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Does Durant have a chance to challenge the position of the first person in the James NBA?

Since Kobe Bryant entered the NBA career due to injury, LeBron James has been the first person in the NBA league for many years. Since he won his first NBA championship in 2012, it has been seven or eight years. During this period, other players in the NBA can only compete for the name of the second person. Curry played a very impressive performance in 2015 and 2016, and slowly withdrew from the first competition. Harden and Westbrook took the MVP trophy with versatile data, but lost a few points to the team’s success in the NBA playoffs. After Leonard played the MVP-level season, he was almost out of the game for a year. The letter brother and the thick-browed brother were slightly immature, and they thought about it. Only Durant, who always followed the back of James, was alone. In 2012, he lost to the NBA Finals with the Thunder and lost to James. It will be the second person in the NBA. In 2018, he won the back-to-back NBA championship in the NBA Warriors and won the back-to-back NBA Finals Most Valuable NBA Player title. However, when the NBA seasons gave various versions of the active superstars in the new season, Adu Still only ranked second after James. So Durant still has the opportunity to challenge the position of James’ first person, or what should he do to become the first person in the NBA today?

At this stage of the NBA career, the honor of the NBA scoring king is no longer what Durant pursues. In those years, he did not take this title in the NBA Thunder. Now it is Davis, the letter brother or even Booker. Mitchell and other young players are fighting for something. And in the NBA Warriors, there are two scoring masters Curry and Thompson, it is necessary to split a certain shot and scoring opportunities. The same reason applies to the competition of MVP. Because of the existence of Curry, Durant and him will divide the MVP votes that were originally concentrated on one person. On the other hand, James, after going to the Lakers, is a young player. He is an absolute core figure. The big problem in the data is not big. If you can help the NBA Lakers to make a leap in the record, plus the momentum of public opinion, win another The MVP trophy is extremely likely. Therefore, from the perspective of the team environment and honors, Durant has to step behind James in the new season.

Durant’s advantage is that he is in an NBA championship. The NBA Lakers’ goal is to enter the NBA playoffs, and the only goal of the NBA Warriors is to defend the NBA championship. Once they succeed, they will take three consecutive championships and truly establish a dynasty belonging to Golden State with the results of five years and four crowns. However, it is difficult to talk about the NBA Warriors’ three consecutive championships. Even if they win the championship, most of the FMVP trophies will be awarded to Curry. First, the so-called aesthetic fatigue, Adu took two consecutive sessions, the balance of Curry’s psychology. Second, Curry himself does have the strength to take FMVP. In 2015, he should be his performance. Last season, he was just an accidental accident. Well, even though Adu Sanlian’s FMVP was successful, many people’s champions and FMVP trophies have insufficient gold. Who told him to choose the most difficult road in the summer of 2016, James won the championship in those years, but also suffered a lot of group irony, the question of Adu is far from dissipating. Therefore, from the perspective of the champion and FMVP, Adu did not tie with James, but also by the advantage of the Warriors themselves, not enough to incite the status of the first person.

It seems that Adu can only make an impact on the NBA’s best defensive player. This is an honor that James has never won before. He is 34 years old and he doesn’t have much energy to balance the defensive end. Durant did not show the qualification of a good defender in his early career, but after the NBA Warriors, his defensive strength at the 4th position in the ball lineup was maximized, not only to protect the basket, but also One of the most active and efficient performances in the single defense, even once ranked in the top two in the blocked shots. In the new season, Cousins joined, the overall strength of the Warriors is further enhanced, Adu can be more focused on the defensive end, and strive for the goal of the best defensive player. Once the goal is reached, he has the capital to call James the first person. After all, he was a real attack and defense master.