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One City, Dallas, 20 Years – Dick Eternal Happy Birthday

Greatness is the first word that flashes in my head, followed by a series of loyalty, tenacity, flags, signs, and souls. When I thought of writing something to pay tribute to Dirk, I almost did not hesitate to knock down the headline: Stick to Dallas for 20 years.

Dirk, Tim, Kobe, and the three represent loyal old guys. The three have won 10 championships in the first 15 years of the 21st century, but compared to the Spurs who have kept the championship competitive all the year round, and they have always For Los Angeles and Los Angeles, Dirk’s 18 years deserves the word. Everything started in 1998. The Bucks took down the ninth pick in the first round. This big pitcher from Germany, then Nelson used Dirk to run the Mavericks and spent a dismal rookie season. Dirk ushered in the outbreak of the second season and averaged nearly 18+6 points per game. Since then, he has started a nearly 20-year reign. In the several seasons that Michael Finley and Steve partnered together, they continued to improve and helped the Mavericks (wrote it or call them cows). This has become a force that can’t be ignored in the West, but it hasn’t been in the postseason. The game went one step further. However, the script was set for the hero. In the summer of 2005, the Mavericks bought off Michael Finley, who joined the Spurs and rejected Nash’s renewal request. This is probably the last thing that Cuban has ever regretted in his lifetime. Things, the son of the wind went far away and the Dallas Troika was dissolved.

Time came in the summer of 2006 when Dirk led the Mavericks. In the Western Conference finals, 4:2 knocked out the Suns, which were also gaining momentum. They headed into the finals. He also became the second player after Schramf to enter the Finals. The Germans had their own God-given thoughts. After the story must have been known, the Mavericks led the game 2-0 in the Finals, and the third-final lead with 13 points was reversed. However, the Germans did not fall and turn to the next year. He won the league with 67 wins, and won the regular season MVP. This time, Dirk suffered a shameful black eight in the first round. The story behind him was not repeated, and he had to bear soft names. Time came in 2011. It was a year for the Mavericks. Dirk led the Mavericks history into the finals for the second time. This time, standing opposite him was a more powerful and luxurious lineup. This time Dirk didn’t fall. He made an epic finals. He led a successful revenge for the Dallasers. The moment the final whistle remembered, Dirk didn’t cheer, but ran straight back to the locker room and buried his head. In the jersey,

At that moment, Dirk cried.

At that moment, Dick’s God,

At that moment, Dirk stood on the top of the world.

After the story must have been known to everyone, Dallas disbanded the championship. In the first round of the playoffs in the first round of the year, Uranus wanted to attract superstars and take the initiative to lower his salary. All this, the fans looked and the Dallasers saw it. Cuban sees it. In the summer of 2016, a two-year 5000W contract was handed over. This is what Kuban should do. This is what Dirk deserves. Dirk said: I didn’t even look at the contract. The numbers were signed, and Cuban said: Even at the age of 73, I still have to renew with him.

Just as the old driver hit the 30,000th point of the day, Cuban cheered on the court, and after the timeout he rushed into the court and embraced the King of Heaven. Durant said: Dirk has a skill that will never decline. It is a jump shot. Yes, even at the age of 50, I believe Dirk can also score 10 points with a jumper.

Bryant announced the retirement date one season ahead of schedule, allowing 6 billion fans to witness a legendary tour together. Duncan, suddenly announced his departure, so that all the fans were caught off guard. Dirk Nowitzki’s retirement countdown is like an old bell covered by a curtain. You can hear the clock ticking. The time goes by in seconds, but you don’t know exactly where it ends. There may be another season, two seasons, or even half a season after the sudden arrival. When the lights came on and the curtain was opened, the answer was revealed and the dust settled. In this uneasy mood, every game is like his curtain call. Like Kobe and Duncan, Nowitzki also used his own methods to bid farewell to the NBA and bid farewell to an era.

We should be grateful to witness the birth of such a legend. In the presence of Dirk, the Mavericks are still the Mavericks. What we need to do is: Bless the King and look and cherish it.