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Lakers nba preseason summary: Because of this key four points, Zhan Huang is not so tired in the new season.

This summer, James jumped out of his contract, became a completely free NBA player, and finally selected the Lakers for his next club.

As the first person in the NBA league, James will have a controversy as long as he takes a step forward. He became the Zijin Legion and still received many criticisms from the defenders who believe that “loyalty” is a professional ethics that players must follow. But even so, it seems that this year’s transfer, no longer as big as 2010 and 2014, perhaps everyone understands that James was really tired in the last NBA season.

In the last NBA season, the Cavaliers can be described as twists and turns, ups and downs. From the beginning of the NBA regular season, there was hardly any place to praise people, but James took advantage of this teammate who could hardly help him. He would kill the NBA Finals.

It’s just a pity that in the end, I have to bear the fate of being swept out by the Warriors. For a player who is very competitive, it’s not just the game’s defeat. At this time, everyone understands that James is really not easy, so the fans gave him more tolerance for his departure from the Cavaliers.

However, in the new season of the NBA, for the Lakers, he may not have to be as tired as before and still can’t get the results he wants. The Lakers played six preseason games recently. James played four of them. Although he only scored 13.3 points, 3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, he shot 59.1% from the field and was very efficient. But the most gratifying, It should be seen in the game that the performance and growth of the other Lakers teammates.

And how they play, and James Nba’s new season “tired and tired” is closely related.

1. Seamless connection between McGee and the team

In the summer, the Lakers will be the two consecutive NBA seasons to follow the Warriors to win the McGee signed, to strengthen the team’s inside.

Even after signing McGee, the Lakers’ inside is still their most obvious weakness. Although the number of players is not worse than other teams, the “quality” is really not as good as others. So it’s hard not to let the fans worry about it. However, in the performance of the preseason, McGee’s play is enough to dispel your doubts.

In the six games of the NBA preseason, McGee had a good performance. In addition to winning the Kings, only two points were relatively low, and the remaining games were quite commendable.

In the game, McGee fully demonstrated his superb physical fitness, including bounce ability, speed of defense, agile footsteps and running ability under the fast break, and even revealed a three-pointer long shot, this is his this year. The result of hard training in the summer. Just from the offensive point of view, McGee’s performance has reached the requirements of the Lakers management, as far as the contract is more value.

In fact, McGee is in line with the basketball concept that the Lakers need to speed up. Although he is a pure 5th player, he is fast, and he is actively running on the court. He turns the ball in the high position and runs not inferior to the defender, and when confronted with other big men, speed and footsteps can be Rolling the opponent, maybe he is not a superstar, but he is the best choice for the Lakers’ current system

2, Bohr, underrated defender

When talking about the ball brother, in addition to the father tied to him, there are two points that people will take the initiative to think of, one is his wonderful shooting position, the other is his excellent overall situation and The field of vision, even the “stopping the shooting” and “Little Kidd”, became the label attached to him, but there is still a point that has been ignored by many people, or is invisible, is his defense.

Previously, the media regarded the ball as the NBA’s top five point guard, which attracted a lot of criticism, but even if he didn’t have this qualification last season, he can become a part of this list in the future. In the first NBA preseason game of this year, the ball played 23 points against the Warriors and scored 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. It is worth mentioning that he has 4 steals and the defensive strength can be seen.

he defensive strength of the ball brother, a simple summary is a good body, a good head and a good attitude.

His physical fitness is quite prominent among the point guards. His height is also the height of the wing players. When faced with the small guards, he will never suffer, and he can use his body to exert a lot of pressure on the opponent’s offensive players. And his upper limbs are good and his wingspan is above the standard, which is the key to making him a stronger defender.

On the other hand, steals are the best of the ball, but he is not the first-class skill, but relies on the excellent pre-judgment of the ball and the interpretation of the situation on the court. On the one-on-one individual defense, the ball brother does not dominate. But the pre-judgment made him make up for the lack of skill, and his defense is crisp and neat, and there is no controversial or gambling defense. This is quite a rare point.

