Everyone is drunk, I am alone! Is Curry’s NBA season expected to win the third MVP?

1. Today, both victory and record belong to Curry.

Although it’s just a matter of watching the outcome of the game, the Warriors’ record is still worthwhile, but they have lost one of them, which is better than most teams. But the fans who pay attention to their performance will find that the Warriors still face a lot of problems, such as the team’s sluggish three-pointers. For example, the bench always gives people a feeling of incompetence, such as Thompson looking for a long time. The state has not been found yet. As a defending champion, people must have higher specifications for this team. But it doesn’t matter, other players don’t play well, and the Warriors can still win. After all, there is still one person who can turn the game. His name is Steven Curry.

In today’s game against the Wizards, Curry played his role as a superstar. In only 32 minutes, he made 15 of 24 shots, hit 11 three-pointers, scored 51 points and 4 rebounds. Explosive data for the second assist. After becoming a striker Griffin, the second player to score 50 points or more this season. At halftime, Curry had already scored 31 points, and it took only three quarters to break the record. In the fourth quarter, he punched the card early. What if Cole let him continue in the fourth quarter? For the performance of his teammates to super-god tonight, Durant said at the post-match conference: “I am the only one who rushed to him and refused to pass the ball, so these praises should be returned to me.”

This game allowed Curry to create and break multiple records. First of all, he is the second player to score 50 points or more this season (and also the highest score in the league so far), and tonight is also the 10th time in Curry’s tenth career to make more than 10 three-pointers. A single ten-point three-pointer. He scored 31 points in the half, and scored 30 points in the 9th half of his career. Curry made a career three-pointer to 2,162, surpassing Jamal Crawford and rising to fifth place in the history. In addition, all the records in the league that now hit a single three-pointer are kept by Curry.

Although in this game, other players, including the three-pointers of the team’s three stars, there is no sign of recovery, but for this team, this does not seem to be a problem – shooting is worse, both There is also a column in Curry. It is said that Durant is the upper limit of the team, and Curry is the lower limit of the team, but the position of these two people, in fact, changed, it does not seem to be impossible. Before Curry said in an interview, he said that he had no hope of getting the regular season MVP. The reason given was “lack of storytelling”, but he only got his nomination for his performance and the overall performance of the warriors. Really can’t say it.

2, now does not expect to win, only hope that Harden is okay

If you watch the Rockets in the last NBA season, it should be “the level of my fire game is still a big win”, but this is not the case, the team has too many injuries and is being chiseled. Wearing a defensive system, fans no longer dare to have such high confidence in the teams they support. The Rockets’ new season is a bad start. In the previous three games, they only won one of them. Regrettably, in today’s jazz game, the Rockets not only did not beat their opponents to ease their shackles, but the opponent’s winning percentage was five to five. As for the Rockets, they have reached the bottom-up.

In the first quarter of the game, the Rockets were still modeled, with their own offense to determine the lead position, and can lead the Jazz by 5 points at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second quarter, the Jazz began to find their own state, playing two waves of climax in succession, not only the gap between the overtaking and the Rockets, but also directly took the game. Although in the third quarter, the Rockets tried to counterattack, but they were ruthlessly killed. In addition to being unable to suppress opponents on the offensive, the Rockets also encountered a problem they did not want to encounter: Harden was suddenly injured, had to leave early, and did not return after the game.

The team has already been wounded, and Paul was banned in the previous conflict. If Harden is injured now, then the Rockets really have no more capital than other teams. Song won the game. Harden’s injury also touched the hearts of all the fans, but fortunately Harden said that this time it was only the general hamstring tightening, not serious, just take a break, it will not be the situation last season, and At the press conference, De Shuai did not say too much about Harden’s injury. The main emphasis was on the future team changes and the desire for Paul’s comeback.

De Shuai stressed that in the future NBA game, he will consider Anthony to be the starting lineup of the team. After Ennis was injured, he tried to make McAway to start the game, but it seems to have little effect. When Anthony faced the Jazz today, he finally played the level he should have. He scored 22 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, becoming the scoring point after Harden, and the efficiency is extremely high. It is true that this is the social melon we want to see. Now that the Rockets are in an extremely poor environment, and there seems to be no way to break the game for a while, then Paul will come back, Harden will be innocent, and there will be a change after Anthony takes the start.

