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NBA Wizards record bleak 50 million Wal-Mart? Tracy McGrady: Mom, I was born too early.

In recent years, the Wizards who have stabilized in the Eastern NBA playoffs have become fascinated this season. They are 2-9 and they are currently ranked second in the East…

Even more difficult is that their problems are not only in front of them, because their salary space in the next few years is almost locked, and Wall will hold a huge annual salary of 47.3 million US dollars in the 2022-23 season…

This time McGrady was invited to analyze the current predicament of the Wizards. He expressed deep envy for Wall’s annual salary: “Mom, you made me too early!”

2 wins and 9 losses! What happened to the NBA Wizards?

2 wins and 9 losses! Successfully elected as the western deputy squad leader! What happened to the Wizards?
On November 10th, Beijing time, the Wizards played against the Magic, and it was not enough. Once again, 2 wins and 9 losses! Successfully sat in the position of the eastern deputy squad leader.
Let’s see what happened, let this eastern strong and powerful fall to such a field. First look at the team configuration on the books, good guys, no, the starting five people Howard, Wall, Bill, Porter, Morris. Substitutes are Ubray, Green, Little Rivers, and Mahinmi. This lineup is really horrible, but such a lineup has become a brush-and-spending machine, whoever can meet with high scores, and his own offense is not smooth, who is who.
First of all, aside from the technical statistics, I don’t like to watch technical statistics when watching the ball. Since Wei Shao’s three-double season, I don’t care much about it. Of course, technical statistics are also proof of the player’s ability. Let’s watch the game. Take today’s game as an example. Howard is swaying and it is really not suitable for small balls. Wall is swaying and fast, and others are not in a rhythm. As far as Wall’s control field is concerned, I have not played much for so many years. No progress has been made. The threat of three-point zero is still unstable. The ball, otherwise it will be useless. This is inconsistent with Bill. Bill also belongs to the kind of player who has the ball to play the best. Of course, Bill has no ball. Wall’s chance to choose! ~ In addition to the contradiction between the two, there is no tacit understanding at all! ~ Talk about Potter, the start of the game is still unstable, the attack is not stable, and the confidence is not defensive. It is not as good as the season.
When talking about the bench, the Clippers succeeded in getting rid of the Prince. This decision is no less than a change of a star. It’s too wise. The typical representative of this squad is that he is also a coach. No. As for Ubray and Green, there is also the starting Morris, there is nothing to say, great! It is the only normal person left in the team.
The team problem will be understood, the coaching staff will definitely understand more. As for what to do next, we will wait and see!

Only 7 wins and 5 losses, what is the NBA Celtics want to become the Eastern hegemon?

1. Claude, who was abandoned by the Celtics, and Hayward, who gave up the Jazz

The Celtics and the Jazz have started a contest today. Both NBA teams are part of the playoffs, and they are based on the defense. Although they are not swords, they are between the two big shields. Game, but it can also spark. Only the strength is better, the Celtics who should have won the Jazz, but was defeated by the Jazz at home, it is a big upset. It is worth mentioning that today’s game, for both sides, is not only a simple game of the regular season, but also enough grievances, need to be released and resolved in the game.

Today, this is the first time that Hayward has faced his old club jazz after moving to the Celtics. The Jazz was the place where Hayward’s dream began. Before he became a member of the Celtics, he played here for seven seasons. Hayward is here to become a top small forward and also here. A little bit handsome, but last season, he moved to the Celtics but was injured in the opener, directly reimbursed the entire season, so today he waited for his old revisit. It was only in this old revisiting tour that the Jazz didn’t give face and did not play a tribute video, but Hayward did not show any good performance – only 13 points in the game.

If Hayward is the darling of the Celtics, then Claude is the abandonment of the Celtics. In order to exchange for Irving, the Celtics sent the “good value and cheap” Claude to the Cavaliers as a bargaining chip, but after the Cavaliers didn’t work for a long time, they traded him and Ross in a three-way deal to the Jazz, and they landed here. root. In today’s game, Claude became the key jazz of the Jazz. He scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in the game and hit the key three points that directly ruined the Celtics’ hopes. After the game, the reporter asked Crowder whether he wanted to prove to the Celtics that he was a mistake. Crowder said: “They know, stop here.”

One is to join the Celtics to abandon their own mother team, one is abandoned by the Celtics and eventually rushed to the Jazz. This game is more story-telling as the identity of the two changes. However, Hayward’s play today is indeed a bit of a match with his billion-dollar contract. The team also gave him enough time to look for status, but it was never a very ideal feeling. It is also worth mentioning that the Celtics’ proud defense is really terrible in this game. As Smart said:

“Our performance is playing the coach’s face.”

