Three points do not enter the two-point frame, the iron beat LeBron hit the iron busy

“Oh, you can’t see the Cavaliers leaving LeBron. It’s not a good three-game losing streak… So no, how do the Lakers have LeBron, or a three-game losing streak?” – I have several unconscious Friends who started early in the NBA this season have given me the kind of reaction. Although after the 25th, the Cavaliers made a big four-game losing streak to the No. 1 pick in the next year, the Lakers won a slowdown, but people’s doubts, but a little bit began to grow:

When is the iron tide of James, when is it?

– The inside line does not enter, the outside line is iron –

As of October 25, LeBron led the Lakers to a record of 1 win and 3 losses, 45.6% of the hit rate is the lowest value in more than a decade, 16% of the three-point hit is even more terrible, but these are not the most A headache.

If you look at LeBron’s performance in these games, you will agree with me. LeBron’s most difficult score in these games is actually at the rim. In the past, I scored a steady score, but now I always put it in the basket. The height of the jump does not seem to be enough. He would have chosen to go to the basket. The former LeBron had only crossed your half, you He couldn’t interfere with his score at all, but in the four games of the season, he has been repeatedly interfered by his opponent from behind, even eating hot pot.

LeBron and the hot pot, these two words are linked together, you can hardly think that LeBron will be the one who is blocked.

56% of the basket’s shooting percentage is still a leader in the perimeter’s scoring ability, but you have to know that this is 69% of the previous year’s shooting percentage. Last year, he came to the brutal 71% of the monsters. A lot of wolves are gone.

LeBron’s habit is that once the three-point line is out, it must be shot until the shot is not allowed; and when the three-point line is not allowed, he will continue to attack the basket and try to find the feeling of “continuous”. . Because of this, you can say that the decline in the field’s hit rate directly affects LeBron’s ability to adjust, and we all know that if LeBron does not adjust, his three-point line feels cold for a very long time. As before the All-Star Game last year, his hand was frozen for more than a month.

Therefore, to solve the problem of LeBron’s hand, it is necessary to start from the problem of his layup, but this problem involves a dead hole in the Lakers lineup:


– the trapped beast of space –

When the big free agent in the summer was divided by the teams, and the Lakers failed in the negotiations for the big-name introduction, the Lakers entered the regular season with this wonderful lineup: the center, only one of the McGee People; said three points, the entire team’s reliable turrets are few.

However, when the game really started, the problem became more serious: Kuzma, who hit 37% of three-pointers last season, shot only 25% this season; 38% of the standard 3D player Pop last season, this season only 16% of the remaining three points; Stephenson three points 22%; Ingram is not to vote at all … the entire team in addition to this season’s dark horse cavalry Hart, the most accurate outside shooter is Rondo and Bauer.

Well, can you see how ridiculous this sentence is?

The Lakers’ game in the first three games was exactly the same: first, relying on the impact on the inside and McGee’s high-altitude advantage to play with the other side, and wait until McGee came off, the other side opened three points, and the difference was immediately opened: the ball The team pulls the defensive intensity, fights the defensive counterattack, and quickly chases the points; when the score catches less than 5 points, the opponent can always enter the outside line continuously, and the Lakers’ outside line will be misfiring, and then the points difference will be opened again… It can be said that The Lakers are not so much the reason that the team is young and the players are not playing well. It is better to say that the moment the lineup is completed, the dilemma is now fixed.

Because of the Lakers’ ability to project outside, there is no room for making roots.

Tyrone Lu has a lot of bad things, but he is very good at playing (or squeezing) LeBron’s strengths. An inside line + three shooters that will pick up and pick up the gap after the cut, which has been proven to be the most suitable partner for LeBron, the former can provide the depth of the height, while the latter can completely open the inside line, let LeBron does not have to face excessive double-teaming. This is also why, although the Knight 2.0 version of LeBron is playing tired and tired, the efficiency of scoring is surprisingly high. Because as long as there is enough space, any one’s defense is not enough to limit LeBron.

However, in today’s Lakers, every breakthrough he encounters will be confronted by the opponent’s rapid contraction to the inside line. Every time during the breakout process, the perimeter defender will cut the ball at the free-throw line, so you have to hold the ball and choose the attack method in advance; the big man is blocking the route on LeBron, forcing him to turn or Change direction. When you do this, you have to slow down, so that if LeBron has passed the opponent, it will still be slowed down by the turn, which will lead to LeBron being chased.

