Interchangeable Trey Young and East Citch, who will be the NBA lottery in the scrap

The nba preseason is often the first level to break the new lineup and test the nba rookie. Everyone wants to be a prophet, to see who can play, who will water. Finally, understatement, look, I have already said it.

This year, I liked the two rookies Dongcic and Trey Young respectively to complete their NBA preseason debut. On September 30, Lone Ranger and Beijing Shougang played an NBA preseason game. East Cickey played 30 minutes and scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks on 5 of 7 shots. He received a lot of praise; Trey Yang played 20 minutes. 5 of 16 shots, 3 of 6 points, 1 point, 8 points and 8 assists. In the middle of the 9th half of the game, the netizen joked that the NBA Eagles should become the famous trading background in history.

From the objective factors, the lone ranger is facing the CBA team after all, the gold content is not too high, just after the 20th birthday, Xiao Yang also played a game, and the second half of 5, still take Out of the ability to adjust. These two young people who are destined to be involved because of the transaction, the time is still very long.

East Cickey’s game is very good, three three-pointers, one block, one steal and a simple and effective dribble to play. Originally in Europe, the three-point line is a bit weaker, plus East Chech is not a good pitcher, and his three-point ability is to ask a question mark. The shot is steady, the rhythm is well grasped, and a super-long three-pointer is thrown in the top of the arc, at least to ensure that he will not waste the opportunity under the vacancy level.

Another defensive problem that was originally questioned, at least in the game against Beijing, he blocked Hamilton once and accurately cut the ball. He is not the kind of eight-clawed monster that stretches the wind under his arm, but his selection and confrontational consciousness are completely up to standard. NBA’s new season Dallas said that he wants to play four, organize power forward, I am not worried about his passing and attacking. After watching this ball, I will expect his defensive performance in another level, this will be the decision. He is going in the future.

The last point is that he is too mature to see a little oysters. Playing in Europe early, never rested from the 17th European Championships to the draft, has been playing the game, the copy brushed more, and the practice makes perfect. Than the head of the young green Yang can play too many games, this experience value, there is a gap between the two.

Besides, Trey Young, he has always chosen this question. The reason can’t be attributed to him all the time. Since the explosion in November last year, he has invested too many messy and unreasonable balls in the NCAA, and he relies on him to vote for Oklahoma. A lot of balls. The 20-year-old young man is inevitably frivolous and cannot see the original feeling of the adult world. In short, if the game is played less and not enough, it will habitually solve the problem in a way that is familiar to them, but it may not be useful.

His passing is really a bit of a skill, and the height of the 188 can be very good. He has a very good ability to find teammates, a high level of enthusiasm for the game, and his choice of his shots can tell his confidence. Many people say that there is something in the next library. But without Curry’s precedent, how can Terry Yang be recognized? How can he be crazy in the market? Trey Yang’s lottery ticket is still far from the date of the draw.

These two children can’t escape contact in this life, a mature handsome guy from Europe; a rebellious little point guard in the United States. They are all known for their organization, one is that the offense is stable; the other is shooting wild. I am very curious and expect what their future career will become. After all, they are the same as me.