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The best 14 years of life… I gave this man Tracy McGrady.

As a 90-year-old who loves basketball, I believe that many people started to pay attention to and fell in love with this sport because Dayao entered the NBA, but I was just the opposite.

At the beginning of Dayao’s entry into the league, I didn’t even have a complete idea of what the Rockets and even the NBA were. Only know, oh, Yao Ming is playing basketball in the United States. The Rockets have thus become the home team of many fans. Including my classmates.

In 2004, I happened to see the news, saying that Yao Ming came to a NBA scoring champion called Tracy Mcgrady and was very powerful. So I watched almost all the games of the Rockets that year. My focus from beginning to end was not Yao Ming, but the man wearing No. 1 jersey.

Blurred but sharp eyes, such as arrow-like breakthroughs, soft touch, handsome shooting posture, charming legs line. These tags are permanently engraved in my head.

Since then, I have gone to basketball and I have fallen in love with you, T-MAC. Everything I do is imitating you. Regardless of your eyes, shooting posture, dribbling action, position of calf protectors and arm guards, or even the calf leg type (self-leaning) for 14 years, you will not miss a match or message. It will not fall at all.

Only because of family and conditions, I missed all the opportunities for you to come to China to do activities. Have to watch you silently in front of your TV or mobile phone.

It’s fast, and you retired as a member of the NBA Hall of Fame. I also entered the community and came to Beijing to work. The focus of life is no longer basketball and you, but I will still pay attention to your news.

This time in Beijing, I do not want to miss. I just want to go and see you on the scene. Look at the man who has been obsessed with me for 14 years, the man who gave me good memories and filled my entire youth and basketball dreams.