2, today belongs to the center! Embry and Downs gave everyone a feast

It is said that now is the “small ball era”, the defender is the protagonist on the court. Shooting and passing are the mainstream. Once the big man picked up his ass, the era of rebounding in the interior card has gone. Returned. However, this sport of basketball will not cancel the position of the center anymore – only the selection of the best lineup and the starting position of the All-Star will be cancelled. As long as the center is not dead, there will still be top talents in this position, and eventually conquer their opponents. Today, the two top players in this position, the most promising, use today’s game to tell everyone the importance of the center player.

Today, the 76ers are on the Hornets, although it is said that the 76ers won the game, but this is an uncompromising “Scented Ice Cream” – the 76ers who should have crushed the Hornets, and only The opponent took one more. But even so, it still did not cover up the performance of EmbiD, he scored 42 points and 18 rebounds and gave the opponent 4 blocks, one of which is the key to help the team to seal the victory. The Cameroonians have dominated the overall situation on both offense and defense. If the team does not have him, it is impossible to defeat the Hornets. After the game, Embiid’s data was also selected as the NBA’s official best data today.

Compared with the victory of Embiid, Towns is not so good luck – the Timberwolves face the king with the same strength and their own, and finally lost the game, but had no choice but to eat the bitter fruit of the five-game losing streak. Downs handed in a 39 points and 19 rebounds in the game, and 39 points is his season high. But even if he lost the game, he showed the dominance of the young potential inside. Unfortunately, when playing this data, the Timberwolves are in an extremely depressed environment. If it was at this time of last season, the situation may not be a congratulation – but unfortunately, there is no such thing.

I remember that the coach of the Warriors, Cole, once said that in the future, the traditional center will gradually decline. Although such a statement is too arbitrary, there is also his reason. However, the position of the center has never withdrawn from the historical stage with the small ball trend blowing the entire league and even the world basketball world. After all, these big men, but still want to make a big fuss in the future. Now the season has just been a quarter of the time, the big guys in the league have enough time and possibility to continue to incite the alliance’s inherent impression of them, as fans, we can wait and see.

3. Two Asian guys are fighting, but the final result is a bit embarrassing.

It used to be “Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi”. Now the Rockets tell you that the words passed down by this ancestor are not useful at all – they have become another appearance in just one year. The poor record made the team’s management unable to do anything. Under such circumstances, some role players will not get a chance to play. For example, our great demon Zhou Qi, there is no way to appear in the rocket’s race now, so far he only played a game. Under such circumstances, he can only continue to find status in the Development League. It’s just that even if it’s a development alliance, it seems that some of them are not very well mixed.

In today’s development league game, the Rockets’ subordinate team Viper 111-124 lost to the Grizzlies’ subordinate team of beaters, Zhou Qi played 20 minutes in this game, and scored 12 points on 5 of 6 shots. 6 rebounds, the data is not calculated, can only say that the shooting star is not bad, the most embarrassing thing is that he left the field with 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter and directly ate six fouls. Zhou Qi’s ability to control fouls has always been a big problem for his progress and growth, but for now, it is obviously not overcome, even in the first-level league.

On the side of the fight, there is also an Asian player who plays here. He is the Japanese striker Watanabe Watanabe who signed the two-way contract with the Grizzlies. Watanabe participated in the draft this year, but in the end he regretted losing. I don’t know if the Grizzlies want to open up the market in Japan and even in Asia. (It was also the case that Wang Zhelin was selected in the 2016 NBA Draft.) Finally, he signed a contract with Watanabe Watanabe who played for the Nets in the summer league. Two-way contract, while Watanabe actually helped the Grizzlies in the previous preseason. So what is his performance today? He scored 25 points and 8 rebounds and played quite stable. He is the biggest contributor to helping the team beat the viper.

Although Zhou Qi, who is only 22 years old this year, is still very young, and it is indeed a less exercise opportunity and time, we should give him patience and wait for him to grow into a reliable player, but we have not given no weeks. Qi time to grow and progress, he can hardly make any contribution to the team during the regular time of the Rockets, and he can’t play the game in the development league. He even went out later than himself and was older than himself. The starting point is also pressed by the Japanese players who are worse than themselves. Zhou Qi is also a time to work harder, we are willing to wait, you have to be worth waiting for.

Basketball story:

How does a man named James, with the help of a man named James?

