NBA season has not won a victory! Where should the knights of the post-James era go?

This game is riding this game is the Cavaliers’ five-game losing streak this season, except for the Cavaliers, the NBA League only the Thunder has not yet won.

Today’s Cavaliers lineup has almost no difference in the last season, the difference is only LeBron James. Through the performance of the first five Cavaliers, it is hard to believe that James made the lineup into the NBA Finals last season and almost won the game in the first game of the NBA Finals.

It seems that James’ ability and influence on the game is well-deserved as the first person in the NBA.

At the beginning of the season, the team’s poor performance on offensive defensive coordination can be understood for the time being. These can be temporarily attributed to the inadequacy of the NBA season. But the enthusiasm of the Cavaliers’ defense is really unacceptable.

JR Smith made 0 of 7 shots, Thompson made a 1 of 10 shots, and Love’s shooting rate was even more terrible. These players play such a role, coach Lu should be considered to make more use of young players, such as Decker, Sexton and Xiaonansi to help the team bring more vitality. Korver mentioned the existence of LeBron James yesterday, and the breakthrough score can help him and the shooters get more vacancies. Because LeBron James existed last year, most of his opponents concentrated on James, but when James left, the Cavaliers gradually revealed more problems.

The Cavaliers’ NBA season has only begun. Can Coach Lu solve the team’s problems and lead the Cavaliers to break through in the East? We will wait and see.