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James and Jordan, who are facing stronger opponents?

In recent years, the strength of the Warriors has been ranked in the history of the NBA. This is a fact recognized by the media, famous people and fans, so it is not shameful that James lost to them three times in the past four years. As of now, James has won the championship three times in the finals.

The US media recently compared James and Jordan. However, this time the angle is a bit new, not directly compared to honors or data, but compared to the strengths of opponents they met in their respective careers. From the map you can see:

The main opponents that James has encountered so far are: Curry, Durant, Ray Allen, Garnett, Pierce, Kidd, Kobe, Wade, Paul, Nowitzki, Duncan, Leonard.

Jordan’s main opponents in his career are: Karl Malone, Olajuwon, David Robinson, Barkley, Drexler, O’Neill, Magic Johnson, Stockton, Larry Bird, Payton, Ewing, Thomas.

Then the question is coming. Who do you think your opponents are stronger in your career? Tell me your reasons.