One of James’s choices, Leonard’s choice of one, is the most lively free market this summer? – Wholesale NBA Jerseys

One of James’s choices, Leonard’s choice of one, is the most lively free market this summer?

1, James chose to jump out of the contract, directly to the Cavaliers and the Lakers?

As the biggest card on the free market this year, James’s every move affects the fans’ hearts. But in the previous period, all the media were bragging about not drafting and irresponsible. They gave him predictions and helped him to make “decisions.” James himself did not say anything. He started today. The first part of his “decision”: James’s agent, Riche-Paul, who is mixed in the league, informs the Cavaliers management that James will not perform a $ 35.6 million contract next season and will become a free agent. The biggest good show in the free market kicked off.

James jumped out of the contract to become a free agent. It seems that he had to do something this summer – just as if he had to renew the Thunder or sign the Lakers, he had to jump out of the contract beforehand. But James’ explanation of this means that some teams will not be able to get him – for example, we all know that the rocket is trying to get bigger. Because the salary space is blocked and there are still many players in the team who need to renew the contract, it is almost impossible for them to barely sign James, but now James is a free agent, so that even the transaction is completed. The premise is impossible – this time, the first person in the league does not belong to any team.

Previously James’s “Resident Reporter” Wen Horst said that due to factors considered for the family and children, James will only choose between the Cavaliers and the Lakers. If you choose a knight, there is a good thing that he can get more from the salary. In the near future, James can renew the contract with the Cavaliers for a total of $207.4 million for five years, but can only sign up to $152.3 million for four years. In addition to being in the Heat for four years, James played in the Cavaliers. This is his hometown team. It means great to him, but the current situation of the Cavaliers is not so much a title for the team, but rather a A group of scattered sand.

As for the Lakers, it is clear that he can give James the commercial value and superiority to any city. James bought a house here, and the child may be studying here. The wife hopes to live in the city of Los Angeles in the future, and he can give James a business value. Most importantly, the Lakers can barely sign James, and they are still pursuing another superstar. In the event of a goal, this traditional team that has not touched the floor of the playoffs for several years will immediately revive. For James, this year is his “ultimate decision”, perhaps no chess trick, but no matter which team he finally joined, it will cause the league to shake the ground.

2, sure to say goodbye? The Spurs are willing to send away Leonard immediately

Leonard and the Spurs still have soap operas still in progress from the middle of the regular season last season until now, and today it is finally ushered in a new breakthrough: Woj revealed on the show that the Spurs are now sending away Leonard quite a bit. Opening up, the previously stated “absolutely not going to the western teams” rule was also broken, as long as it provided the appropriate chips to move the Spurs, then they could start trading immediately after the free market door opened. Leonard sent away. In addition, the teams mentioned by Woj are the Lakers, the 76ers, the Celtics and the Clippers.

The relationship between the Lakers and Leonard, as previously stated by the Evening Newsman, is “across the water, with no words to speak.” The Lakers want him (the magician hears he can be traded , happy to be like a three hundred kilos of fat) and he also hopes to join the Lakers (Leonard again and again stressed that he wants to go to the Lakers effectiveness). Now the Lakers are even willing to put the ball brother on the shelves, showing how full of sincerity is. The other is the 76ers. There are 76 Shuangdi and a bunch of young talents. I don’t mind if there is a young superstar in the team. As for the chips, it should be Covington and Sharich and the draft pick – but whether or not What about moving the Spurs?

The Celtics were the first team to understand Leonard’s situation with the Spurs. They tried to trade him before the deadline of the trading season last season, but they were also ridiculed by Leonard. Refuse. The Celtics may provide chips, possibly Owen, or Tatum. All in all, they are reluctant to give up the idea of “robbing once a year.” Although the Clippers are Leonard’s hometown team in a strict sense, it seems that they have always been unwilling to see them – they have many contracts that expire, perhaps because of Jerry West and Bobo. Victory’s two old men became dark horses.

For the Leonards, the Spurs made his team. If there wasn’t a board for Budenholzer, the Spurs wouldn’t trade it with potential point guard Hill, and it wouldn’t be the day he became the Finals MVP. But now these past, it seems that they have all been forgotten. Cultivating his Bole Popovich, the latest news is that only in the bookstores in New York to buy books, and to invite the rookie Lonnie Walker to drink but are rejected, it makes people look, feeling inexplicable sadness. Sure enough, Leonard is just the most like Duncan, he will never be and can not be Duncan.

