reinforcement in the next few years. After the Thunder continued Paul-George and Jeremy Grant, the luxury tax to be paid was similar to Paul’s total salary. The previous message means that the Rockets want to hit the NBA championship again. The difficulty will only increase as Paul grows older. The latter news means that the Thunder wants to avoid the high luxury tax. Buying Anthony is a top priority. After waiting for your thoughts, you will find that the Rockets must pursue an Anthony anyway. In particular, the two light bulbs blocked the salary space, and Capella’s renewal issue was still being dragged down. The Rockets lost the two flank of Ariza and Bamot, which caused the frontline combat loss to be heavy. The wireless-defending luxury wing group that was proud of last season is now only one PJ Tucker. Anthony certainly can’t replace the defensive role of Ariza and Bamot. His three-pointers don’t even have two role players, but he is still the rocket’s choice to some extent.

In terms of high-level data, Anthony is below the league average in terms of limiting the hit rate of the opposing players or the difference in defensive efficiency when the team is not present. He is not known for his defensiveness. With the increase in age and weight, there is basically no limit to the effect after changing the defensive player. If you encounter the Westward imaginary enemy warrior, Anthony’s mediocre traverse speed and defensive awareness will become Curry’s preferred target, and there is no way to defend Durant who can ignore any defense. The Rockets want to take Anthony to the knees, and certainly think of his defensive side, but at least can count on Anthony’s offense. Before joining the Thunder, Anthony still has 22 points per game in New York. Although his style of play and the magic ball attack are contrary to each other, the efficiency is not high, but he also eats the ball. However, the Rockets like to use the heads-up to solve the game. In the team, Anthony’s singles will definitely be useful. He has shared the singles and digested a certain amount of shots. Harden will never have physical exhaustion in the fourth quarter. Even Paul can well avoid the risk of injury. The Rockets tried to give up the original infinite ability to change. With more heads-ups and warriors, this is the biggest significance of Anthony joining the Rockets.

From Anthony’s personal point of view, the Rockets are also a suitable place for their own. Although the Los Angeles Lakers can play alongside LeBron James, his most important starting position is basically to give up. The Lakers’ first strike combination is definitely James and Ingram, right, and last season’s best. The rookie rookie Kuzma, Anthony’s rotation order had to be behind them. The Miami Heat is also one of the teams that pursue Anthony, but this team is not competitive, and it is not known where the friend Wade is next season. Only when the Rockets are guaranteed to be competitive, they can also provide the starting position for Melo, and the good brother Paul is still communicating with Melo during the offseason. From the perspective of theory and practical operation, it is the best place for Anthony. As for the recent rumors that the Thunder and the Nets involved in the trade of Anthony, private thought is purely rumors, even if it happens, most of them are also Anthony seeking to buy out after joining the Rockets. Although the melon is old, it can still be a battle. Although the rocket loses two members, it can still compete with the Warriors. Of course, the win is afraid to be lower and lower.