NBA Raptors new aid first boarded the game, still familiar taste! – Wholesale NBA Jerseys

NBA Raptors new aid first boarded the game, still familiar taste!

The lonely, lonely NBA offseason is finally over!

The NBA preseason kicked off and you can read the ball! Suede, Eric, really good~

Let’s first review the game yesterday.

The NBA Celtics made their debut and lost to the Hornets.

Um…. It doesn’t matter, “Seagull” is really good~

The NBA 76ers took the Melbourne United team.

In the first game of the NBA new season, the young people of the NBA 76 are excited!

Offensive, defensive, and rushing are all full of strength, ~ dunk, cap, self-declared….

It’s still very enjoyable, so it’s not too light for everyone in the offseason.

Um…. then starting a three-pointer with 8 of 1. Still the great skills of the great emperor~

Then come to today’s game,

NBA preseason Raptors at home against the Blazers

Lai Nana also ushered in the NBA Raptors first show

Stayed away from the NBA for nearly a year

Let people be very curious about his strength, in the end he is still not the NBA top5 player?

At the beginning of the NBA game, Leonard missed a few shots because of the long battlefield.

The Trail Blazers led the score with Lillard and McCollum

But as the game progressed, Leonard’s program slowly ran up.

The offensive end got the first point of the Raptors career with the iconic CIC

Also played the Carlo connection, skrskr.

As Leonard feels warmer, the Raptors are catching up.

In the end, the NBA Raptors played well and beat the Blazers 122-104.

Leonard debuted for 19 minutes and scored 12 points, 1 board and 3 assists to make a good start for his Raptors career.

The NBA watched the whole game, although the action was still a bit stiff.

But the mechanical card that gradually faded the rust

It’s just around the corner to get back the familiar feelings.

And what makes me feel kind is Xiao Green – Danny Green!

I was worried that Green would not be convinced in Toronto.

But Green’s performance made me smell the familiar taste.

Ama debuts 20 minutes, shooting 1-6, three points 1-5. Got 5 points and 3 rebounds

Emperor Ama is still the emperor Ama!

Hahaha, the iron can not be lost! (txtx)

The NBA season has already begun, and the past has made him pass.

I hope that Leonard and Green will play well in the Raptors and stay away from injuries.

Tomorrow, the NBA Spurs will also be welcoming the Heat.

LeBron will also start the Lakers debut

Looking forward to the wonderful!