The NBA Thunder swallowed a three-game losing streak. The man behind the team should come out and have a pot.

Although I know that the current situation of the Thunder, there are still some gaps between the Warriors and the Rockets in the Western NBA team in the first echelon, but no one will believe that they will be in the NBA before the start of the NBA regular season. At the end of the month, I have not won a victory. As of the 25th, the Thunder has suffered a three-game losing streak, ranking first in the Western Conference. The Thunder will be so miserable, although there are relationships among them, such as facing opponents, such as the team’s own internal problems.

At the beginning of the team, it was understandable that the warrior, who was almost full of health, was caught off guard. In the second game, they were not strong, but they were not able to talk to the Clippers. They continued to eat the next defeat. Although it is nothing to be said, it is justifiable. After all, the team There are two generals, Wei Shao and Robertson. But in the third game, Wei Shao came back, facing the opponent is not strong king, the final result is still lost, and is a fiasco, lost to the opponent’s double-digit points difference.

The Thunder should have been a team that has attacked the championship, but now it’s a hard-to-find result that no one thought of.

In the summer of this year, the thunder in the midst of the sorrow, in the team’s general manager Presti almost completed the rebellious operation, not only miraculously renewed Paul George, but also let the team evade NBA history The highest amount of luxury tax, also traded through Anthony, got the outstanding young players such as Schroeder and Louvu, and made the team’s lineup look stronger through some sewing repairs in the free market. The depth is more complete. But Presti and the team’s higher level one, but one thing is not considered, is the coach Donovan, whether it is really necessary to continue to stay.


“If we are lucky enough, Donovan can work with the same core players next season. Continuity is his best partner in the future.”

Presti’s work in the free market this summer, in addition to retaining George, also retained the team’s coach Donovan. However, he did not explain how good Donovan is, so the team chose to continue to work with him. The reason why he continued to coach is just to “do not destroy the stability of the team.” It can be seen that the team hopes to give him another chance. Even though he has been in Brooks’s hands, this team has had four seasons, but there is no result except the first year and the beginning of this year.

In 2015, Brooks couldn’t lead the team to go further, so he split up with the Thunder. Then he made a big splash on the NCAA, and he coached Donovan, who had coached college basketball for 19 years and won two NCAA championships for the University of Florida, became the new head of the Thunder. Although he did not have the experience of coaching the NBA team before, the success of the university is hard to believe, he will have enough ability to achieve some results in the NBA.

It’s just a pity that Donovan is disappointing. He held Durant and Wei Shao two trump cards in his hand, but he was defeated by the Warriors in the end and missed the finals. Later, when Durant left, Wei Shao was the only pillar of the team. Whether Wei Shao led the team alone or George and Anthony joined the team, the final result was ruthlessly eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Out. In the new season, it was directly given to the fans who have been steadfast in support of the Thunder.

After so many years, the Thunder players come and go, but Donovan can always stay in the position of the Thunder coach. The problem is not moving, not only the handsome position under his current butt, but also his rigid tactical system and on-court arrangements. Of course, the Thunder has never been able to go further. I know so, maybe the Thunder will Will not be in the beginning of 2015, the “change” mentality, let Brooks leave. After all, nothing has changed now.


Thinking carefully, Donovan can only be said to be a coach who can support his job. Only then, if Thunder wants him to lead the team to win the championship, or to defeat the Rockets and Warriors, he has repeatedly faced himself to face the fate of being eliminated. Strong enemy, at least for now, it is simply a luxury.

From his arrival in Oklahoma until now, we can find that Donovan only has the reliance on Wang Feng, and there is always no way to play the good cards in his hands and integrate them into one. When Durant and Westbrook were both teammates, Donovan coached two people for a season, and that year the team entered the Western Conference finals, but in the end Wei Shao’s mistakes directly ruined the game and let The Warriors successfully attacked. Can you only let Wei Shao have a pot? As the coach did not arrange the final tactical arrangement, I am afraid that it is difficult to blame.

Later, Durant joined the Warriors and stood on the side of the enemy. In the 2016-2017 season, the Thunder’s record showed a significant decline, and Donovan also had no tactical arrangements at this time. It was just that Wei Shao led the overall situation and the big package, all the players became This green leaf of safflower. Think about it, is it really not that? The cards in the hands of Thunder were Oladipo, Adams, and Robertson. In fact, it could be better.