There is also his mentality is good, he is willing to do the defense and defense, clear the obstacles for teammates, not greedy at all. In addition, his attitude on the defensive end is quite positive. He will not say that he is lazy or healthy. He is not afraid of being tired and tired, and can also see the opponent’s trap. Having said that, old Zhan’s side has not defended such a reliable guard for a long time.

3. Will Ingram be a qualified second home?

Before James joined the Lakers, the Lakers pursued the “Gemini” policy. They believed that Bohr and Ingram would be the key players to lead the Lakers. Now that James joined, the team must revolve around him. This is beyond doubt. And the ball brother was “sponsored” to the bench with the arrival of Rondo, then the Ingram, who was originally the leader? May be the position of the second handle.

Throughout the team played by James, there has always been a need to set up a “two homes”, such as Wade, such as Irving, such as Love, and Ingram is clearly the best choice for the current two. He can score, can defend, has been doing very well in both aspects, and there are steady and rising situations. However, in the recent preseason game, the young “Little Durant” seems to have another gratifying new change.

Ingram, under the leadership of Rondo and James’s two passers, began to actively move, able to play defense, play a beautiful off-ball attack, and also produce good chemistry with the two point guards. effect. And in terms of scoring, it has gradually stabilized: in the face of the Kings scored 31 points and 9 rebounds, against the Warriors, he also scored 18 points in a single quarter. In the words of James, it is “the little brother has become a big trouble for the opponent.” “.

The past two seasons have been a groping period for Ingram, but now with a good old man and a group of experienced veterans as guides, he has made unprecedented progress. It seems to be a foreseeable thing. And when these become the preconditions, his goal should not be just a qualified starter or the team’s second head, becoming a top star, is what he should do, but his fate.

Maybe he can’t be like James’s “Pippen” in the future, and it’s even hard to catch up with the role played by James and the team when he played for the Cavaliers in a short time. As the saying goes, “Mo is bullying young and poor”, young is the biggest capital, and no one can guarantee that Ingram will grow to a point in the future.

4, James’s two enemies, but now is his best helper

Among the many one-year contracts signed by the Lakers this summer, two of the players who were signed were particularly eye-catching. One was Rondo and the other was Stephenson. Both of them are exactly the old rivals of James. One of the peaks in the Celtics, is the mountain that James could not cross before 2010, the first of the Heat’s Big Three, the first enemy of the Heat, and Stephenson did, not too much Explain it?

But now that it is already a teammate, then the previous grievances and grievances should be written off. In the last few games, Rondo played four of them, playing as the team’s starting point guard. He averaged 5.3 points, 5 rebounds and 9.3 assists per game. His control of the game is still still in control. “Familiar taste.”

And before everyone worried, the question of whether he and James’s two ball handlers can coexist, but also disappeared with the inexplicable fit of the two when they appeared together. When the two men were together, the Lakers’ offense seemed to be orderly, especially at the time of the fast break, the blow to the opponent was almost fatal.

Another old James family, Stephenson, was able to hand over a transcript of 9.8 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists in his own game. It seems that the data is very uniform and there are no special highlights, but fans who watch the game know that scoring, defensive, assists, passing, and even rebounding, as long as you can think of it, Stephenson can do it.

The two enemies of Zhan Huang, now one became the chief of staff around him, and the other became a plug-and-play Wanjin oil.

Although the main purpose of the preseason is to train new players and run the lineup, the Lakers’ achievements in this period are still worthy of recognition.

Ignoring the individual players, overall, the Lakers are best on the offensive end, averaging 112.5 points per game, compared to 108.1 points last season. In addition, the team averaged 25.6 assists per game, which is two more than last season’s 23.6. The overall offensive fluency of the team is much better than before. It is obvious that the Lakers are moving forward.

Moreover, the team’s offensive rhythm has become significantly faster, and the quality and quantity of passing has improved significantly, which is precisely the style of the current basketball concept. I just said that James was too tired last season, but now he is no longer a group of teammates who are looking forward to him as a savior, and even occasionally will cause trouble for him, but experienced veterans and energetic The big family of teenagers.

Just looking at the ability to lead the team, James never disappoints, time has proved for him. Then, look at the “not so tired” old Zhan, you can take the Lakers to what height.