The Hong Kong League can’t play, why should Bynum try to return to the NBA?

Bynum’s last appearance in the NBA was four years ago. He played 36 minutes on behalf of the Indiana Pacers and lost 23 points and 19 rebounds. Later, we saw the news about Bynum, it was nothing more than which barber shop he appeared, changing a variety of hair styles, in short, nothing to do with basketball. Earlier this year, Bynum wanted to return to the game and had a contact with a team in the Hong Kong League. It’s hard to imagine that the main center of a two-time NBA championship team, the NBA All-Star, and even the Hong Kong League teams are not going to be seen. The day before, Bynum hired a representative to contact the NBA team to make a comeback. The general fans heard it and sneered at it. It seems that no one is optimistic that Bynum is coming back, but why is he so confident in Dongshan?

From the video of a Bynum training that was exposed online, he showed a good touch and footwork, and he had a few years of experience in the Lakers. He saw that he had been training for the past few months and his body shape. Keep it good. Don’t forget that Bynum is the youngest player in NBA history to participate in the draft. He just passed the 18th birthday when he first appeared on the show, so after playing nine seasons in the NBA and four seasons, Bynum is only this year. 30 years old, is the age of ordinary players. Age is not a problem. The problem is that the alliances that he was absent have already undergone earth-shaking changes. The traditional low-ranking big ones no longer enjoy the fragrance, and the space-type 4th and 5th places bloom everywhere. However, from the training video, Bynum also knows how to keep up with the current NBA trend, and has developed a three-pointer with a three-pointer from the top of the arc. Although training and competition are not the same, it is at least a proof that Bynum is trying to integrate into modern competitions. Coupled with his natural footsteps and acquired comprehensive offensive methods, it is not a big problem to go to a team to be the second and third substitutes. As for why he failed to test the Hong Kong team, the reason is many, one is a few months before his devil training, and secondly, Hong Kong may not meet Bynum’s request, plus he has been It’s more conceited, and it’s no surprise that the joining matter has been blown up. However, the fact that the media is exaggerated and presented to the people has become the level of Bynum’s current level that is not enough for the Hong Kong class.

Although Bynum is expected to become the second and third round of the NBA team’s inside rotation, it can only show that he has such strength, and whether it can be realized as a battle force is another matter. The first is Bynum’s health problem. He never played a full season after playing. He always missed twenty or thirty games every year. After being sent to the Philadelphia 76ers by the Lakers, he was directly reimbursed for the season. More serious than injury is the problem of professional literacy. Since becoming an All-Star in 2012, Bynum has been very self-sufficient, always absent from training or has a misconduct, and was banned by the Lakers until it was traded. Later, he broke out of absenteeism training, did not participate in the team activities as required, and entered negative news such as various hairdressing places, as if basketball had nothing to do with him. For this reason, Bynum will be a cancer star who won’t get any contract from a 19+12 inside star. Presumably, after this series of blows, Bynum can understand the true meaning of basketball, and I believe that the hard training during this time will not be a short-lived. Perhaps he finally understood the truth that success requires one percent of genius and one hundred percent of effort, so now efforts should be too late.