As for last season, the team got together the Big Three. Maybe Anthony is no longer at the peak. Maybe George is no longer as strong as the Heat and the Bayonet in the East after the big injury, but the three are still quite influential. However, Donovan still has no way to bring the three of them together. Under the premise of having an unprecedented luxury lineup, the record is almost in place. Finally, this combination is only a one-year trial period, and it is completely broken down into history after the end.

On the Rockets side, D’Antoni has the magic ball theory. There are running and blasting tactics. The two guards who need the ball are perfectly integrated. The Warriors have five deaths. Almost everyone can do their own duties. Shining, and the Spurs here, the coach Popovich will never be out of touch with the times, there is always a set of his own. On the Thunder side, Donovan has no way of owning a tactical system of his own, with a clearly branded tactical arrangement. What is the difference between such a coach and Tyron Lu to James?

And Lu guides to ensure that it is stronger than Donovan. After all, the three NBA seasons as the coach led the team to the finals and also won a championship.


Donovan’s problem is really too much. No matter how gorgeous the lineup is, it cannot be integrated into one whole, just one point.

He relies too much on the star to solve problems with his personal ability. Wei Shao and George are the tactical systems of the Thunder. The offenses are all around their singles ability. Basically, except for singles, they are singles, while defense is based on physical talent. George may. There are still some tricks, but Wei Shaozhen is a little bit worse. It is not bad to make full use of the personal ability of the superstar. Who wouldn’t want to have someone on their team who can rely on it? But when the superstars are not playing well or are injured, what should Donovan do?

He naturally has a way – to change the individual to perform, the other person as a superstar. When Wei Shao missed the two games with the Warriors and the Clippers, Donovan’s tactics in these two games were basically Adams’s pick-and-roll, George without the ball, and Schroeder’s singles. The play is very similar, but Wei Shao changed to Schroeder. In addition to being too “indulgent” in the array of stars, and the tactical routine is too stiff, he also has a big problem with the use of players other than the stars.

When Schroeder played for the Hawks last season, he shot 44% from the field and 29% from three-pointers. In the three games of the Thunder, the three-point percentage was flat and the total hit rate dropped to 28%. And the example like Schroeder is more than one. It is said that the Thunder lacks the shooter, but it is not. It is only under the system of Donovan that they are collectively lost. Kyle Singler, who was cut off by the team with the extension clause a while ago, was a stable shooter when he played for the Pistons and even played for Brooks. Otherwise, he would not get 5 years and 25 million. The contract, but in the hands of Donovan, he finally became the one who was fired.

McDermott, who had played for the Thunder for a short time, Donovan gave him the lowest playing time outside his rookie season, but then he left the Thunder, whether in the Knicks or the Pacers, the three-point percentage has broken. Four percent. Of course, a similar example, as well as Affinese, who is now playing in the Thunder, as a legitimate shooter, his shooting percentage has now fallen below 30%. It is not that he uses a bad shooter, but that the shooter will not be in his tactical board and has an active premise.

In addition, do you think that since the team selected Adams in 2013, the “Thunder” draft is not so good? Part of the reason is that the team has always maintained a “strong team”, so the draft is lower than before, the newcomer is of lower quality, and Donovan is not like Casey, Steven. In general, a coach who is willing to give young people the opportunity to exercise. In addition, he has a certain number of problems, such as the suspension of the suspension, the rotation of the lineup, and so on.


The famous Larry Brown once said that sometimes the coach did not make the player, but the player made the coach.

Donovan led the University of Florida in 2006 and 2007, and he was the one who made him, Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer. But after he moved to the NBA, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Victor Oladipo, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George did not give him this face.

Before coaching the Thunder, he had the opportunity to become the Magic’s coach in 2007, and also signed the contract, but later chose to give up, the Magic also made Van Gundy become his successor. But now, the NBA has been around for so many years, and it is still not suitable for him. It is said that Durant left the Thunder, partly because he and Donovan “do not deal with” – from the trumpet incident that was previously smashed, you can see the leopard.

We can’t expect that every “will” can be James, but before that, “handsome” is a competent person, the team can go further, isn’t it?