In other words, LeBron’s efficiency at the rim is lower because the opponent is very fiercely shrinking the basket, causing LeBron to be chased every time he breaks through. To put it bluntly, all the opponents of the Lakers do not believe that their outside line can be opened. The Lakers got a win in the Suns, also because the Suns were the first team to score three points more than the Lakers. In an iron fight, the Lakers finally relied on more experience to beat their opponents, but this did not solve the Lakers’ lineup: the shooter couldn’t open space for LeBron, LeBron could only play in the paint every time. The big game of the tiger’s close, this data, naturally, I can’t see where to go.

– Mentor or warrior, thinking or worrying –

Of course, if LeBron makes a heart to adjust, his hand will not be so cold. However, I don’t think he wants to do this.

Or, I don’t think LeBron’s attention is focused on his hand at this moment.

In fact, LeBron has 12 in the left side of the 3-point line in the left waist (45 degrees) and 0 in the left corner. In addition, his other three-pointers are 45%; In addition, he basically scored all from the inside, and there were very few shots outside the three-second zone. The magic is that he didn’t shoot at the low left of the basket, while in other areas, he hit a close range. The rate is 63%.

To put it simply, LeBron is barely in close proximity to the three-point line on the left, and outside the three-point line, he clearly has no touch, but he has too many shots. If you don’t look at the left side, the problem of his shot hit rate is not big.

Why, LeBron will suddenly have this problem of partiality?

In fact, in the playoffs of last season, the left low was LeBron’s most accurate area. After his big step, he turned and shot a 54% shooting percentage, which was not good at the moment of victory. LeBron is not without the ability to score on the left. In fact, after Jordan pointed out that the scoring efficiency was reduced after being forced to dribble by the left hand a few years ago, he used the excellent mid-range shot, low post back and backward shooting. solved this problem.

The reason why LeBron shot too much outside the three-point line on the left side, and suddenly entered the three-point line, and suddenly did not shoot, because his mind is not in the matter of scoring.

He is observing.

After 14 years of returning to the Cavaliers’ first season, LeBron did something similar. He handed over the ball and let Owen and Waiters turn round until they exposed all their problems. LeBron’s work in the Lakers is similar: he gave up most of the time, watching his teammates’ offensive habits, observing where his teammates prefer to catch the ball, is better at empty-handed cuts, or Find space outside the three-point line.

Because he wants to focus on observation, he will give up more routes that the player is good at, that is, the right side of the court, let Rondo and Bauer organize, he waits outside the three-point line on the left. If the teammate has no chance after breaking through the ball, when the ball is in his hands, there is not much time left. He will shoot directly three points. If the ball comes to him earlier, he will choose to sink to the low position and play back at the same time. Find a teammate who is open. In the game against the Spurs, he used three passes in the left low to find the ball outside the three-point line. He would rather let Bauer find a three-pointer and would not be willing to attack on the left side.

This is the biggest reason for LeBron’s downturn during this time: in order to find the right direction for his teammates faster, he did not put his mind in adjusting his state. He has already passed the age of one or two games in the regular season, and he has enough confidence to cut the status back when needed. In the first three games, he only focused on his own state in the final section of the game with the Spurs, which gave him a goal to enter overtime.

However, the temporary adjustment of the state is not what LeBron is best at. His excellent muscle armor has become the biggest problem at this time. He wants to adjust his muscle memory, which is almost impossible to complete in a game. This is also why LeBron once the three points, it is difficult to find the right foot in the free throw, his control of muscle strength can not reach such a fine degree, unless he concentrates and wholeheartedly on this matter. That’s why, LeBron’s high scores in the playoffs are played against the cliff, because only at the moment of life and death, LeBron will give up thinking about everything on the court, focusing only on his own score, he is right The control of the muscles will reach the highest level.

Excessive basketball IQ has its drawbacks. LeBron is too focused on thinking about the whole team, focusing on thinking about young people, and often thinking about over-dead. How to choose between this is the test of coaching ability. Tyrone’s answer to this was to completely let LeBron’s thinking decide everything, which made him a champion coach for a year, but he also lost LeBron’s heart. How Wharton has an answer to this question, we can only continue to look forward to it.

– James, who is playing iron, is playing iron –

To sum up, LeBron’s iron is half because of the dead hole in the Lakers lineup, and half because his mind is not on the shot. This is not a problem in itself, and LeBron’s experience is enough to help him adjust his state.

The question is whether his personal adjustments can help the Lakers make up for the lack of functionality in the lineup. Of course, this is another topic.

At least for now, the Lakers version of LeBron is still worthy of our expectations.