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NBA Cavalier What is the biggest disadvantage of JR!

This is a new series before the start of the NBA new season. In 30 days, I will share a total of 300 jokes about 30 NBA teams.

Ready? Hurry and put on a cotton coat and take a cold to catch a cold~

After James left, how did the Cavaliers miss him?
– He is not called old beijing, just use him as the background of P picture.

I miss the Big Three of the NBA Cavaliers’ championship season!
– Isn’t it the Big Three now?
what! In addition to Love, which two are considered giants?
– Kobe Simmons

Frye said that his star card in the solar era is worth only $2, is it really worthless?
– He still likes to overestimate himself…

The defense is not active, the shooting is unstable, what is the biggest shortcoming of JR Smith?
——The key moments to fight for the offensive rebounds are too positive.

Now I often receive spam messages for small loans in my mobile phone. What are they doing?
– There is a heart that is the owner of the NBA Knight

The NBA’s new season’s Cavaliers’ record will definitely get worse, Cleveland fans will still buy it?
– Don’t you watch the NBA Cavaliers look at the NFL Browns? They won a ball in two years…

After the end of the NBA season, four team doctors in Cleveland have left the team. Why?
——The doctor can’t save the Cavaliers, and the writer Tyrone Lu will soon go out.

Every time James transfers, he will bring two younger brothers. Who did he take this time?
– Clifton.

The NBA Cavaliers have a lot of thorns, TT, JR, Hood, who is the least honest?
– Cleveland honest people

If a layman doesn’t know how to read and understand, how do you say him?
– You know the ball well!