Internal library combination? The relationship between Neymar and Curry and the NBA Warriors is beyond your imagination! – Wholesale NBA Jerseys

Internal library combination? The relationship between Neymar and Curry and the NBA Warriors is beyond your imagination!

1. “Inside the library combination” to understand? The best friendship of basketball football!

NBA Basketball and football, as the two most popular and favorite sports in the world, have been interpreting what is called “lasting” for more than 100 years, and the most outstanding athletes in these two fields, regardless of Wherever you go, you can get the support of the mountains and the tsunami. So, when the two most representative stars collide together, what kind of spark will it be? Let Curry and Neymar tell you. These two stars with both strength and value have recently been “hooked up” by Curry’s European line. However, in a strict sense, it is not a “hook” because they have long been “together”.

At the time when Curry’s own brand was being promoted, the Brazilian star Neymar, who played for Paris Saint-Germain, came to the show. The two met together at the basketball court at the YMCA in Paris. Known as the world’s oldest indoor basketball stadium, the museum has been in use since 1893 and has been in existence for more than 120 years. To commemorate this historic arena, even a well-known sports brand has launched two shoes, hoping to raise funds to renovate the arena.

In the arena, the two not only talked about each other, but also exchanged their jerseys. But for the two players, it is no longer a new thing to exchange jerseys. The two had exchanged their jerseys in public on several occasions, and Curry also visited the Saint-Germain game in Paris several times before. As for Neymar, he said that he was a hardcore fan of the Warriors and he was elderly. Curry, who is four years old, is considered an idol.

Neymar is an NBA warrior fan. It is definitely not just a talk. He has also appeared in Auckland to watch the NBA Warriors live game, and has a good relationship with many NBA Warriors. You see that he and Curry exchange jerseys more than once. To know such routines, he is also used by other NBA Warriors – such as the cute Thompson, such as the controversial Dream Green. Green even said that Neymar is the Curry of football. Don’t you know if this is an interesting way to pull up his teammates? Or is it the most sincere compliment to Neymar?

2. Is the opportunity for Xibodu coming? Noah wants to buy out with the Knicks.

A while ago, the NBA Timberwolves signed Luer Deng, who had split up with the NBA Lakers before. The veteran who had listened to Xi Bodu in the NBA Bulls once again became a disciple of Xibodu and joined his own team. . Plus Butler, Ross and Gibson, who are already NBA Timberwolves players, plus a veteran Brooks who played for the NBA Bulls briefly, the team already has five NBA players who played in the NBA Bulls and played in Xibodu. . Therefore, everyone joked that the Minnesota Timberwolves have become the forest cows of Thibodeau. At present, Thibodeau has reconvened all his former active disciples to his “shogunate” in Minnesota, leaving only the big man named Joakim Noah.

It is not an easy task to get Noah. After all, he is still in the contract period, but because the contract is already premium, it is difficult to send it away as a trading chip. However, I don’t know if it’s beautiful, and Noah and the Knicks are saying goodbye. Today, Chadi broke the news that the Knicks and Noah are expected to break up with Noah before the training camp. They originally wanted to send Noah, but then think carefully, it seems that trading is also a feasible strategy – Similar to the Rockets’ attitude towards Anderson. The current situation of the Knicks is not optimistic. The team really needs to make room for it to make waves in the free market next summer – for example, Owen, who will definitely choose to jump out of the contract.

If the NBA Timberwolves can, they will definitely consider using a basic salary contract to win Noah’s offer – although they have denied that they have not recruited his plans and plans. Noah’s situation in the last season, people feel helpless, because the injury and its technical characteristics and the current game temperament gradually drift away, gradually began to be abandoned by the NB team and the Alliance, become an out-and-out outcast. But no matter how good, can’t forget the glory of Noah: he will be the best NB defensive player, the best NB lineup, the best NB defensive lineup and the NB All-Star in the 2013-2014 season. Adding honors, he is worthy of a bet on those teams that are on the line.

Moreover, the current NBA Timberwolves also seem to need an inside player to sit in the town – the current NBA team’s big list, in addition to Downs this is the center of the print, only Justin Barton this rookie last year, but he Last season, I played only one game in the NBA regular season and only had 4 minutes of playing time. The team needs a steady center, and combined with the NBA Timberwolves’ current NBA playoff team, and hopes to go further, Noah’s many years of NBA playoff veteran experience can also give The team has provided a lot of help. If it is really short in the training camp and the Knicks, I hope that Xibodu will not hesitate to let the Minnesota forest cattle evolve into an ultimate state!