2 wins and 9 losses! What happened to the NBA Wizards?

2 wins and 9 losses! Successfully elected as the western deputy squad leader! What happened to the Wizards?
On November 10th, Beijing time, the Wizards played against the Magic, and it was not enough. Once again, 2 wins and 9 losses! Successfully sat in the position of the eastern deputy squad leader.
Let’s see what happened, let this eastern strong and powerful fall to such a field. First look at the team configuration on the books, good guys, no, the starting five people Howard, Wall, Bill, Porter, Morris. Substitutes are Ubray, Green, Little Rivers, and Mahinmi. This lineup is really horrible, but such a lineup has become a brush-and-spending machine, whoever can meet with high scores, and his own offense is not smooth, who is who.
First of all, aside from the technical statistics, I don’t like to watch technical statistics when watching the ball. Since Wei Shao’s three-double season, I don’t care much about it. Of course, technical statistics are also proof of the player’s ability. Let’s watch the game. Take today’s game as an example. Howard is swaying and it is really not suitable for small balls. Wall is swaying and fast, and others are not in a rhythm. As far as Wall’s control field is concerned, I have not played much for so many years. No progress has been made. The threat of three-point zero is still unstable. The ball, otherwise it will be useless. This is inconsistent with Bill. Bill also belongs to the kind of player who has the ball to play the best. Of course, Bill has no ball. Wall’s chance to choose! ~ In addition to the contradiction between the two, there is no tacit understanding at all! ~ Talk about Potter, the start of the game is still unstable, the attack is not stable, and the confidence is not defensive. It is not as good as the season.
When talking about the bench, the Clippers succeeded in getting rid of the Prince. This decision is no less than a change of a star. It’s too wise. The typical representative of this squad is that he is also a coach. No. As for Ubray and Green, there is also the starting Morris, there is nothing to say, great! It is the only normal person left in the team.
The team problem will be understood, the coaching staff will definitely understand more. As for what to do next, we will wait and see!