Stevens coach and Schneider coaching

Today, Hayward returned to Salt Lake City for the first time after he left the Jazz. He is the star of the former Salt Lake City. He is the most familiar with the city and the most familiar with the fans here. He must know that he is not greeted. It will be a tsunami like a mountain.

I once heard a teacher talk about Salt Lake City. This city is not big, and the population is not too large, because there are few poor facilities in the plateau. The game is one of the few entertainment activities in the local area, so the fans of the Jazz are extremely enthusiastic. Once the home team has an NBA game, they can’t wait for the people in the city to help cheer.

Then you also saw that even though they had a year last year to dilute Hayward’s influence, even if they already had Donovan Mitchell, when Hayward held the ball, it was full of noise.

This is the writing of Anthony in the article yesterday:

There is one more point to say. This is the first time that Anthony NBA returned to Oklahoma City in the new season. Although he doesn’t say anything, but from the actual action, Anthony is desperate to prove himself. After Anthony came to the NBA rocket, everyone knows that he can’t be a fixed-point shooter like Ariza, so he took away some of the singles rights to the light bulb.

But in this NBA game, his singles have no advantage over Adams and his younger brother Grant. The more he can’t get into the more anxious, the more he wants to prove himself. This becomes a vicious circle. Today, the audience ends Anthony. 1 of 11 shots, the one that entered was still because of the Thunder’s interference ball.

He is not happy on the defensive end. In addition to being a big man, Schroeder will break through when he sees him. This is why Anthony is slow, but it is inevitable that he will see the incumbent predecessor want to prove that he is not worse than him.

Therefore, the NBA star is also a human being. Every exchanged NBA star encounters the old club or plays a very bad game, or breaks out his own small universe. There is always a reason.

Today Hayward made 3 of 9 shots, 3 points, 5 points, 1 point, 13 points, 1 rebound and 7 assists. The positive and negative value is -8. Of course, the performance is not good. In stark contrast, the bench scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. The audience was slamming the Celtics and Claude, who ended the game with three points.

Although Crowder was traded from the Cavaliers, he was still a Green Army man. They are all facing the old club, and both good and bad are also interesting, but the relationship between the two teams is far more than that.

Mitchell took Hayward to stay in the jazz status; Ingles used to be Hayward’s substitute; Mitchell and Tatum were the same rookie, if last year’s best rookie selection put the playoffs also Put it in, that Tatum will also have to be nominated; Mitchell and Rochelle are alumni of the University of Louisville.

Such intricacies also make the game a lot more interesting, but the most interesting thing is the fighting style of both coaches.

Coach Stevens first had to solve – after the Jazz’s ball-handler and Gobert’s pick-and-roll, how does Gobert defend?

Schneider coach has to solve – when the Celtics players and Horford pick-and-roll, Horford out of the bomb, is Gobert in the restricted area or throw it out?

Then the Jazz’s first offensive round, Gobel and Ingles handed the pick-and-roll, Gobert down, Steven Stevens arranged the strategy is not to change, Hayward bypassed Gobel to chase Ingles, At the same time, Horford took the basket and tried to cover Ingles and Gobert with Horford’s defensive area. This will not give Ingles a three-pointer, but in fact Horford is also difficult to cover the two, Ingles low hand to get the Jazz first 2 points.

Obviously this is the Jazz’s successful offensive round, but I don’t know why, the Jazz’s last few rounds began to use Gobel’s cover to make long-range shots instead of hitting the rim and then hitting the iron.

Schneider’s strategy in the face of the Celtics’ pick-and-roll is that Gobel and another opposing Celtic defensive player are going to pinch the ball and try not to give him a chance to play. As a result, Rochelle received a three-pointer from Tatum. Tatum and Horford handed a three-pointer. After Horford and Hayward’s pick-and-roll, they scored two points with Hayward’s goal. Hayward had an assist. .

The Jazz was stopped by the Celtics with a wave of 10-2, and Schneider coach called the first timeout.

I think Schneider coach made two points in this pause: First, use Gobert’s pick-and-roll to play in, don’t fuck outside, and second, when defending the pick-and-roll, Gobert doesn’t step forward, just Stay in the restricted area, if the other party wants to vote in the middle, please Owen is not there, I don’t believe that I can be killed by these young men.

After the suspension came back, Rubio, Mitchell and Ingles played the pick-and-roll with Gobel, and Gobel went to the basket and they just had to throw the ball into the sky and finish the task. Then we saw Gobert eating a piece of cake, and an empty pick. Horford couldn’t help but look at the coach of Stevens. It seems that he is asking, can we insist on coaching?