3. After jumping out of the contract, Jordan is not going to leave home.

Little Jordan released the information yesterday, and he will make a decision today, choose to continue to execute the contract (waiting for the Clippers to trade or simply stay for a year) or choose to jump out of the contract (become a completely free agent), and finally his answer Yes: formally jumped out of the contract and formally said goodbye to the old owner who had worked for nearly ten years. However, after he jumped out of the contract, he did not seem to have left the house at all. After all, the Lone Ranger had even moved out. What could he say? But now even the Warriors want to put it under their command, which is quite interesting.

The fate of the Lone Ranger and Jordan should start from 2015. At the time, Jordan’s contract had expired, and the lone man had been pursuing him. The big man was also impressed by Cuban’s sincerity, and finally completed the verbal agreement with the team, but he didn’t expect that he would regret it. Under the various routines, he chose to renew his contract with the parent team, which also made him one of the representatives of “perfidiousness.” But now that the Clippers have no place to stand up, he thought of the goodness of the Lone Ranger that year, and the lone ranger also said that he could not be swayed. After all, they are not supported by the five-position.

But the Warriors also have a lot of interest in him. The Warriors have McGee and Pachulia. However, these two stars can only be used as miracles. Each has its own shortcomings and it is difficult to give the team any critical role. The Warriors have eaten. A lot of losses. But now the Warriors must first get him – this transaction is still a prerequisite. Little Jordan is a friend of Kevin Durant and a former customer of Warriors General Manager Bob Myers. At present, the Warriors have a 5.3 million luxury tax middle class exception. Using this mid-level exception will bring a luxury tax of 27 million to the team. If you are willing to pay taxes, there is no problem in eating a small Jordan.

Imagine if the deal can really be successful, then the starting lineup of the Warriors will be: Jordan, Green, Durant, Thompson and Curry. Almost the five seats in the Western All-Star Game have been locked. The Warriors are now strong enough. If the last short board is filled up, then their goal may really be to establish a dynasty, and this is a great, great dynasty. But other Western teams may have to bear the fate of being a silver medal player in this era.


Cole is walking on the way his teacher once walked

When talking about the Warriors winning the championship, the hero is either Durant, or Curry, is not talking about their coach Cole. After accepting the team, he has been in the finals for four consecutive years and has received three championship coaches. He is now about to renew his contract with the team. According to reports by reporters, the source revealed that after Cole had reached a contract with the team, his new contract would have at least twice the annual salary. Now he can take 5 million in the hands of the Warriors each year. After the renewal of the contract, Cole’s annual salary will rise to 10 million US dollars, which is already the “maximum salary contract” in the NBA head coach.

In 2014, Cole took over the already warrior from the hands of Mark Jackson, who was fired by the team, and led them to the championship and become the championship. It’s not easy to know that a coach won the championship in his first year of taking over the team, but he did it, and he also helped the team to win three championships in four years, even in The regular season scored 73 wins and 9 losses. Maybe you will say that his cards are good for today’s achievements, but let’s ask, is there a small number of coaches in the hands but a mess? Regardless of the team’s record, who is the player in the team, the head coach is crucial to the team’s role.

Originally thought that after Popovich left, Clippers coach Rivers will become the next “Godfather level” in the league – although Lao Li is often squandered by fans, his current career win rate has reached 800. In many games, it is second only to Popovich. But now, it seems that Cole, who surpassed his predecessor Rivers soon after, seems to be predictable. In the past few years, Kohl has brought the ball to the league and his assistant coach has also been dug out. This is enough to illustrate his strength.

Cole was a member of the Bulls, assisted Jordan and Pippen, and later became a Spurs player, learning under Popovich’s hands, and this old man can be said to be his teacher. Cole is now on his way to his teacher: lead a dynasty team, complete the rule in the next few years, or be the strongest competitor of the ruler based on the alliance. This seems to be his fate, as seen in his restlessness in the position of the commentator, as seen from his lack of performance in the Sun as general manager.