Probably the most important benefit in history. 10 NBA China tickets are waiting for you to come.

The NBA’s new season is getting closer and closer, and before the official start of the regular season, there is a super feast of NBA superstars and entertainment big coffee, that is the annual NBA China!

The 2018NBA China Tournament will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen by Dallas Lone Ranger and the Philadelphia 76ers. The lone star, Nowitzki, will come to China again after the Beijing Olympics 10 years later. This time he will usher in the competition. The league’s hottest star – the challenge of the 76ers led by Embiid and Simmons!

Such a wonderful Chinese game, one of the most difficult things for the fans is that they can’t grab the tickets, but the community with welfare tops is not afraid to grab the tickets! This time we have prepared 10 tickets for the NBA China Tournament for everyone! If you participate in community activities, you will have the opportunity to get tickets for free. Are you not excited?

Heartbeat? Then take a closer look at how to participate in the event and get tickets!

The important thing is to say three times: first post, first post, post first

First, how to obtain the NBA China Race Ticket registration qualification:

1. Those who have posted the theme posts in the Tencent Sports Community [all circles] will be directly eligible for registration;

2. If you don’t post the topic posts in the community, you can participate in the community “[My and NBA story] + self-title” activity. Posting around the topic, the community administrator will decide whether to add the essence to the post based on the quality of the content. The netizens who were posted during the event were still eligible to apply!

Second, the activity recruitment rules:

1. Netizens who have obtained the qualifications for registration, reply to the city + micro-signal + the plot of you and the NBA in this activity post

2. Number of recruits: 10 (5 in Shanghai, 5 in Guangzhou)

3. Event time: September 17 – October 2, 2018

4. Competition time: Shanghai game October 5th Shenzhen game on October 8th, the ticket is randomly distributed according to the location of the winning users.

5. Note: The community will provide Chinese competition tickets for the successful selected users, accommodation and travel expenses.