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US media: Who can beat the Warriors in these four teams?

The addition of Cousins made the warriors who were originally unique in their strengths more unsolvable, and the Warriors naturally became the target of criticism. It is almost impossible for other teams in the league to beat the cosmic force four times in a series, and only team formation is expected to beat them. The […]

Mitchell: In the game, you can see the test gods join the Warriors. The game test God said that this offer is insulting to him.

According to famous journalist Shams Charania, Cousins has reached a verbal agreement with the Warriors for $5.3 million a year, which shocked the entire league. Jazz star Mitchell has been interviewed recently, and he laments that the fact that he joined the Warriors only happened in the game. “To be honest, I only saw this […]

How does the Warriors use mid-range and basic salary to perform reinforcement operations?

The Warriors are synonymous with the NBA’s strongest teams in the past few years, starting with their best regular season record in 2016, before the 2017 season, Kevin Durant, one of the best scorers in history, and 2018. Successfully defending the NBA championship, the other powers will only reinforce the Warriors’ strongest team and make […]

No big luxury tax! Will the owner of the Warriors want to renew his contract early this summer.

The Warriors have won 3 championships in the past 4 years. The problem is that Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Greene will face a renewal sooner or later. This will be an astronomical expenditure. , but Warriors boss Joe – Lacob position does not think this is a problem. “All good things need to pay […]

Warriors’ championship champion Super Spurs

The 2018 finals have come to an end. The defending champion Warriors swept the Cavaliers 4-0 with a total score to win the 2018 championship. According to the American media NBC Sports News, this is the sixth championship in the history of the Warriors. It ranks third in history behind the Spurs and the Bulls. […]