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Anthony, who joined the Rockets because of the starting position, will eventually accept the substitute role?

After the season’s playoffs, the Thunder were eliminated by the Jazz, many fans focused on Anthony and thought that the melons whose performance was far from expected must be set off from the bench to benefit the Thunder. In the face of doubts, the party Anthony finally stood up and said this sentence: I will not give up the position of the starting position, I think everyone knows the sacrifice I made for this team, I am willing to sacrifice everything to solve The current situation. As a representative of the old-school star, Anthony is very concerned about the word dignity, enjoying the starting position is the last dignity that the veteran wants to retain. So in the offseason, he finally went to Houston after the Rockets, the Lakers and the Heat, and finally chose to be bought out, because the latter two teams could not provide the starting position that Mela wanted. So, is Anthony really suitable for starting the Rockets? With the progress of the new season, will the reality make Anthony finally accept a substitute role that is more suitable for him?

Why did Anthony lose in the Thunder, because he is a star who needs the ball to play, the Thunder is the mode that Wesbruck has in the world. In the Rockets’ magic system, Harden and Paul are undoubtedly the concentrators of the ball. Even the organization of the offensive core Paul has made some sacrifices last season, making Harden the team’s first master. Anthony’s famous trick is his diversified singles skills, but most of his time around Wei Shao and Paul George can only be a space-based 4th position for catching shots, so the efficiency is greatly reduced. This situation will not be much different between Harden and Paul, so although Anthony still maintains the starting position, it is unrealistic to expect him to return to the Knicks with a sudden appearance with Harden Paul. First, the coaching staff will not arrange for the more efficient singles Harden and Paul to do Anthony’s supporting role. And Anthony has replaced Ariza’s position, so what did Ariza do before the Rockets, is catching the ball and defending. Unfortunately, Anthony was born not the life of a 3D player.

At this stage of his career, the most compatible way for Anthony and the team to find each other is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, that is, to maximize the offensive threats of their own skills, and try to cover up the defensive situation caused by slow movements. The best way is to start from the bench, when the second team’s singles attack point. The advantage of this is that, given Gordon’s lack of play, he can play his own offensive characteristics on the bench, and the defensive shortcomings in the substitute stage will not be amplified. At the same time, he avoids the shackles of the player who is not good at playing with the combination of the light and guns, and can also make the light gun combination more time to rest on the bench. The key now is how to convince Anthony of the high spirit to accept the substitute role. The more realistic approach is to put melons on the starting list after the start of the new season. Through the actual experience of the game, he feels the difference between the starting and the backup roles, and then find opportunities to take advantage of the melons. With reason, Anthony as a professional player will naturally find a position that is most beneficial to himself and the team. In short, the Rockets’ bottom salary won a former All-Star scorer and only earned no losses. If you can really let Anthony do the best, avoid the unexpected results.