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Match Day: James’s persistence

James said before the game: “I will not give up JR, I will not give up any teammate.” After the game he said: “I will be responsible for the end, this is my task.”

When you think about it, the pitfalls of these two sentences are actually quite a lot, because whether you let go or not, you are not responsible for it. Your teammates are there and you can’t leave. On the field, how to fight or how to fight. When teammates are out of space, you still have to pass on them. No matter what kind of teammate you play, you must accept them. Their status is beyond the control of outsiders.

For example, JR, who made James anxious to jump into the net and was carbonized in the whole net, was taken by James, Hill, Korver and Lu, who had been fed chicken soup. Today, he was taken up by McKee’s false cover. Can’t find the North. Defensively, JR and Cavaliers apparently failed to adapt to the Warriors’ sudden move. When JR was still hesitating to change or stop, McGee had already cut into the penalty zone and took a lead over JR.

For example, this ball is not JR’s ineffective defense. It was James who was simply taken by Durant. This led to JR’s being in the middle of McGee and Durant.

JR seemed to be really anxious. He was eager to prove himself. When he got the ball, he rushed in against Thompson. As a result, his opponent easily made an offensive foul. It was hard to get to the free-throw line, but the fans in the audience shouted “MVP” shouting. This satire sounded through the Oracle Arena and continued to ring in JR’s ear, leaving the poor wanderer almost immersed in the last 4.7 seconds of the atmosphere. Saying that a good three-pointer rebounded like a rainy rebound and ended up with only 2 of 9 shots, but the opposite man shot a cool shot from outside the arc.

If Kobe re-does a “details” program on Loew’s defense, then 80% of this shot will be the old Kora to focus on the whip. In the absence of support at the rear and an empty space in the penalty area, Loewe has already left the player to “put” Curry to the left, Curry holds the ball and Thompson Durant. Falling corner, this is the Warriors’ most powerful pull space formation. How is Loew trusting Hill and James’s defense?

Of course, there is another explanation – in this extreme condition, Lew would rather let go of Curry’s breakthrough line, and shut down Curry’s three-point shot, which is the legendary “not to let go”, though This is too exhaustive.

In terms of scenes alone, the Cavaliers’ most defensive lineup should be Hill-Osman-James Greene-Konnens, using the thickness of the striker to meet the just-changed defense and defense speed. Unfortunately, this lineup does not provide enough space: Xiao Nansi does not have three points, Jeff Green, Ottoman and Hill’s three-point shooting rate is not high (Hill playoffs shooting only 28% of three-pointers, and The 46% hit rate in the first half of the season was almost unbeatable.

So although this lineup can play the effect of a low-profile rocket, it seems to be too crowded on the offensive end. Jeff Green’s back singles can attract three Warriors to the restricted area, leaving both Ottoman and Hill out on the perimeter.

In all fairness, before Curry’s “Library has Gravity,” the Cavaliers’ defensive level is not enough to allow them to use the Rockets’ decisive and effective defense system. Taking this round as an example, Curry just walks beyond the arc. It attracted the defensive attention of both Hill and Jeff Green. Curry seems to have his own “AT position” and made an invisible cover with Livingston, two meters away from him. When Hill and Jeff-Green are not in a position to communicate, Livingston flashes into the basket. , catch the ball and then scored an empty cut.

The meaning of this ball is that the Warriors breathed a sigh of gas in the Finals after being beaten by the Rockets for seven games. Even if the Cavaliers theoretically have the best defensive lineup, they can also play their best pass. Cooperate.

However, today’s knight still has its remarkable place.

The Knights of the previous game exploded the Warriors’ 18 frontcourt boards, but the price was – the Warriors scored 28 points in a quick attack. When you accumulate players in the frontcourt and try to grab the boards, once the opponent protects the backcourt, it is a severe test against conversion. Today’s Cavaliers still more than doubled the frontcourt board than the Warriors, but they only allowed their opponents to use a fast break to score 17 points.

However, the next thing was desperation: Loew’s defensive in the library, the ball shipped out, and then throw a record long-half turned three-pointer, this ball is still buzzer.

“We took a good 23.5 seconds for the whole round, and then he turned and scored a three-pointer from the record. We were very defensive, but he made nine of 17 three-pointers and he shot really well outside the perimeter tonight. “After Love, we kept talking about the phrase “We’ve been very well defended.” I began to understand why Curry’s 3-pointer was so desperate. This made all efforts at the last minute. The frustration of putting people into trouble is really an unbearable pain for ordinary people.

Then, when there were five seconds left in the offense, Loew’s chase followed a 3+1. Oh yeah, I haven’t said George Hill, who was being chased by Durant.

Durant performed the task of “green leaves” perfectly. He pressed down a fiery 10-for-14 shot and gave the stage to Curry to have fun. But don’t forget that although Durant was only 14 shots, Durant was Solidly scored 26 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. In the face of the Cavaliers’ defensive misalignment and loopholes, Durant wanted to be a green leaf, which is also a large palm tree-level green leaf.

Then the question came, and is it this way that the Cavaliers still have a chance?

I think that even if hammered into this way, the Cavaliers still have a chance to come back (after all, after 2016, I would not dare to set up a flag again). Since they can play that kind of strength in the first game, they have the opportunity to The next game continues this level. In addition to fights in the playoffs, the status of the players is also an important factor in the game.

So the Cavaliers have responded a bit to the old Cleveland’s “Won’t Abandon, Don’t Give Up,” the Cleveland Steel Sevens.