The NBA rocket started to panic? Desperate to throw the next Nets?

According to Woj’s earlier reports, the Rockets updated their latest offer for the Timberwolves Jimmy Butler, which includes four first-round NBA draft picks.

According to the existing rules, if the Rockets want to really realize the transaction, according to the existing NBA rules, the rules of the alliance, a team can only trade up to 4 first-round picks in 7 years, and must trade the first round every other year. Can not trade the first round of two consecutive years. Lottery protection for draft picks will also be limited in such transactions. Therefore, the draft rights program can only be 19, 21, 23 and 25 years.

As we all know, in the early years, the Nets team exchanged the future trade of the team, in exchange for the battle of Deron Williams, Garnett and Pierce, from the paper lineup, the Nets have the competition nba championship Strength. The final result, they finally only reached the Eastern NBA semi-final. Later, when these players left, the Nets completely became the Eastern Fishing Team. The team had neither a relatively good player nor a future draft pick. It was a loss of the wife and a loss. After several years of adjustment, the Nets are now slowly getting back on track.

With such a ruling, the Rockets, which have won seven games in the NBA season with the Warriors and have almost won the game, will have to trade Jimmy Butler this season through the future of the team and have a hand in the season with the Warriors? However, Rockets general manager Morey has always been smart and capable, on the one hand, the Timberwolves will not easily let Jimmy Butler easily. In the face of the temptation of the Rockets, how does the Timberwolves make choices?