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NBA will send you away without renewing your contract! Butler is about to become the next George?

1. What is the limit for one year? Will Butler be the next George?

Stars and team tempering things are not common in the past, but it is a strange thing to see them now – almost every year in the offseason, there will be star and team soap operas scheduled to be staged: the old cadre who just joined the Rockets Anthony It’s been two consecutive summers and it’s quite unpleasant with my own family, and Anthony’s former teammate George, who became a member of the Thunder, also told himself that the Pacers would not stay in the team anyway, so Will be sent away. Now there is one more All-Star player in the same situation as George, who has previously refused to renew Jimmy Butler.

When Woj God recently recorded a podcast, he talked about Butler’s current and Timberwolves’ stalemate. Woj believes that if the Timberwolves can’t get Butler’s renewal commitment, they may seek to send Butler back in exchange for some assets before the trade deadline to avoid a final basket of free baskets in the free market. Watching him leave the team but he can’t get anything. Butler earlier rejected the offer from the Timberwolves because early renewals were a lot less money than signing new contracts after the contract expired, but many people thought that the reason he really refused was that they didn’t want to stay in Minnesota.

Butler refused to renew the Timberwolves. This is just one aspect of his “disharmony” with the Timberwolves. He also publicly reprimanded the two young leaders of Downs and Wiggins, thinking they were not training enough. Hard work, and almost no cure on the defensive end, not only open criticism, but even on social media and interact with netizens, they don’t forget to wave their own teammates, and give other netizens let him go to other teams. like. In addition, he has released the wind: he is open to joining the Lakers in the future, and there are rumors that he and Owen will go to the Knicks to play together next summer.

Regardless of whether the Timberwolves will choose to send them away, if you really put Butler to trade, the Timberwolves may not be able to continue to enter the playoffs – after all, the situation before, everyone knows, the two together fight together There have been two seasons, but the results have never been able to go up, whether it is Mitchell or Xibodu coaching. And the Timberwolves had Butler last season. It was two extremes. When he was there, the team was in the top four in the West. When he was not there, the team was always in the top eight, he was on the defensive end. The contribution to boost morale is not something that can be replaced – don’t forget, the Timberwolves made their first playoff appearance in 14 years.

2. After Ginobili left, the alliance has no GDP combination.

Finally, the fans still waited for the news that they were least willing to wait. After a long wait, I was thinking about whether I would choose to retire Ginobili, and finally gave my own answer: he chose to retire this summer, in his 41-year-old summer. “Today, I have mixed my mind and announced that I will end my basketball career. I am grateful to everyone who has accompanied me in the past 23 years (family, friends, teammates, coaches, uniforms, fans). This is a paragraph The wonderful journey is far more crazy than I dreamed of. – As this tweet of tweets was clicked and sent out, the league’s second-largest player announced his departure, and he once created brilliant Will be loaded into history.

Regarding whether Ginobili left the stadium, after leaving Duncan in 2016, every year the fans will be tested, and he himself has to make a decision in a very short time. In the previous two summers, he chose to continue his campaign and stayed in the team. Even when the contract expired, the team gave him a million-year salary. He chose to refuse and stayed at the Spurs with a fairly low salary. Not long ago, he said on social media that he would consider whether to fight in “recent days”. At that time, I thought that other fans besides the Spurs fans would not want him to leave, but the final result. Still let people only leave a sigh.

For many fans, when they first met Ginobili, they might only see a bald veteran. However, from the time he entered the league until he chose to retire today, his career was quite brilliant. . It may not be comparable to the veterans of Kobe, Garnett and Duncan, but he has been back in a team for nearly two decades and deserves the respect of anyone. Loyalty pronouns, left-handed players, one of the best substitutes in history, members of the GDP portfolio, the Spurs history record holder, the best player in the history of the Argentine men’s basketball team, these labels, whether they are active or retired, are linked At the time, people will only think of him.

