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How does the Warriors use mid-range and basic salary to perform reinforcement operations?

The Warriors are synonymous with the NBA’s strongest teams in the past few years, starting with their best regular season record in 2016, before the 2017 season, Kevin Durant, one of the best scorers in history, and 2018. Successfully defending the NBA championship, the other powers will only reinforce the Warriors’ strongest team and make every effort to pull them off. The Houston Rockets of the past season have reached this target indefinitely. They have piled up a group of frontline players who can switch indefinitely. There are two star players who have strong ability to play. They have defeated the Warriors and Warriors in the West for seven games. . With the almost successful experience of the Rockets, presumably other strong teams will also be eager to use it. With reference to the Rockets’ lineup configuration, they want to compete with the Warriors. No way, the ball era, you have to meet the trend. Therefore, as a Warrior, how to consolidate one’s hegemony status in the face of more powerful challenges in the next year is where the management of the off-season needs headaches.

The place where the Warriors kill these people is that they can play well and play well, and the court space is conducive to the superstars playing. Rotation is enough to ensure physical strength, and death is the ultimate weapon. However, in the course of the final battle with the Rockets West, these problems were all revealed. First of all, the Rockets used an unlimited lineup to limit the transfer of the Warriors and limited the rotation of the Warriors with unlimited singles. Second, Greene and Iguodala’s three-point ability was degraded, and the number of people who opened up the space for the reserve team gradually became less, making the court space that the Warriors had once proud of no longer be an advantage. With more and more opponents knowing about the Warriors and targeting the Warriors more and more, if the Warriors continue to fight with the current lineup next season, the defending champions will be difficult to follow. However, before the reinforcement of personnel, there has been a more difficult problem before the Warriors, that is, the team salary space. Because Curry and Durant are very expensive, Thompson faces a contract extension and Green will renew his contract next year. The team space is very tight. Only one middle class can be used for the Warriors in the summer and there is a basic salary available. So what kind of player can the Warriors get for these capitals?

There have been reports that the Warriors were interested in signing Russell Ariza’s rumors on the rocket’s third place. However, Ali Zhabbing has to pay tens of millions of annual salary. The Warriors cannot afford to pay. Ariza is a 3D player. Today’s players like the league are very popular, and the asking price is certainly high. So the Warriors can be the second best player to pursue one of the 3 or D players with better attributes. The three free agents inside are Berinelli, Tolliver, Iliasova and Sesculi. These people can improve the ability of the Warriors to retreat to open the space. The free players in D have Barmotte, Nuo. Lens – Noel and other inside and outside players, these guys can enhance the depth of the Warriors’ bench and enhance the Warriors’ overall defense ability. Regardless of who the Warriors signed, reinforcement is always necessary, especially considering that Zaza Pachulia and David West will not be able to retire the team due to age even if they do not retire. Rejuvenating the lineup is also imperative. When opponents are targeting you, you must also take appropriate measures. West had previously said that the Warriors’ tour of this year’s championship is far more difficult than everyone imagined, so without making any changes, the Champions League will almost certainly surrender next season.