A four-game losing streak, the NBA Timberwolves may not only be Butler alone.

As many Spurs fans are jokingly said, in 1997, they won the NBA champion, selected Duncan and won several NBA championships, and needed to repay with the team’s future luck. The Timberwolves have already lost 14 in the NBA season. After the NBA playoffs of the year, the results were eliminated by the Rockets, as if Pandora’s box was opened, a lot of things they did not want to encounter.

We can sort out what happened after the Timberwolves went out in the first round of the NBA playoffs:

Wiggins and other teammates revealed their dissatisfaction with their role as “three masters”;

Xi Bodu dismissed part of the team’s teaching assistant, and Downs was angry and praised himself for wearing a sun jersey.

The Timberwolves hoped to renew the contract in advance and Butler was directly rejected. He insisted on jumping out of the contract;

Butler directly expressed dissatisfaction with Wiggins and Downs, and also gave netizens support for his praise of other teams, and repeatedly released excessive rhetoric;

Butler took the initiative to file a trade application, which made the city full of storms. Almost all the eligible trades in the league got his NBA team to explore the possibility of trading;

Downs renewed his contract in advance, and Butler saw that there was no hope for the team’s management to force the palace. In the end, he reached a temporary reconciliation with the team.

Things can only be said to have come to an end, and the interior of this team is still in full swing.

What happened to the team’s management and locker room, we can’t know more as a fan, we can only get a piece of information from the media people’s words, even true or false, can not make judgments. But one thing we can see is that the Timberwolves are currently in a bad record.

As the NBA playoff level team, the Timberwolves have a record of 4 wins and 8 losses so far, and are currently experiencing a wave of four-game losing streak. If you just look at the talent and the depth of the paper, and the length of time with the players, then the Timberwolves should definitely not be like this.

As we all know, the team’s main force is three people: Downs, Wiggins and Butler. But now these three people have exactly different injuries and disadvantages, blocking their own names. And when the three are in trouble, how can the team make good results?

Downs: Is this guy really worth $190 million?

When Butler’s deal was in trouble this summer, the Timberwolves quietly renewed a contract with Downs. This is a warning for Butler, but more importantly, the team will continue to cultivate and build on the young, Downs with enough upside.

Just from the data point of view, Towns is completely responsive to this contract, but what about those things that cannot be reflected by data? Perhaps it is another situation. Downs’s defense has almost no surprises in the new season and there is no even a little change, it is still the same, let the defensive Xibodu helpless level.

Not only that, but as an inside player, he has not changed his love. Although as a center, it is a good thing to have a solid three-pointer, but as an inside player, you still have the ability to fight and to fight against your opponent in the penalty area.

But Towns is really too weak at this point. In the game with the Lakers. As a 23-year-old Downs, he was in a disadvantage when he was against the 36-year-old Chandler. Two times in a single position in the same position singles Chandler, another mistake is three non-stick, and another reluctant shot failed to hit, on the offensive end by the opponent made this, really can not just blame their own feel.

The most terrible thing is the defensive end. In the last few tens of seconds, he was grabbed by Chandler for several offensive rebounds. And Chandler’s work is not only to limit Downs, he also done a good job in the pick-and-roll and cover. Remember that Dons couldn’t open Cousins’ scene? Remember when he had a long-term loss with Capella?

We do not deny that Towns is indeed the leader of the new era, but he is not worthy of the Timberwolves as the cornerstone of the team, worth not nearly worth 200 million US dollars, it is a matter of opinion.

Wiggins: If the Buddha does not advance, the boy will retreat.

Regarding Wiggins, there is really no need to go through too much. After all, it is a man who was directly named by Diss by Dis.

He has a lot of physical qualities that all-star players admire, but he doesn’t have to be young and take advantage of his physical fitness to attack the city. Instead, he plays a health basketball, although the data is still It’s pretty good, but Wiggins is far more disappointing in some respects than Towns.

Wiggins is not very active when he is back on the court or running, and there is data showing that the speed is almost the same as the center. And his defense is also a “paper tiger” level, with his mark and unmanned point guard, the shooting rate of the Timberwolves’ opponents is almost the same, in other words, he is ineffective on the defensive end.

It is reasonable to say that a star has been squandered by fans and the media, and it is time to grow up, but Wiggins simply does not have this idea and continues to go on the road to health basketball. In this season, all his data except steals is worse than last season.