Was the Celtics so passively beaten?

No, Stevens coach encouraged the players to cut the Jazz’s passing route, but the NBA player’s ball is so good, so the effect is not significant.

After the Jazz’s defensive end changed, both Brown and Tatum had a chance to win the CIC, but they couldn’t make it. Tatum even made a cross.

At this point, coach Stevens made the first change and replaced Hayward with Smart. Originally, the overall height of the Green Army was shorter than that of the Jazz. How can we replace Hayward with a small Smart?

Hayward is really tall, but he moves slowly and he plays too clean. Although Smart is short, Smart is with Ingles, and he is horizontal! Tough! Have physical confrontation! When he came up, he faced the innings of Ingles and Gobert directly from the middle of the crowd, neither giving Ingles a pass and not giving him a shot.

At the same time, Schneider is not letting Gobert ban the zone?

Coach Stevens let Horford throw three points out of the three-point line, the Jazz can only watch. Coach Stevens replaced Mortos with the most accurate three-pointer this season, and the meaning was obvious. He was prepared to deal with the Jazz with three points.

Schneider coach followed Claude to replace Favors, Claude is specially prepared for Morris, their body and speed can be right.

The Jazz has also added a little change. Is Smart not able to fight to prevent cover?

Then I let Rubio go to Gobel and pick and roll, or use the ballless cover to change the players outside of Smart to Ingles, and then let Ingles and Gobert pick and roll.

The Celtics’ three-pointer fell back and couldn’t resist the Jazz’s offense. Coach Stevens called the timeout and replaced Ogilvy and Baines. The role played by Baines was mainly to change the defensive end. After he came up, the Green Army began to change infinitely.

After the change of defense, Gobert will face the green army’s small man at the basket. At this time, the weak side of the Green Army came to help defend and prevent Gobert from catching the ball. Stevens coach gambled on the weak side player who was vacated. Do not score three points, after all, there is no Goebel high hit rate in the three points?

But who knows that Ingles and Claude have a three-pointer to open the score, the good news that the Green Army ushered in is that Gobel finally got to rest, and the scores of the two sides were once again close.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Gobert was still sitting on the bench. The Celtics might feel that the sky was suddenly clear and the sky was suddenly clear. They began to use Tatum’s height, Morris’s back and Rochelle. Suddenly bullying the jazz. At that time, the jazz’s restricted area was like the lyrics. “My house is always open and open to the world.”

But when Gobert returned in the middle of the second quarter, the restricted area of ​​Salt Lake City made the Celtics have nothing to do. At the same time, the Celtics’ defense has changed again. When the Jazz players and Gobel pick-and-rolls other than Rubio, the Greens doubled up and blocked, and then Baines returned to defend Gobel. If it is Rubio and Gobert pick-and-roll, then Baines will be in the basket, put Rubio in the cast.

Note that this is the active change of Stevens coach, he is also trying to defend the Jazz pick-and-roll, but Rubio can put the CIC into it. Seeing that this was not the case, Stevens coach changed to Horford, and became the lineup of Rochelle, Smart, Brown, Tatum and Horford.

This lineup is too short, and the anti-field is definitely not able to prevent it, so this time the Green Army is crazy to cut the Jazz’s passing line, this is really no way.

After this attempt, I tried Horford again in the penalty area and put a jazz three-point strategy. When Schneider saw this, he immediately came to a halt and called a timeout. After that, Ingels and Gobert’s high two men turned, and Ingles’ three-point three-shot green army wanted to die.

At this time, Horford was shaken. In the last attack of the Jazz in the first half, he threw himself out and wanted to delay Ingles. Ingles immediately gave Gobert to the next, and Gobert passed the corner of the rice. Chel returned to Crowder, who was 45 degrees to the right, and scored three points.

Throughout the first half, the coaches of both sides saw the move, and it was really a match for the opponent. But Schneider’s coach has Gobel’s almost unsolved card, and Owen, who is in the hands of Stevens coach, is no longer there, so he can only change his way to find the way to crack, but the Jazz has the upper hand.

Why is Irving important?

The Jazz used Gobert to occupy the penalty area while others were defending the three-point line, so the only vacant place for the Jazz defense was the middle distance. If Owen is in, with his middle distance as a punitive measure, the Jazz’s defense will not be so firm.

