NBA Wizards record bleak 50 million Wal-Mart? Tracy McGrady: Mom, I was born too early.

In recent years, the Wizards who have stabilized in the Eastern NBA playoffs have become fascinated this season. They are 2-9 and they are currently ranked second in the East…

Even more difficult is that their problems are not only in front of them, because their salary space in the next few years is almost locked, and Wall will hold a huge annual salary of 47.3 million US dollars in the 2022-23 season…

This time McGrady was invited to analyze the current predicament of the Wizards. He expressed deep envy for Wall’s annual salary: “Mom, you made me too early!”

ESPN released the NBA list, the Rockets dropped to the fourth Spurs NBA playoffs hope is not big?

ESPN released the latest NBA team strength rankings, the Warriors sit firmly in the first place, the Eastern Conference champions the most popular Celtics followed, the Raptors grabbed the third, the Rockets dropped to fourth, the Lakers ranked eighth.

1. Warriors, BPI forecast wins: 58.4 games Last ranking: 1

Best case: 67 wins and 15 losses Worst case: 52 wins and 30 losses

2. Celtics, BPI prediction wins: 56.5 games Last ranking: 2

Best case: 62 wins and 20 losses Worst case: 47 wins and 35 losses

3. Raptors, BPI forecast wins: 53.3 games Last ranking: 4

Best case: 61 wins and 21 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

4. Rockets, BPI forecast wins: 54.6 games Last ranking: 3

Best case: 61 wins and 21 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

5. Jazz BPI prediction wins: 49.2 games Last ranking: 6

Best case: 56 wins and 26 losses Worst case: 40 wins and 42 losses

6.76 people, BPI forecast wins: 52 wins Last ranking: 7

Best case: 60 wins and 22 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

7. Thunder, BPI forecast wins: 47.2 games Last ranking: 5

Best case: 57 wins and 25 losses Worst case: 41 wins and 41 losses

8. Lakers BPI forecast wins: 46.7 games Last ranking: 9

Best case: 55 wins and 27 losses Worst case: 39 wins and 43 losses