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Is the price of the NBA Rockets fighting for Butler worthwhile?

Butler’s deal has entered a period of infancy, with no fewer than ten NBA teams appearing on the list of potential players, including the NBA Rockets, one of the most active teams. Ariza and Bamot leave, the NBA rockets are eager to complement the wing players can understand, not to mention Butler is a ready-made NBA All-Star guard swingman, NBA best third team member, the small ball era of the toon. But last year’s Paul trade, for example, getting the NBA star players is bound to pay a lot of money, then the NBA rocket appeared in the trading rumors, is the price of fighting for Butler worth it?

There are some reasons for the supporters. The role of the NBA player and the NBA Superstar is not simply equivalent. Last year, the NBA Rockets paid Paul the best defensive first team of Beverly Beverly and Super Sixth Road Williams and four or five. It didn’t seem to make much. But after Paul joined, it brought the best regular season record of the NBA Rockets history, and finally only one step away from the NBA championship. Does Butler have such influence? As one of the best flanks of the NBA League’s offensive possession, as one of the best balanced players on both ends of the offense and defense, the improvement he can bring to the Rockets is obvious. If anyone is worried about Butler and Harden, Paul and Anthony’s ball distribution issues and compatibility issues, last year people questioned Paul and Harden a lot, the results are quite good. Butler can give Paul Harden a full rest time, Anthony is basically determined to start from the bench, the problems of the major players D’Antoni will solve.

Opponents also have their own reasons. In order for the Butler rocket to be the first to be the mainstay of Gordon, he is one of the most important firepower points of the NBA rocket in the past two years. It is also an indispensable leader in the second team. He is very familiar with the rocket system and has the ability to make three-pointers. Even better than Butler, so it is more in line with the theory of the magic ball of General Manager Morey. Butler’s defensive ability is not Gordon’s comparable, but Gordon is only the main body of the transaction, the NBA Rockets need to take a first-round pick and another player to make the deal. With the current strength of the NBA Rockets, the first round of NBA draft picks is definitely the last pick. The key is who is the other star in the NBA trade. The most likely addition to the rumors is Tucker. If the final NBA rocket puts Gordon and Tuck on the shelf, it is not worth the candle. After all, Tucker is the soul of the Rockets who played seven games with the NBA Warriors last season. His internal and external training and perfect supporting role, and the rocket system is natural, especially after Ali Zabamot is absent. It is the last 3D representative of the Rockets. Butler can’t reach the 4th and 5th like Tucker. Tucker’s departure will make the Rockets’ internal rotations seriously inadequate. Therefore, if the Rockets want to get Butler, they must weigh the gains and losses. However, it is difficult to weigh the gains and losses.