Manu’s retirement is not only to announce that he will personally bid farewell to the stadium, to open the second life, but also to announce that the “GDP” combination that once had been in the air has officially ended. The trio once set off the entire Spurs and won four championships for the Spurs, but Duncan left the Spurs in the summer of 2016 and left the basketball court. Parker and Ginobili also fought side by side. For two years, just this summer, one announced the retirement, and the other unexpectedly chose another way: transfer, Parker is now a member of the Hornets. There is no banquet in the world, just to say that it is scattered, but it is still too late to prevent it.

3, the Thunder’s biggest cancer, is the man known as the “golden bomber”

The Thunder formed a combination of three giants, Wei Shao, Anthony and George, last season. They thought they would compete with the Rockets and the Warriors in the playoffs, but the final result is helpless – regular The game was only a few wins when Wei Shao led the team alone last season. In the first round, he was eliminated by the young Jazz in the first round. Then the team renewed George and strengthened the weak. The man’s bench is so that the team almost has to pay the highest amount of luxury tax in history. Fortunately, through a tripartite transaction, Anthony was sent to the eagle to ease the team’s “economic crisis”, but now they seem There is an opportunity to save more money.

Soon after August 31, the expiration date of the NBA’s deferred payment terms, if you use this clause before, the player’s salary for the 2018-19 season will be postponed. According to the ESPN salary expert’s analysis, if the Thunder cut the team’s forward Kyle Singler before the arrival of the day, then their luxury tax will be reduced from 93.19 million US dollars to 73.78 million US dollars, directly for the Thunder in this The season saved a total of $23.4 million in expenses. Sounds like, is it a little heart? After all, the money vacated can completely sign an All-Star player. It’s a pity that you and I are not Presti.

When it comes to this, I have to talk about Singler, who is known as the “golden bomber.” This is the worst player on the Thunder bench, not even one. When Reggie Jackson was in a temper, he was taken as a Piston to get the “Little Wei Shao” chip and sent it to the Thunder. At that time, the Thunder was missing a shooter. According to the effectiveness of the Pistons, Singler It just fits the Thunder’s taste – although it is not the top star, but it is also the starting point of the Pistons at that time, and can provide some help on the offensive end, but did not expect that he came to the city after the completion of the change.

After coming to the Thunder, his state was a cliff-like decline, but the Thunder still thought he had a chance to remedy. He thought that the highlights of the first two seasons of the Pistons would only have to wait or be replayed in the Thunder, so they used 5 years and 2500. Ten thousand years of salary will leave him, but he does not know that he is not as good as one year. In the whole season of last season, he only played 12 regular season games, and got a total of 23 points, but he could not even talk about it. on. If the Thunder can really cut his tax and cut taxes by success, why not? Instead of moving a knife on him, will it make people feel suspicious?

Analysis today:

The Spurs firefighter Poundext, who is also?

The departure of Ginobili made everyone sigh and sigh, although knowing that this day will come, it is really full of regrets. However, the days still have to continue, and the Spurs still have to work tirelessly for the future. Not long after Manu decided to leave, the Spurs also announced another news: the team and free agent Quincy Pondexter signed a one-year contract. For many fans, this is obviously a strange name, and what can he bring to the Spurs when he arrives?

Here, it is necessary for the Evening News to give everyone a simple science to the player. Pondexter is the first round of No. 26 in 2010. It belongs to a typical tramp player: he has played for the Grizzlies, Skulls and Bulls, but they don’t have much performance, and he He has been seriously ill – in the past two years, Ponderkst has had three operations on his left knee, so he missed two seasons of competition, and there were bacterial infections that even jeopardized his life.

However, he also has merits. He is very active on the defensive end, can definitely help the team, and physical confrontation, in the face of most players can have the upper hand, in addition, now for Many players are considered to be compulsory three-pointers. He also seems to have two brushes – 35.7% of his career 3-pointers, which is a good figure. It is impossible for him to replace Ginobili’s tactical position in the team, but it is better than nothing, and signing him is a last resort.

But fortunately, the team he signed up for is the Spurs, there are many times to corrupt the magic of Popovich. We don’t count last season. Every time before, there were people who were almost unable to play in the league. They were reborn in the Spurs and finally won a big contract that they didn’t dare to think about, such as Simon. For example, Dedemond, for example, Mayanovic. So can Ponderkest also be a part of them? We will wait and see.