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Is Abu Dhabi more likely to stay in the NBA than Ding Ding?

These two days are a happy event for Abu Dhamu. Not only did they lead the team in the Asian Games knockout, but also received a pre-season training camp invitation from the NBA team. When we saw Zhou Qi’s performance of representing the Rockets in the summer league and then representing the national team, I can firmly believe that his NBA path will get better and better. So in the future, what other Chinese players will be around Zhou Qi? Accompanying, Abu Dhabi and Ding Yan Yu Hang are the two most likely names at the moment. It’s just the equivalent of the CBA’s big killing of the Quartet and Xiao Ding who has already proved his ability in the Lone Ranger. In the Xinjiang team, playing the bench and playing for the Warriors in the summer league, just playing the soy sauce, it seems that the opportunity is even more embarrassing, but the facts gradually prove Abu Dhabi is more likely to stay in the NBA than Ding Ding, for a variety of reasons.

We first opened up the situation of Xiaoding’s injury in this Asian Games and analyzed his previous style of play. As the most threatening local player in the domestic breakthrough, Xiao Ding’s real position is to hold the core of the ball, that is, he needs to have the ball in hand to show his value. Last year, he played the Summer League on behalf of the Lone Ranger. Even if he was on the top of the 4th position, he was the most in the game. So when you get to the NBA, his advantage will disappear immediately, because at this time, he is surrounded by a teammate who is weak and weak, and you are in a position to defend against the CBA players. Xiao Ding has no chance. It is also difficult to show the skill of holding the ball under the tough and targeted defense. This requires testing his other abilities as a role player. However, Xiao Ding’s projections, especially open shots, are not very stable. Although the defense is fierce but the skills are not enough, the physical strength does not know how to distribute, and often the fourth quarter is physically weak, and the emotions are also Being vulnerable to changes in the field is not a condition for the NBA. At this age, his style is also difficult to transform, and the plasticity is even worse than the younger players like Abu.

A Budu Shamu is not the same as Xiao Ding. He doesn’t have Xiao Ding’s offensive ability. It doesn’t matter, CBA can’t do the core if you hold the ball and go to the NBA. But Aberdeen’s functionality is better than Xiaoding. He is a qualified three-point shooter. The outside line is more stable than Xiaoding. He can grasp the vacancy and dare to shoot. From the figure, he can also be three or four. As a space power forward, you can also be a swing-type wing player. On the defensive side, Aberdeen is full of strength, physical strength is better than Xiaoding, and he is fully committed at all times. Unlike Xiao Ding, when there is a weak team or a big score, there is a situation of reservation or mood swing. On the strength of Abu, it is certainly not as good as Xiaoding, but the former in the NBA can obviously find a better role, while the latter’s strength will be overwhelmed by a larger stage. Even if Abu is only invited to the pre-season training camp, as long as he impresses the management of the NBA team through his own efforts and his potential, even if he stays behind to develop the league, Xu Tu is aggressive. Beautiful things. In the end, Ah can’t speak fluent English, and it can also help him adapt to the NBA quickly. In short, for Abu Dhabi, it is time to let go and show your strength to the world fans.