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The Lost Knights, the second old two fishing and a pot, where to go?

It’s hard to believe that a player can make such a huge impact on a team. For example, after Ronaldo left Real Madrid is still Real Madrid, still a strong contender for the Western Super Championship (after all, there are only two teams in the Western Super League). However, the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers are different. The decision to open the three this summer means that the NBA team quickly gained power from the East and became a lottery team. There is a glory in the past, and now the wreckage is broken, accompanied by the migration of the first person in the world.

Morally speaking, NBA Cleveland gives everything the old man can give. From the deployment of the lineup to the candidate of the coach, it is worthwhile to listen to it. Only Cleveland can’t satisfy the ambitions of the old man. The first person in the world wants not only the inside of the stadium, but also the outside of the court. So he moved from Ohio, where the rust belt was located, to the white-left camp in California. There are sun, beaches, school districts, and a variety of Silicon Valley cockroaches… It’s time for the future to figure out how to make a difference in the 34-year-old.

As far as the old man’s position is concerned, the decision is irresponsible. Although it was a bit embarrassing to be repaired three times by the NBA Warriors in four years, no matter how you finally brought the Golden Cup to your hometown, the wanderer has already repaid. Can stand in the position of BA Cavaliers, witnessed the decision three, the inner feelings are mostly dumb to eat berberine, there is hard to say. Once the prince Ou Di ran, and now even the emperor ran, leaving a back-pot general, what is going to be?

It’s just that the rain is going to marry, and the face is always faced. After experiencing the tens of thousands of alpacas in the heart and roaring at the same time, Gilbert made a special mind and began to direct Altman to start reconstruction. First of all, the pot general is sure to be stable. After all, the Cleveland villain is poor, and there is no big taxpayer like BAT. Even Dadong’s brother has to invade and fly directly to Minneapolis. Non-Cleveland. It can be seen that even if the majority of the third-tier cities in the United States are seated, Cleveland is considered to be poor. Under such a big background, it is good to be able to hold a star. In the past four years, 120 million baht will be paralyzed. The premium will be a premium, but also a bicycle?

It is foreseeable that the generals of the new season will probably be able to play the level of the Huskies, and the nba average of 20+10 should be ignored. Although there is no direct correlation between personal data and team record, it can be a good idea. In today’s wrist and wrist, the general trend of group buying champions, only the first wrist has the opportunity to recruit the second, and even the third. In this way, retaining the pot general is equivalent to retaining a revolutionary fire. The fire of the stars can be a good thing.

At present, the problem of this NBA knight is not that the pot army equipment does not have the ability of Carry, but the old one, the fishing. The second old man, headed by Korver and George Hill, paired with JR and the Eight Kings, is a delicious dish of the rest of the league. What is even more terrifying is that the two old and the second fishing, incarnation of a huge slot machine, crazy to swallow the Cavaliers salary space. Do you know how much money you should give to JR, Baxian Wang, Hill and Korver in the new season? Nearly 60 million.

The emphasis here is on the praise of the Eight Hundred Kings, who are not old enough and are not small. Cannons hit Kardashian, and Xiaoshan’s obedience was overwhelmed, and he was able to circulate and eat fast food, thus unlocking the epic achievements of Green Shanjun, which is really admirable. My generation is a model, my generation is a model.

The only good fortune is that the NBA Cavaliers have a few outstanding and beautiful, exuding Yingying Starlight. The name is very yellow and very violent. It has a good body of potential center. If you can carefully sculpt and cultivate, you can replace the eight sages. The name is also very sexy. Sexton), with the excellent performance of the summer NBA league, has been regarded as the successor of Chu Jun. In addition to this one, from the famous Kehei Xiaonansi, to the Filipino national hand Clarkson, from the Turkic LeBron Osman, to the Hongxiang graduate Decker, and then to the heart is higher than the sky, life is thinner than paper, ready for a thousand Hood thrown. These five lords are all between 23 and 26 years old, full of vitality, youthful appearance, and in addition to the unruly expression on the face, there is also a collagen symbolizing vitality.

There are seven swords under the Tianshan Mountain. I don’t know if these seven swords in the post-aging period can pull a seemingly deep Cleveland.

As for the guidance of the Guardian’s greetings for countless times last season, it should no longer be tangled. Lu’s original sin was that he could not lead the Cavaliers to break through the barriers of the NBA Warriors. Once the title of the title disappears automatically, it means that the Lu guide will cover up the biggest slot. Seeking truth from facts, Lu’s guidance is not among the strategists of Stevens, Zhugecun and Cole, who defeated the heroes thousands of miles away; but the partiality of the peace, the whole life of the life in the chaos, can not be done. It is said that there is hope and disappointment. Once you do not hope, you will naturally not be disappointed.

Anyway, the NBA is committed to rebuilding in the new season, and is committed to cultivating newcomers. If you want to be able to beat the rabbits and mix a NBA playoff ticket, isn’t it beautiful? Even if the mediocrity is still the same, the chicken soup is still the same, no problem, 7 million annual salary, who dare to shed tears? The word “Taishan” is stable, and it is tailor-made for the coaching of the NBA season.

How should the NBA’s new season’s knight record be predicted? The pot is guaranteed to the lower limit, and the young seven swords determine the upper limit. If the seven swords are seven fire sticks, I am afraid that there will be only 30 wins and ups and downs; and if the seven swords can smash the sky, they may have a 40 wins and then enter the NBA playoffs. After all, there are not many strong people in the east, and there are a lot of fish. Everyone is inseparable from each other, so as long as there is still a battle, there is a chance to steal chicken. Have to give a relatively accurate forecast, may wish to take the average, 35 wins and ups, and finally the ninth or tenth record in the East, missed the NBA playoffs.

And this is also a rough estimate of the impact of the old man on the team. If he joins, the NBA Lakers are expected to rise from 35 wins to 50 wins and become a strong army in the West; if he leaves, the NBA Cavaliers are expected to fall from 50 wins to 35 wins and become the Song Bing-style public face. The victory/loss of 15 games or so, this is the first extraordinary buff that comes with the world.