Nba ball brother defense is praised, he will become the defender version of the dream of Green?

1. Is the ball brother a defender version of Draymond Green?

Because of the knee surgery, the ball brother did not have any chance to show up in the recent NBA preseason game, and seems to be looking for status, performance is not good, but he is still being placed by the Lakers management High hopes, at least James, as his teammate, and his small Wharton as a coach, are full of praise for the young defender. Today, Little Wharton has the opportunity to interview, and he has blown a wave of his own disciples, but he is no longer just blowing his organizational skills or the overall situation, nor is he saying how humble his character is. What, but focused on his defensive ability.

Little Wharton blew a wave of ball brothers today, and they all said how talented their disciples are on the defensive end. His original words are like this: “He is very tall, can prevent multiple positions, keep on changing defenses, he also has a good sense of intuition and reaction. We are constantly concentrating on defense, and he is a The performance of the rookie surprised me. It was a difficult position to play, but we knew early on that he could defend multiple positions and force opponents to make mistakes. I am very happy to see him return to health and maintain such performance.” Come back, we haven’t officially started playing in the regular season. It’s really bad for the disciples’ character.

So what does Little Wharton say? It is true that he has his reason. In the late season of the regular season last season, the league counted the five players with the strongest defensive ability in the five positions so far in the season. Among them, in the position of the point guard, the ball is the ball. And there is another expert who has put his defense in the top five of all the point guards in the league. The ball brother is not a player who uses physical fitness to defend and limit the opponent’s score. What he really excels is the defense and the prejudgment of the ball. To put it bluntly, the team’s overall defense is put first, and then the brain is used. Play and use your brain to defend.

However, if you look closely, Little Wharton’s praise for the ball brother seems to be quite intriguing: he emphasizes “can defend multiple positions” and then “continuously change the defense” when these two points are put together. Who are you thinking of? Is it the 23rd of the Warriors, the guy named Draymond Green? It seems that there is really a little bit like it. Both of them are organized and defensive, and the difference seems to be only the position on the field, and the two people have very different personalities. In the Warriors’ tactical system, Green plays a firm defender and the central axis of the running team. Can the future ball player reach his height? It takes time to prove.

2, Butler and Timberwolves reconciliation! It’s just that the two sides are not so willing.

At the end of September, Butler sent a deal to the team. There were a lot of people who wanted to get him, and the Timberwolves also released the determination to send him away, but things have dragged on now. Still, there is no result. Butler still has to play in the Timberwolves, and the aversion to the management of the team has reached the peak of history. The Timberwolves have asked for more than once in the case that the two sides have already negotiated, and finally let the hope Butler’s Heat chose to quit. When both sides were deadlocked, reconciliation became the only viable solution. Today, the boss and Butler are finally a temporary handshake.

According to a report by the famous journalist “The Athletic”, Thomas Charania, the source said that the negotiations between the Heat and the Timberwolves about Butler are now completely ruined, and Butler has returned to the training of the team – Of course, it is not to pick things up as before. The boss, Taylor, and his wife went to the training hall and Butler to meet in person. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus: Taylor will continue to try to find a trade as much as possible. Until then, Butler will play the role of a good teammate, as usual to him. Work hard. I have tossed up a month of soap operas, and now it is the end of the “first season.”

It is now almost certain that Butler is still a Timberwolves player, playing in the upcoming NBA season, is expected to participate in the season opener with the Spurs on Thursday, and this is also determined by the team coach Xi Bodu. When asked by reporters whether he still can lead the team, Butler replied: “Go to these people (referring to his teammates) and ask for personal questions, ask them if I am still the same as before. I laughed Come here, I am glad that there is a ball to play.” Interestingly, Wiggins, who was directly dissed by Butler, took the initiative to show Butler this time: “I know that once we start playing the real game, Butler It will be the one you want him to be in your team.”

The reason for the reconciliation between the two sides is based on the fact that the team will send Butler as early as possible, and Butler will also try to play without causing trouble for the team. Butler still wants to leave this team, no matter what the purpose, but he can’t wait to get out of contact with the Timberwolves now, but everyone understands. As for the Timberwolves in order to maintain the stability of the team, it is also a spur to “send Butler as soon as possible”, let him stay here, do not provoke the truth, it seems that the two sides want to truly reconcile, it is not an easy task It can even be said that it is an impossible thing.

