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If Popovich leaves the team, will the Spurs become a fish?

1. Perhaps we finally waited until Popovich retired

Before 2016, we all like to joke that Duncan is a 21st rookie and a man who will never leave the basketball court. But in the end he was still defeated by Thunder’s Western Conference semifinals and regretfully chose to retire. However, many fans believe that the team will not start to decline this way, because Leonard has risen, and Popovich is still there. However, now, these two points have also been put on the question mark. The former has seen enough of this year, and will not repeat them. The latter is afraid that no one will think of this rush of the day.

According to Woj report, Popovich may leave the Spurs coach after the 2020 Olympics. He had previously reported that he would succeed Mike Sashevski as the new coach of the American men’s basketball team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Woj also mentioned in the report that Popovich may even spend the entire 2019-20 season preparing for the Olympic Games. If this is the case, then it is very likely that the 2018-19 season may be the cooperation between him and the Spurs. The last season of the season – yes, you can’t see this angry man after the next season.

Although woj stressed that it is only “possible,” it still leaves many fans feeling uneasy. After all, a coach has worked hard for more than 20 years, and the results are still so good. You told me that he is not doing it now? No one can understand. If you really love basketball, then you will certainly be dumped by Popovich’s personality charm. We are just fine, but those who have only begun to like the NBA after the end of the game, they may not encounter so interesting Father. But with the current Spurs situation, for him, leaving is not a relief.

Things about Leonard have not yet resulted. The Spurs’ assistant coaches have been crazy and only stopped in recent days. In addition, there are many things that have made Father feel very hard. As an old man who had already had his grandson at home in the seventy-eighth century, he had to endure too much. Maybe this time the Olympics is just a reason and a node that he hopes to retreat. All in all, if what the woj said was false, it would be as good as he did for James. It is of course very good, but if it is true, it will only bless.

2. We could have seen a 76 person stronger than it is now

The 76ers did not have high draft picks this summer, they did not enter the finals to compete for the championship, and they did not have the urgent need to sign big fish in the free market. James could only come to the cake if he could come. There are also things that bother them, and they will become increasingly tricky over time. Although Colangelo said that now because he and his wife’s “small trumpet storm” has completely left the general manager of the 76 position, but what he did still affect the team, and the impact is certainly no future The impact was great—he was faint in two steps in 2017, leaving the 76ers who could have been stronger with regret.

Colangelo’s two-step faint move, one of which was on Okafor’s stay. At the time, Embiid and the team renewed their contracts in advance, and their health and well-being status remained good. But for no reason “uncontrolled” the team’s other inside Okafor. From the start of the season until he was traded, he never got to play in the game. Even the training was treated differently, and the mastermind behind this was the general manager. In the end, forcing a healthy young player on the bench forced public outrage and forced him to trade, but it also left a rather bad reputation for the 76ers.

The other thing is the top pick last year. Originally, this championship was signed by the Celtics, but in the end, they completed a deal with the 76ers and passed the “first prize” to the Philadelphiaans. When the draft was last year, some 76 members of the management team did not want Colangelo to use the No. 1 pick to select Fulz. This was because this dual-energy guard was quite struggling in the trial process for the 76ers. There was nothing to be a sign of superstars, but Colangelo insisted on selecting him with his own hands. As for the things behind, we all know.

Saying that Fulz is doomed to not have a good future seems to be too early, even slightly malicious – after all, the young man is only 20 years old. However, we can be sure that if the team selected Mitchell, Bol, and Tatum, what would be the result? Colangelo didn’t know what to think when he saw Tatum push himself to the abyss in the Eastern Conference semifinals this year. Even considering it from a long-term perspective: Simmons, Embiid, Tatum, and Saric were terrible enough. Obviously, the 76ers could have more potential, but they were castrated by the trumpet manager.

3, George’s wit touched the world

Although this summer, James is the largest fish in this free market pond, but to say that expectation, it may be that Paul – George really got to a point of “not to let go”. To put it exactly, “Where does George go?” can be said to have been played from last summer and it has been until today that it has not yet reached the end of the first season. However, with the story of the ending chapter has begun to reach a climax, where he will go in the end, will soon be able to emerge. But before that, we must first appreciate George’s “witty and lovely.”

