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If Popovich leaves the team, will the Spurs become a fish?

1. Perhaps we finally waited until Popovich retired Before 2016, we all like to joke that Duncan is a 21st rookie and a man who will never leave the basketball court. But in the end he was still defeated by Thunder’s Western Conference semifinals and regretfully chose to retire. However, many fans believe that the […]

Statistics of the six NBA superstars in the finals: Kobe Bryant, 71%, James, 33.3%

In the fourth game of the finals that ended before, the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors 85-108 at home, swept by the Warriors with a score of 0-4. In this game, the Cavaliers became the star player James played 41 minutes, 7 of 13 shots, “only” got 23 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. At […]

What do you want to say about the desperate Cleveland Cavaliers?

With a score of 0-2 behind, the Cavaliers returned to Cleveland. Tomorrow’s G3 is of great importance to the Cavaliers. If they can win the opponent with 8 straight home wins, the series is still suspenseful. But if they fail to guard this vital home, then the total score of the series will come to […]

Match Day: James’s persistence

James said before the game: “I will not give up JR, I will not give up any teammate.” After the game he said: “I will be responsible for the end, this is my task.” When you think about it, the pitfalls of these two sentences are actually quite a lot, because whether you let go […]