As a 23-year-old, there are plenty of room for improvement and enough players who need to work hard, but he has a “money, afraid of something” (Wiggins and Timberwolves complete early renewal in 2017, worth up to The appearance of 100 million yuan, people do not know how to be good.

Although he said that his temper is very good, he was not forgotten to say good things after he was sprayed by Butler. Even when he was in the Butler Brain Training Center, he did not forget to beat him, but as a leader, as the tactical core of a team, Kings is really incompetent.

Butler: In the heart of Cao Ying in Han

Butler is not willing to stay in the team, but also directly sprays his teammates and management. Many people feel biased, but after he and the boss reconciled, he is still trying to practice his work as a player. Still so good, even a certain improvement compared to last season’s efficiency.

Butler’s playing time has been reduced, it can still maintain the same data as last season, and the number of three-pointers and hit rate, have reached a season high. Only the management of the Timberwolves and the fans know that although he played well, but he wants to rely on him to lead the team to continue to advance to the playoffs, it is almost an idiot.

Butler had no intention to play here, he was only responsible for his professional conduct. I still remember that the previous game with the Warriors, the team and the Warriors were equally divided, but in the end lost the game. When the turnaround was hopeless, Butler simply followed the warriors fans behind him and waved towels to cheer for the Warriors.

In addition, the team is constantly discussing the possibility of sending it away, even if this is exactly what he hopes, but it is impossible to say that it is completely unaffected. For the offensive and defensive All-Star flank, staying in Minnesota is simply a torment.

Butler didn’t have any problems. He played the data that allowed the team to win, but it didn’t have the ambition to let the team win the game.

Other players: neglected injuries

It must be said that there is nothing to praise the Timberwolves in this chaos, then Rose should be the gleaming star in the darkness.

In less than a week, Ross scored 50 points in a single game, and then tried to make 7 three-pointers, and scored 31 points to help the team drag the game suspense to the final individual performance moment. But even so, Ross still had to face the injury, he missed a game because of an ankle injury.

Rose’s injury is light, and the Timberwolves have either light or heavy injuries. The team currently plays 12 regular season games, but only four of them are on the job, and only two of them are starting. Butler sometimes can’t fight, not even knowing that he can’t hurt. Wiggins had been slightly injured for a while in the early days.

As the team’s starting point guard, Teague played only seven games. As an indispensable firepower output in the team, his absence from the Timberwolves is still quite big. The Timberwolves did not have a full-fledged battalion like the Cavaliers, but there were people who were absent and intermittent, and it made Xibodu create some trouble in the rotation.

I still remember that before Butler had been traded, we all waited for the young people of the Timberwolves to fulfill their talents at an early date and become a strong team in the true sense. They would go hand in hand with the Warriors and other teams. Maybe Sibodu would not Waiting, then with the injured and defensively good Lavin plus other chips in exchange for Butler.

Butler really succeeded in leading the team into the playoffs, and only spent a season, but the current chaos is precisely because of him. Rather than saying that the Timberwolves opened Pandora’s box this summer, it’s better to say that Butler is the box.

Looking at the Bulls now, Lavin, Dunn and Markanin have gradually become reliable players. I wonder if I will regret the original transaction?

The five superstars are in place! The 76ers in the new NBA season will once again break through themselves.

In the NBA, the most insignificant is probably the youth army. So what is the youth army? As the name implies, there are almost all young people in the team, and there are only a few teams of veterans. Generally speaking, the results of the youth army may not be very good. After all, young people have no experience, so they may not be compared with those teams with mature tactical systems, but often they can use their talents and hard work to make some The jaw-dropping game is the legendary “killing the master”. Although they may not be in the first place, everyone knows that there must be a place in the future. So this shows the horror of a few young people. They are very young. The core members of the team are rookies who have just played for 1 or 2 years, but they have achieved certain achievements, and any team. There is a battle for power.

We are talking about the 76ers. Yes, the 76ers are really special. They have been smashing since Iguodala left, and have not tasted the playoffs for many years, but they have not given up and have been working hard – Rotten. When Sam Singh was the general manager of the 76ers, the 76ers were almost a bullying character. They can win 20 wins a season, almost a victory. In the 2015-16 season, the 76ers won 10 games. The 72-negative and Golden State Warriors have the same record of 73 wins and 9 losses. Coincidentally, the NBA’s lowest record in history is also 76. In the 1972-73 season, they “had taken” 9 wins and 73 losses. Can be surpassed. Because the rottenness is really unbearable for everyone, the boss of the 76ers can’t stand it anymore, and Sam Xinki also resigned. But at this time, everyone was surprised to find that Xinji has left Joel Embed, Ben Simmons, Marker-Fultz, Dario Shalic, TJ-Mc for the future of the 76ers. Excellent young players like Cornell.