Paul George recently accepted an interview with TMZ. It is definitely indispensable for him to answer questions about where he will play next season, and as an entertainment reporter, the questions he seems to ask are quite mouth-watering. But fortunately, George has covered up with his wit and humor. Go on. The reporter asked him where he is going to play next season (for his next family)? His answer is: NBA. The reporter asked him if he would like to join the team with James (before the Cavaliers were interested in George and the news that he would talk with James)? His answer is, yes, in the All-Star game. The reporter asked him if James came to Los Angeles. His answer was: It is summer. He will certainly come. This technique of Taijiquan is overkill and I don’t know whether it has come to China.

George was traded to Thunder in the last season, and this was his first time leaving his home team Pacers to play for other teams. The reason why the Pacers did this was because George himself had died and he told the team that he would not consider leaving the team after the contract expired. In any case, he hoped that he could play for the Lakers of his hometown team. In order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the bamboo basket, the Pacers chose to send it away. The Thunder then took the chance that the date of use was likely to be only one season, and the results did not seem to be too good – last season was eliminated in the first round, this season was still eliminated in the first round, and George also experienced a hand and ball dominance The feeling of playing together. Overall, this is not a pleasant journey – of course, we do not know what his mentality is over there.

Unlike James, George’s potential for the next few is only the Lakers, Thunder, Rockets and Cavaliers. The issue of the latter two luxury taxes has already caused their bosses to lose hundreds of their hair a day, so they are temporarily excluded. Thunder and Lake talent are the last two choices. Thunder’s sincerity is very good. Presti has long said that the team will leave George at any cost, even if it is a punishment for luxury tax, and there was also a source of George’s happy time at Thunder. As for the Lakers, only Need to remember three points: The team is very space; he is the reason why George was traded to the Thunder; Magic and Palinka really moved their minds to get the All-Star.

Today’s analysis:

Is there immediate interest or good long-term interest? Cavaliers boss Gilbert can’t solve problems this year

The problem of James’s stay is a hot topic that everyone is concerned about – when you get up and see the phone, he announces his third “decision.” But no matter how good it is, it seems that as the knight of his hometown team, he has always been one of his key choices. After all, no matter when the betting company’s odds are concerned, the Cavaliers can regulate a lot of teams. But the more serious problem now does not seem to be whether he will choose to remain in the Cavaliers, but how the Cavaliers can retain him. The problem is simple, just one word: money.

The current salary space for the Cavaliers has long exceeded the line that triggered the luxury tax, and the total salary is even higher in the league. Cavaliers boss Dan Gilbert has paid $178 million in luxury taxes since the 2007-08 season, which has also given the league and other team owners a lot of benefits from him. If, then, the team wants to retain James, then it is bound to give him an ultimate long-term, then retain him, and retain the original team of the season (not a few expired), The luxury tax of the Cavaliers will break through the hundred-million-yuan mark. This has never happened in history.

Gilbert has paid a luxury tax for four years in a row, triggering double taxation, but in the four years, he did gain. At the very least, a team can enter the finals for four consecutive years and have also won a championship. It is rare to look at history. What’s more, it’s the “level hardening” now? Among those who played the biggest role was James. When he joined the Miami Heat in 2010, the Forbes market value of the Cavaliers fell from 476 million to 355 million. If he leaves Cleveland again this year, he expects the market value of the Cavaliers to drop by 25% and the devaluation is as high as 3 Billion Dollars – Yes, you read it right. James was worth hundreds of millions.

And the impact is not only on the team, but also affects other businesses in the city and even Gilbert. The casino revenue he set up earned 1.26 billion in revenue from 2012 to 2017, of which 2014 was exactly the time when James returned. If we look at the immediate interests, we have to make more than $100 million in purses, and not many people like this, even if Gilbert is the most wealthy of the NBA bosses. However, if you pamper yourself with this sum of money, you will be disastrous if you lose it in the future. For Gilbert, James’ problem of staying is the difficult problem he has to face, and it is the problem that the entire Cleveland City has to face.