The Lakers signed Chandler, who had completed the buyout contract with the Suns, and when he played the first game for the Lakers and faced the Timberwolves, he told the fans all over the world what the swords are. Defending Downs succeeded and grabbed a crucial rebound in the final tens of seconds to help the team win. In the aftermath, there was news that Chandler’s joining was the result of two James plots. According to B/R, the Sun bought Tyson Chandler early, and the latter signed the Lakers. This is because LeBron James turned to the temporary general manager of the Sun James Jones for help, and the latter readily promised and directly “assist”.

The management of the Sun had a major earthquake not long ago. The original general manager of the team was directly fired, and Jones, who entered the Sun management team, did not have much time to win the trust of the boss and succeeded him. It is worth mentioning that James Jones chose to retire and join the Sun management team in 2017, that is, in just over a year, he became the helm of a team, his ability can be seen A spot. According to the news, the Sun has long hoped to buy Chandler, and Chandler knows what is waiting for himself, but James’s involvement has contributed to what we have seen so far.

In the player era, James Jones followed LeBron in the finals for seven consecutive years and won the NBA championship three times, so many fans also laughed that he was the real “first person in the league.” But many people don’t know that James was the leader on the Cavaliers at the time, and Jones was the leader in the locker room. He doesn’t play much, whether it’s the playoffs or the regular season, but the morale of the team needs to be uplifted. When you need to motivate, no one can do it without him. That’s why LeBron always takes him around, whether it’s the Heat or the Cavaliers. In the 2016 Finals speech, Jones’s talk was quite good. Obviously this was a politician or corporate executive who was delayed by basketball.

Not only as a leader, Jones is quite good, and there is nothing wrong with getting along with others. James once called him “the favorite teammate.” He also told ESPN that he would have a position in the management team if he had an NBA team at any time in the future. James is clearly interested in saying that he will buy an NBA team, but after he retires, and Jones does so, there may be a sense of first planning for his future boss. Now Chandler’s help to the Lakers is quite obvious. If he really helps the Lakers to make breakthroughs in future games, then the Lakers really want to thank the Sun executives.

It’s clear that you can play in the basket but you have to shoot the distance. Is the NBA Sun team wasting Eaton’s talent?

As the No. 1 pick in the history of the NBA Suns, defensive is the biggest worry in the growth of Ayton. But the reason why he was selected in the first overall pick, body and overall scoring skills are the main reasons. A season, Aiton averaged 15.7 points, 10.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game. The true shooting percentage reached 61.5%. He showed the fans a soft touch and the ability to finish after catching the ball. The talent is naturally not worth mentioning, and it is worthy of the title. It also proves that the Phoenix management’s choice is not wrong. However, with his innate qualities, he should have developed towards the center of O’Neill’s dominance, especially the small ball era where the excellent fifth position is scarce, but from the perspective of play, he is more inclined to Aldridge’s style. In fact, he has been good at pick-and-roll during his school days. The NCAA period’s offensive percentage is below the average among the inside players. However, Ayton’s ultimate ability is very strong, and the shooting rate is as high as 80%. After entering the NBA, the above characteristics. They have all been continuation. In the 11 games that have been played, his shooting percentage at the rim is 84%.

What is the concept of 84% success rate at the end of the basket? Let’s take a look at the current shooting situation of the All-Star insiders in the basket: Contrast Davis is 68%, Emperor Embiid is 69%, Jokic is 67%, Gobel is 76%, Don Sri Lanka is 63%, all under Ayton. Yes, Ayton is the king of the basket, and his shooting percentage in this area is more than 99% of the league’s stars. The stars I listed are a lot better than Ayton. There is a reliable point guard teammate around me, which shows that Ayton’s high shooting rate is not easy. The limitations of the Sun’s offensive end have a lot to do with not having a positive position. However, Ayton’s own problems are also one of the factors that the Sun is currently in, but the problem is in the offensive aspect of Ayton’s basket. He has such an excellent end, but does not maximize the efficiency. According to statistics, he only accounts for 50% of the basket’s shooting, and the other half are from the middle distance. Considering that his mid-range shooting percentage is only 34%, and then compared to the basket’s 84% shooting rate, Ayton’s offensive choice is definitely debatable.