In the second half, the coaches of both sides continued to fight along the main line of Gobert. The Jazz began to use Hayward’s disadvantage to open the difference to 20 points. But Stevens did not give up Hayward. When Mitchell kept looking for Hayward to single-handedly, Stevens did not change him, but let him adjust to the game, and Horford’s defense in the penalty area told Hayward that he had teammates.

In the last section, the Green Army, like the Desperados, continually threw three points into the body, and the hard-earned ones chased the points back to 10 points. In particular, the two scorpions, Rochelle and Smart, can clearly feel their undead spirit, as if they did not give up two words in their dictionary.

With two or three minutes left in the game, Stevens coach replaced Hayward and Horford with Hayward and Morris to form a five-team lineup. This is because it was only by three-pointed chasing, but still reflected the trust of Stevens coach in Hayward. Coach Stevens knew very well that only Hayward returned to the All-Star level. It is possible to rush out of the East and even go to the Warriors.

The real killing of the game is still 30 seconds before the end, Claude’s three-pointer, the former Green Army told the old club in this way, I am very good now. I think it’s not bad. It’s a complete ending for these “compassions”.

The complicated relationship and grievances of both sides are of course interesting, but I still like to watch the coaching of both sides, which is really interesting. It is a pity that Owen is not there. If Owen is in, you can also see how Schneider has changed to deal with the more varied Green Army.

Interchangeable Trey Young and East Citch, who will be the NBA lottery in the scrap

The nba preseason is often the first level to break the new lineup and test the nba rookie. Everyone wants to be a prophet, to see who can play, who will water. Finally, understatement, look, I have already said it.

This year, I liked the two rookies Dongcic and Trey Young respectively to complete their NBA preseason debut. On September 30, Lone Ranger and Beijing Shougang played an NBA preseason game. East Cickey played 30 minutes and scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks on 5 of 7 shots. He received a lot of praise; Trey Yang played 20 minutes. 5 of 16 shots, 3 of 6 points, 1 point, 8 points and 8 assists. In the middle of the 9th half of the game, the netizen joked that the NBA Eagles should become the famous trading background in history.

From the objective factors, the lone ranger is facing the CBA team after all, the gold content is not too high, just after the 20th birthday, Xiao Yang also played a game, and the second half of 5, still take Out of the ability to adjust. These two young people who are destined to be involved because of the transaction, the time is still very long.

East Cickey’s game is very good, three three-pointers, one block, one steal and a simple and effective dribble to play. Originally in Europe, the three-point line is a bit weaker, plus East Chech is not a good pitcher, and his three-point ability is to ask a question mark. The shot is steady, the rhythm is well grasped, and a super-long three-pointer is thrown in the top of the arc, at least to ensure that he will not waste the opportunity under the vacancy level.

Another defensive problem that was originally questioned, at least in the game against Beijing, he blocked Hamilton once and accurately cut the ball. He is not the kind of eight-clawed monster that stretches the wind under his arm, but his selection and confrontational consciousness are completely up to standard. NBA’s new season Dallas said that he wants to play four, organize power forward, I am not worried about his passing and attacking. After watching this ball, I will expect his defensive performance in another level, this will be the decision. He is going in the future.

The last point is that he is too mature to see a little oysters. Playing in Europe early, never rested from the 17th European Championships to the draft, has been playing the game, the copy brushed more, and the practice makes perfect. Than the head of the young green Yang can play too many games, this experience value, there is a gap between the two.

Besides, Trey Young, he has always chosen this question. The reason can’t be attributed to him all the time. Since the explosion in November last year, he has invested too many messy and unreasonable balls in the NCAA, and he relies on him to vote for Oklahoma. A lot of balls. The 20-year-old young man is inevitably frivolous and cannot see the original feeling of the adult world. In short, if the game is played less and not enough, it will habitually solve the problem in a way that is familiar to them, but it may not be useful.

His passing is really a bit of a skill, and the height of the 188 can be very good. He has a very good ability to find teammates, a high level of enthusiasm for the game, and his choice of his shots can tell his confidence. Many people say that there is something in the next library. But without Curry’s precedent, how can Terry Yang be recognized? How can he be crazy in the market? Trey Yang’s lottery ticket is still far from the date of the draw.

These two children can’t escape contact in this life, a mature handsome guy from Europe; a rebellious little point guard in the United States. They are all known for their organization, one is that the offense is stable; the other is shooting wild. I am very curious and expect what their future career will become. After all, they are the same as me.

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