3. Who is the worst team in the preseason game of the 2018-2019 nba season?

The new season of the NBA is about to begin. It is just that on October 17th, the regular season will be officially launched. Many fans will surely be excited, but before that, we can’t say that we haven’t watched the ball for a long time. The pre-match, but it didn’t take long before it ended. Although the purpose of the preseason is to train the teams, run the lineup, exercise the bench and rookie, and the data and record will not be counted in history, the fans do not need to have too many wins for the team. If you have a comparison, you will definitely win or lose. If you want to choose a “preseason game, the worst”, who will be elected? The situation seems to be somewhat unexpected.

Due to the different games, we can’t use the difference between the regular season and the playoffs to judge who is strong and who is weak. We can only use the winning percentage to make an assessment. There are currently four teams in the NBA preseason. The play in the game is really bad enough, the winning percentage is less than 50%, winning less and losing much. The most ironic thing is that these teams have just entered the playoffs last season. As the second Celtics in the Eastern Conference last season, they played four games in this preseason. They only won one of them and lost three games, three of which were not James. The Cavaliers double-kill, it seems that James did not affect the Celtics, but the name of the Cavaliers, which became the shadow of the Celtics’ sergeants.

Of course, James’s opponents seem to be in a bad situation. The “Zhong Zhao” is not only the Celtics who have been suppressed by him, but also the warriors who have been suppressing him. Although the Warriors play the preseason lineup, not the strongest lineup of the Warriors in the new season, the core players often miss or control the playing time, but their substitutes are indeed poor enough – the Warriors have been carried out so far. In five games, only one victory was taken on the head of the weak team of the Kings. The other three games were defeated and the Lakers took two of them. This kind of record should not be on the head of the Warriors. If you compare the situation of the Rockets and the Raptors, you will know that people also have one hand to play the game.

The Timberwolves, who are as bad as the Warriors, lost four of them in five games. The one that was won was the defeat of the Warriors. However, it is understandable that such a situation can be understood. After all, as the main heart of Butler did not fight, and the team was also ruined by the transaction, it would not be unusual. But to say the worst team, it should be awkward. They played in five preseason games, all of which ended in losing. They were the only five-game losing streak in the preseason of the 18-19 season. They were also the only ones to stay with teams outside the NBA. An unbeatable NBA team in the preseason, knowing that they swept the Trail Blazers into the second round of the playoffs last season!

Analysis today:

Nba’s new season’s magic, maybe a lineup you can’t think of

Not long after the regular season of the last NBA season, the Magic, which had been ruined in the East and had not been able to add to the playoffs for many years, unexpectedly played a good performance and even once boarded. It was the position of the top spot in the east, but in the end it fell slowly because of lack of stamina and frequent injuries, and finally returned to their usual routine. Last season, the Magic was the second-lowest in the Eastern Conference, second only to the most complete eagle in the league, but in the new season, they got the potential stock of Bamba and the handsome coach Clifford, who may lead the team. Something changed.

The team has now gathered three outstanding insiders, namely Vucevic, who has been playing for a long time in the team, Gordon, who is not good at slam dunks and tactics, and rookie Bamba this year. Now it’s all in the era of small balls. It’s not so important for all teams to look at big men, even negative assets, but the magic is hoarding three, and two of them are still centers, which is completely against the times. The trend is OK. However, combined with the preseason and the current technical characteristics of the three players, it seems that there is no way for them to coexist in the game, together as the team’s debut.

Both Vucevic and Gordon, one responsible for the center and one for the power forward, have a very good scoring ability, and the three-pointer casts, both players have – at the beginning of the regular season last season The strength of both players is reflected. And Crawford also said that the Gordon will be his tactical core in the new season, which is basically a matter of course. But on the other hand, Bamba, who looks like a “traditional center”, can actually shoot three points. His shooting touch is still extremely soft. In the preseason, the three-point percentage is even better than Gordon as the striker. It’s even better, it’s amazing.

The situation is like this: Bamba can shoot and the situation is not bad. Vucevic can not only play the center but also play in the position of the power forward. Gordon can also play in the position of the power forward and the small forward. Perhaps after the start of the new season, Clifford will try to use the “three towers” tactics, let Gordon move to the small forward position, then Bamba and Vucevic form a twin tower, the backcourt for Funière and Augustine to start, This will be a lineup with defensive, projected, and young enough.