Talking about personality with NBA ball style, talking about Paul and Rondo!

The fight between Paul and Rondo has been going on for a few days, but the online turmoil does not seem to stop, and even the situation of the NBA players standing in the queue, can not help but be embarrassed, this time I also take a look at the heat to do a Simple analysis.

First of all, Paul, Paul’s style of the game, we all know, is a word stable, I believe that he is mature and steady in life, and occasionally make some jokes, so people are destined to like, but Paul also has a dispute The strong heart, perhaps the nba playoff experience that has failed for many years, makes his arrogance become paranoid and stubborn.

I remember seeing an article in slam that everyone hated Chris many years ago. The article says that the author went to Paul Enshi to experience the training method of the NBA superstar. As a result, Paul’s favorite training was to bend his waist and follow a The *** ball then picked it up again, monotonous and boring, repeated again and again. The author completely hated Chris Paul because of this experience, but he had to admire his mad attachment, and this is exactly Paul’s greatest charm.

During the training, he will ask his teammates to hone a tactic for ten or more, just to let them remember each other’s position. On the court, he will yell and yell, just to let them Appeared in the most correct position, he is mature and traditional, steady and victorious, paranoid and even somewhat rigid, such people will certainly be evaluated by the two poles, especially the teammates are mixed.

Let’s talk about Rondo, Rondo’s style of the game I thought for a long time, and finally consider his extreme data and the title of the Long Center, and finally got a “evil” word, the evil of the East evil, such a person is doomed to be unruly In particular, Rondo’s playing is a real tactical library. The same tactic will generate thousands of changes in his hands. Therefore, in the free system, Rondo is often able to get like water, which seems to be somewhat abstract.

Let’s take a simple example. With the same tactic, you let Paul be the point guard. Paul will die in the hands of his teammates and finish the tactics and then pass the ball out. Even he will use his skill to stubbornly The ball leads the teammate to his most suitable position. Of course, if the tactic fails, Paul has a strong personal ability to solve the problem. In contrast, Rondo may simplify or even complicate this tactic, such as Rivers. Ray Allen has a three-fifth three-point tactic on the right side. It is possible that half of Pierce has a single-point tactic, or Rondo feels that he can make Garnett vacant by just two more moves. More will make such a choice, when you say it must be clear to everyone, not that Paul will not pass the ball like Rondo, but he does not want, and Rondo will definitely play like Paul, but he I will feel better in my choice.

Ok, let’s talk about a question here. If you imagine that you are a coach, who would you choose between the two point guards? I think anyone will choose Paul! Rondo’s approach in the coach’s view has tarnished his absolute authority, especially the traditional coach like the tactical master Carlisle, so Rondo in the Mavericks became a different kind of resistance coach, and in the Rondo, despite the Gentry’s open system is mixed with the wind, but in the end it is inevitable that it will be swept out of the door. This is the reality, the reality of the NBA, and the reality of society. Perhaps Paul’s good relationship is the more sophisticated than Billund.

After talking about the coach, talk about teammates, Paul is strong, he can really make teammates better, but teammates will become simplistic because of his stubbornness, look at teammates who have good relations with Paul, Ariza, Chandler Le, Jordan is a single player, and Griffin and David West don’t like Paul. This is because they are all technical players. Why do you have to listen to Paul’s words? During the year, Paul asked David West to develop a three-pointer and was rejected by David West. David West must have thought that I like the middle distance where I can catch the ball. Why should I listen to you and stand on the three-point line? Waiting for the ball!

And look at Rondo, he is a typical champion jigsaw puzzle player, thick eyebrow Cousins ​​can work with him, because no matter where they are Rondo’s ball can reach, and they can be in any position Launching an offense, even if you don’t have to doubt, Rondo is better able to make Griffin out better than Paul. However, it is a pity that such a Rondo has a heart that wants to be the core, but has no core and ability. Admittedly, this is just a statement from my family. If you feel reasonable, then please like it. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.