So the 76ers broke out. In the first season of Embiid’s complete health, and the first season of Simmons, the 2017-18 season, the 76ers led the 50-32 record directly under the leadership of the young dual-core. It was an invincible 16-game winning streak that went straight to the playoffs. In the end, it reached the semi-final of the division with the third record in the East, and finally regretted. But in any case, for the young 76ers, this is a huge breakthrough, because this is not only the first time they entered the playoffs since the 2011-12 season, but also let the league see their power. .

Things are obviously not that simple, because according to the tradition of the 76ers, their rookie rookie is basically reimbursed for the first season – Embiid reimbursed for two years, Simmons reimbursed for the first year, the first year of Fulz Approximately equal to reimbursement. So last season’s 76ers we can only say that it is dual-core, because the 2017 No. 1 Fulds did not provide any help to the team. The new season, the long-awaited, full-fledged Fulz will finally return. According to the training situation in the summer, Fulz has carried out all-round reinforcement for himself – not only to carry out physical recovery training (after all, suffered injuries last season), but also to overcome psychological problems (because of injuries) I am afraid that I am afraid to make a force.) More importantly, I am changing and getting used to the shooting style. Fulz himself said that his three training sessions a day is just a routine operation, and we can see his level of effort from here. As the pride of the NBA champion, you can have such a diligent training attitude, success will naturally follow. The problem of Fulz’s running-in that everyone was worried about is almost no problem, because according to Simmons, he and Fulz play very easily, because both are very unselfish players. Head coach Brett Brown will not continue to let Redick start because Fulz does not have Redick’s more suitable starting style. He said that Fulz will play with Simmons next season.

So in the next NBA season, we can really see the NBA76’s “Big Five” returning. The Big Five here is of course only an exaggeration, but when you think about it, these people are worthy of the title of “giant” in the east. Point guard Simmons doesn’t have to say, the regular season 15+8+8, the best rookie winner in scoring, ball control and defensive; scoring guard Fulz, the 17-year NBA champion in physical fitness; small forward Robert – Covington, the winner of the NBA All-Defensive team last season, is one of the league’s top 3D players; power forward Dario Shalic, the all-around team-running agent, can be led alone. Can not eat the ball; team real-core Joel Embiid, last season’s NBA All-NBA second-team and the best defensive lineup winner, the first center’s strong competitor. Although this starting lineup is not as good as the five giants on the Warriors side, it is almost the top three in the league. After all, there are both talents and strengths, and a very balanced lineup. It is indeed rare. Of course, the NBA76 is definitely not just these five people. The point guard has TJ-McConnell and Jerry Bayless, the scoring guard has JJ Redick, and the small forward substitute has Wilson Chandler. The power forward substitute has Mike Muskala, and the center has veterans Emeka Okafor and Amir Johnson. It must be said that the 76ers’ lineup is definitely the top five in the league. The most valuable thing is that they are not only talented, whether it is Fulz, Simmons or Embiid, they are all players with high basketball IQ, which is what we often call “playing by the brain”. In the era when the NBA is increasingly advocating speed, the 76ers not only keep up with the trend, but also improve the trend. If you and the 76ers speed up the shelling, then the 76ers can fight with you because the young people can’t run; if 76 People don’t want to fight with you, then they can hand over the ball to Embiid singles, and then use Enbit’s singles to attract the team and then proceed to the next step. Now, after Fulz’s comeback, the 76ers’ tactical system has been enriched by the naked eye, and it is getting harder and harder to target.

Thanks to the squad of Sam-Sinki, the NBA76 team has been steadily growing for a few years, and has truly turned into a squad in the East. They have also accumulated their potential through the draft and succeeded. Model. Last season’s innocent Enbid and Simmons can bring them 50 wins, this season’s more complete lineup of the 76ers, breaking through the last NBA season is simply a bag. Just as Duncan said to James, “The future is yours,” after James left the East, we can also say to the 76ers, “The future is yours.”