To change this trend, Ayton himself must play more aggressively. God gave him a good body, so don’t be afraid of confrontation and go to the basket. The Sun also needs to design some of Ayton’s tactics to go to the low post and feed the ball. Now we watch the Suns’ game. Ayton’s most involved is to pull the ball below the free-throw line and play with the defenders such as Booker. The result is that he receives a subsequent pass to the middle of the elbow attachment, instead of killing the basket to score points. He is not without the ability to play low-post singles. Embiid enjoys the absolute sovereignty of the singles in the 76ers, but the success rate is just over 30% per game, which is 1.01 points. Compared with the number of shots, it can be said to be unsatisfactory. Ayton’s back-to-back offense is not much, but he can get 1.02 points per turn and 52.9% from the back. If he can get the tactical status of Embiid, it will undoubtedly become an opponent’s defense, easily get two pairs of data per game 20+10. So this involves another problem, the issue of solar ball weight change. Now Buick is the sun’s first choice. Each game has a lot of power to shoot and dominate the ball. But the fact is that every time Bob scores, the Sun has been losing, and Ayton’s best ability is difficult to play. Since the team is still mainly training young people this season, why not try to set the protagonist as Ayton? After all, this is the first champion in their team history.

Pioneer leather, both nba western second, and did not feel how much the Blazers won, how to look at the rankings, are so high, and this year, McCall

The Blazers are all cowboys, they are all in the West, and they don’t feel how many goals the Blazers have won. How to look at the rankings is so high, and this year McCollum is still as good as the subway, most of the time it is very iron. This muffled sound is a big fortune, small open comrades

NBA center night! Mr. Downs’s teacher has cut the super data. Which is the strongest?

Today, several major centers in the NBA League broke out and scored amazing data:

Embiid, 11 of 18 shots, 22 of the free throws, 19, 42 points, 18 rebounds and 4 blocks, 76 people 133-132 win over the Hornets;

Jokic, 14 of 22 shots, 10 of the free throws, 8 points, 37 points, 21 rebounds and 2 blocks, the Nuggets 110-112 defeated the Nets;

Downs, 15 of 27 shots, 7 of 7 free throws, 39 points and 19 rebounds, the Timberwolves lost 110-121 to the Kings.

Which performance do you think is the strongest?

SACRAMENTO, CA – NOVEMBER 9: Karl-Anthony Towns #32 of the Minnesota Timberwolves shoots the ball against the Sacramento Kings on November 9, 2018 at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

A four-game losing streak, the NBA Timberwolves may not only be Butler alone.

As many Spurs fans are jokingly said, in 1997, they won the NBA champion, selected Duncan and won several NBA championships, and needed to repay with the team’s future luck. The Timberwolves have already lost 14 in the NBA season. After the NBA playoffs of the year, the results were eliminated by the Rockets, as if Pandora’s box was opened, a lot of things they did not want to encounter.

We can sort out what happened after the Timberwolves went out in the first round of the NBA playoffs:

Wiggins and other teammates revealed their dissatisfaction with their role as “three masters”;

Xi Bodu dismissed part of the team’s teaching assistant, and Downs was angry and praised himself for wearing a sun jersey.

The Timberwolves hoped to renew the contract in advance and Butler was directly rejected. He insisted on jumping out of the contract;

Butler directly expressed dissatisfaction with Wiggins and Downs, and also gave netizens support for his praise of other teams, and repeatedly released excessive rhetoric;

Butler took the initiative to file a trade application, which made the city full of storms. Almost all the eligible trades in the league got his NBA team to explore the possibility of trading;

Downs renewed his contract in advance, and Butler saw that there was no hope for the team’s management to force the palace. In the end, he reached a temporary reconciliation with the team.

Things can only be said to have come to an end, and the interior of this team is still in full swing.

What happened to the team’s management and locker room, we can’t know more as a fan, we can only get a piece of information from the media people’s words, even true or false, can not make judgments. But one thing we can see is that the Timberwolves are currently in a bad record.

As the NBA playoff level team, the Timberwolves have a record of 4 wins and 8 losses so far, and are currently experiencing a wave of four-game losing streak. If you just look at the talent and the depth of the paper, and the length of time with the players, then the Timberwolves should definitely not be like this.

As we all know, the team’s main force is three people: Downs, Wiggins and Butler. But now these three people have exactly different injuries and disadvantages, blocking their own names. And when the three are in trouble, how can the team make good results?

Downs: Is this guy really worth $190 million?

When Butler’s deal was in trouble this summer, the Timberwolves quietly renewed a contract with Downs. This is a warning for Butler, but more importantly, the team will continue to cultivate and build on the young, Downs with enough upside.

Just from the data point of view, Towns is completely responsive to this contract, but what about those things that cannot be reflected by data? Perhaps it is another situation. Downs’s defense has almost no surprises in the new season and there is no even a little change, it is still the same, let the defensive Xibodu helpless level.

Not only that, but as an inside player, he has not changed his love. Although as a center, it is a good thing to have a solid three-pointer, but as an inside player, you still have the ability to fight and to fight against your opponent in the penalty area.

