NBA champions in the second place, the gap visible to the naked eye?

Before the M Draft, East Cecchi claimed that he did not want to work for the King and finally made the Sacramento King determined to win Bagley. At that time, many people were optimistic about this choice. Bagley’s good physical fitness, can be appointed as the 3rd and 4th position, is the ideal swing forward in the small ball era, but the performance of the summer league has made some fans stunned. The NBA’s resistance to non-university leagues is comparable, and Bagley loses the advantage of ending in the paint, while exposing the shortcomings of lack of outside shooting ability. The lack of concentration on the defensive end is a problem in college. Therefore, Bagley wants to be the most popular 3D player today, at least for now. As a ball-handling player, he is not an outside player who scores and organizes explosives. Today’s preseason debut show, highlighting Bagley’s ambiguous positioning. The outside line was not released, and it seemed to lack confidence in the inside line. Even the free throws were only 50%. When defending, the footsteps are general, and it is easy to be targeted by the opponent. If you are not conscious, you can only use four fouls to stop the opponent’s attack. The Suns’ lottery show, Mick Carl Bridges, although he only played a game around the game, scored a blank, but watched his defensive end of the resilience and the offensive king’s taboo on his ability to open space, It feels more affordable than Bagley. But Bagley’s comparison is of course not Bridges, but the opposite center player Ayton.

Similar to Bagley, the most worrying thing about Ayton when he was selected was the defensive problem. After all, as the traditional 5th position, it was easy to be targeted by the NBA’s ball-handed defenders. In the first preseason game, Ayton did not become the defensive end of the Sun, and his foot movement was at least above the average of the big man. Needless to say, the inner line protection ability, the innate advantage of the height of the arm and the keen defensive sense, make him enough to become the team’s guardian of the basket, the three big hot pot is just a regular operation, I believe we can see in the follow-up game. Go to the hot pot feast of the champion. On the offensive end, Ayton showed a better range than Bagley as the inside, and the low-post singles had one hand, and even saw the ability to cope. A 20+10 double-double performance, the limelight not only completely overshadowed Bagley, but also dwarfed the data of the King’s Twin Towers. It is necessary to know that the experience of Kalistan and Rabbisier in the NBA is far more than Ayton. This is the extent to which Ayton adapts to the NBA. Of course, it is the maturity and strength of a No. 1 pick.

The sample for a preseason game is small, and the visible gap is reflected in several details. Ayton proved why he could hold the champion seat, and Bagley’s prospects seemed confusing. Aiton can clearly define the core of the game. Bagley can neither do the core of the ball nor the three-pointer and defensive ability of high-quality 3D players. He can only use 3D as the development direction and temper his own outside shooting and defensive skills. However, in that case, it runs counter to the core play of his college days. The King hopes that Bagley will practice the outside line and defense. Perhaps he hopes that the former champion, Giles, will be healthy and more realistic. After the sun has harvested the joy of Ayton to live up to the expectations, it is necessary to think about the primary and secondary issues of the dual-core inside and outside of Booker’s return. Booker’s scoring ability is very good, and the defense has obvious problems. It may be more appropriate as Ayton’s older assistant. What do you think?