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Is the price of the NBA Rockets fighting for Butler worthwhile?

Butler’s deal has entered a period of infancy, with no fewer than ten NBA teams appearing on the list of potential players, including the NBA Rockets, one of the most active teams. Ariza and Bamot leave, the NBA rockets are eager to complement the wing players can understand, not to mention Butler is a ready-made […]

The Rockets want to hit the championship again, can only gamble on Anthony?

After the Rockets gave Chris Paul a 1.6 billion dollar, they basically announced that there is not much room for reinforcement in the next few years. After the Thunder continued Paul-George and Jeremy Grant, the luxury tax to be paid was similar to Paul’s total salary. The previous message means that the Rockets want to […]

The best 14 years of life… I gave this man Tracy McGrady.

As a 90-year-old who loves basketball, I believe that many people started to pay attention to and fell in love with this sport because Dayao entered the NBA, but I was just the opposite. At the beginning of Dayao’s entry into the league, I didn’t even have a complete idea of what the Rockets and […]

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D’Antoni claims that the Rockets will win 70 games and win the championship next season. Can James join? Rockets general manager Darrell Morey and head coach D’Antoni attended the team’s farewell party today and answered some questions that the fans are very concerned about. This season the regular season rockets have won the league’s best […]