3, the old Zhan Lake people first win, commemorate it!

Lao Zhan’s career has experienced three transfers, three times causing an uproar, and there is a law that every time he plays for his new club, it seems to be very slow, and the first regular season will definitely be a failure. And ended up. This time the transfer played for the Lakers, it seems that it is no exception. Until the 25th, whether at home or away, the Lakers have not won an opponent even one. But today, the opponents the Lakers have encountered are not as strong as they used to be. They are the poorly performing sun. As a result, Zhan was indeed in this game, and he won the first victory of his Lakers career, but he must thank his two teammates.

In this game, McGee’s efficiency is as high as +22, which is the highest in the team and even the audience. He ate all kinds of cakes in the game, hit 8 of them in 13 shots, scored 20 points, and also sent 4 blocks, which had excellent performance on both ends. Most importantly, he also scored a three-pointer in this game, which is his first three-pointer this season and the second three-pointer in his career. In the summer, McGee is shooting hard and hopes to help the team at a certain moment. I don’t know how fast this new learning skill comes in handy. However, it seems that the team hopes that he will hit the basket – but it doesn’t matter, the skill is not to be overwhelmed.

However, it is still Stephenson who really talks about “locking the victory.” The game, 23 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, also contributed two steals. 23 points is the highest in the team and the highest in the game (Bucker of the Sun also scored 23 points). If there is no Stephenson’s outbreak, perhaps the Lakers will have to accept this defeat, but fortunately he finally stood up. . Stephenson is a typical Tiger Balm player who can score, defend, or organize, and he can do a good job of refining the work. For the team, having such a player is really a valuable wealth.

It is interesting to say that both players are joining the Lakers, and before James became a teammate, they both had some “no” with Lao Zhan. McGee had been blacked out by James on social media before. If there were no obvious holidays, he would not have done so, but he was not advertised. As for Stephenson, let alone. Before he was a walker, he couldn’t be a singer. He tried to provoke James many times. Whether he touched the old chin’s chin or the trousers, or the most familiar one in the face of Lao Zhan, he did it. But now, both of them have become the key to helping Lao Zhan get a good start. The fate of this thing is really unreasonable.

Is the letter brother and his bucks really forgotten?

Today, the Bucks and the 76ers started a contest. In the end, the Bucks defeated the 76ers and gave the opponent two consecutive defeats. They also extended their unbeaten record in the new season to four games. The difference is behind the Raptors who have already fought in five games. As the team leader, Adetokounmpo is certainly the biggest contributor to winning. He scored 32 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocked shots in the game. He won and won. Not because Curry’s super god is playing today, today’s NBA official best data will inevitably fall on the head of this Greek monster.

In the four games, Adetokounmpo scored at least 25 points and 15 rebounds. This was the first player after Wilt Chamberlain in 1965 to achieve this achievement. The start of the four-game winning streak was also after 2001. The team’s team history is the best. The average score of the letter brother is 28.5 points and 16.5 rebounds and has 6.8 assists. Although the three-pointer’s shooting rate is still so bad, it has fallen below 10%, but only by looking at data and efficiency, he is really good. But even so, it seems that the Bucks have been habitually ignored by many fans and have not placed them in the strong contenders of the Eastern Conference.

When everyone talks about the departure of James from the Cavaliers, who will be the new master of the East, the basics are the Celtics, the Raptors and the 76ers, but the Bucks are ignored. Even in the team, there is a MVP player sitting in the town. In fact, from the current situation, I dare not say that the Bucks must be stronger than the three teams mentioned above, but they should not be forgotten so simply. Maybe the previous playoffs were not good, and the regular season has always been the second half of the playoffs, but this year we have a reason to re-optimize this team.

First, the first point is naturally the continued growth of the letter brother and the confirmation of the absolute core position. Now his rebounding is higher than the league’s rebounding king Drummond. Maybe there will be a downturn in the future, but 20+10 is foreseeable, and on the other hand, the lineup is complete. The missing first and fifth positions last season have been replenished this season. The center has Lopez. Bledsoe at the 1st position is also better for the team. The most important thing is that the coach changed from Kidd to the more powerful Budenholzer. The Spurs coach once brought the eagle to the top and proved his strength. Now that he has a better hand, he is bound to stand on a higher stage.

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