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After missed James, the next operation of the rocket is still a headache?

The moment LeBron James chose to jump out of the contract, the door that he joined the Rockets can be said to have basically closed. The original rocket was one of James’s most likely next players, from the end of the finals up to two weeks ago. First of all, Paul and James have close ties, and there are rumors of the former lobbying friends. Second, Houston is the big ball market that meets James’ needs. In the end, the Rockets were the strongest team to defeat the Warriors last season, and James was no doubt further from the championship. But these are just the imaginary good, Paul and the Rockets’ renewed contract once seemed confusing, not to mention pulling James to play for the team next season, the Rockets salary is very tight, there is no space to sign James, plus Kazakhstan After winning the MVP, “We don’t need to reinforce, just keep the lineup last season”, it is an indirect negation of James’s joining. Of course, at the last moment, the Rockets and the Lakers, the 76ers and the Cavaliers have the opportunity to get James, but from the most practical point of view, that is, salary analysis, James is unlikely to wear a rocket shirt.

The primary contract for the Rockets offseason is Paul, but the super defender has already said that he will not pay a salary for the sake of leaving the team, which means that the Rockets must offer him a top contract with a maximum salary of 100 million. As a result, the Rockets basically have no room for manoeuvre, not to mention they have to face the major contract renewal of Capella, Ariza, Green and Baronet, where there is money to win James? After the fans wishful thinking hope that the Rockets and Knights to reach a deal, even if it is to catch the Super Sixth man Gordon and draft pick, send Anderson can trade to James. However, the Cavaliers are also one of the teams that have a lot of junk contracts. It would have been impossible to clear the big contracts of JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, and George Hill. How can I have to eat Anderson’s 20 million annual salary? Even if it involves a third-party team, as long as there is Anderson in the sale, it is very difficult to get rid of, and no one is willing to be a rocket’s Huo Leifeng.

However, although the operation of signing and changing is very difficult, there is at least a theoretical possibility. Now that James has chosen not to implement the contract option and become a free agent, the Rockets should not even use the existing space to sign James. Unless James takes a pay cut to win the championship and he thinks he will win the Rockets, it’s a daydreaming illusion. Therefore, the Rockets’ offseason and James’s fate have been exhausted, and they still think about how to bring back the heroes of the previous season. The first is to find a way to reach a contract with Paul to compromise each other and ensure that as much space as possible is followed up. The second is to offer Qualification Qualifications for Capella, taking into account that the Suns and Lone Rangers who wanted to pursue Capella have already had “new love” Ai Dayton and Xiao Jordan, and the rocket’s hope of leaving the cake king increased. The rest is to reach a friendly price with Ariza and try to use the basic salary to sign Green and Bamotte. Relatively speaking, Bamotte’s asking price may be higher, so that middle class can be used by this African prince. As Harden said, what the Rockets will do next season is to sign everyone back and stay healthy. Even if he says it is correct, the actual operation is enough for Morey’s headaches.