But Towns is really too weak at this point. In the game with the Lakers. As a 23-year-old Downs, he was in a disadvantage when he was against the 36-year-old Chandler. Two times in a single position in the same position singles Chandler, another mistake is three non-stick, and another reluctant shot failed to hit, on the offensive end by the opponent made this, really can not just blame their own feel.

The most terrible thing is the defensive end. In the last few tens of seconds, he was grabbed by Chandler for several offensive rebounds. And Chandler’s work is not only to limit Downs, he also done a good job in the pick-and-roll and cover. Remember that Dons couldn’t open Cousins’ scene? Remember when he had a long-term loss with Capella?

We do not deny that Towns is indeed the leader of the new era, but he is not worthy of the Timberwolves as the cornerstone of the team, worth not nearly worth 200 million US dollars, it is a matter of opinion.

Wiggins: If the Buddha does not advance, the boy will retreat.

Regarding Wiggins, there is really no need to go through too much. After all, it is a man who was directly named by Diss by Dis.

He has a lot of physical qualities that all-star players admire, but he doesn’t have to be young and take advantage of his physical fitness to attack the city. Instead, he plays a health basketball, although the data is still It’s pretty good, but Wiggins is far more disappointing in some respects than Towns.

Wiggins is not very active when he is back on the court or running, and there is data showing that the speed is almost the same as the center. And his defense is also a “paper tiger” level, with his mark and unmanned point guard, the shooting rate of the Timberwolves’ opponents is almost the same, in other words, he is ineffective on the defensive end.

It is reasonable to say that a star has been squandered by fans and the media, and it is time to grow up, but Wiggins simply does not have this idea and continues to go on the road to health basketball. In this season, all his data except steals is worse than last season.

As a 23-year-old, there are plenty of room for improvement and enough players who need to work hard, but he has a “money, afraid of something” (Wiggins and Timberwolves complete early renewal in 2017, worth up to The appearance of 100 million yuan, people do not know how to be good.

Although he said that his temper is very good, he was not forgotten to say good things after he was sprayed by Butler. Even when he was in the Butler Brain Training Center, he did not forget to beat him, but as a leader, as the tactical core of a team, Kings is really incompetent.

Butler: In the heart of Cao Ying in Han

Butler is not willing to stay in the team, but also directly sprays his teammates and management. Many people feel biased, but after he and the boss reconciled, he is still trying to practice his work as a player. Still so good, even a certain improvement compared to last season’s efficiency.

Butler’s playing time has been reduced, it can still maintain the same data as last season, and the number of three-pointers and hit rate, have reached a season high. Only the management of the Timberwolves and the fans know that although he played well, but he wants to rely on him to lead the team to continue to advance to the playoffs, it is almost an idiot.

Butler had no intention to play here, he was only responsible for his professional conduct. I still remember that the previous game with the Warriors, the team and the Warriors were equally divided, but in the end lost the game. When the turnaround was hopeless, Butler simply followed the warriors fans behind him and waved towels to cheer for the Warriors.

In addition, the team is constantly discussing the possibility of sending it away, even if this is exactly what he hopes, but it is impossible to say that it is completely unaffected. For the offensive and defensive All-Star flank, staying in Minnesota is simply a torment.

Butler didn’t have any problems. He played the data that allowed the team to win, but it didn’t have the ambition to let the team win the game.

Other players: neglected injuries

It must be said that there is nothing to praise the Timberwolves in this chaos, then Rose should be the gleaming star in the darkness.

In less than a week, Ross scored 50 points in a single game, and then tried to make 7 three-pointers, and scored 31 points to help the team drag the game suspense to the final individual performance moment. But even so, Ross still had to face the injury, he missed a game because of an ankle injury.

Rose’s injury is light, and the Timberwolves have either light or heavy injuries. The team currently plays 12 regular season games, but only four of them are on the job, and only two of them are starting. Butler sometimes can’t fight, not even knowing that he can’t hurt. Wiggins had been slightly injured for a while in the early days.

As the team’s starting point guard, Teague played only seven games. As an indispensable firepower output in the team, his absence from the Timberwolves is still quite big. The Timberwolves did not have a full-fledged battalion like the Cavaliers, but there were people who were absent and intermittent, and it made Xibodu create some trouble in the rotation.

I still remember that before Butler had been traded, we all waited for the young people of the Timberwolves to fulfill their talents at an early date and become a strong team in the true sense. They would go hand in hand with the Warriors and other teams. Maybe Sibodu would not Waiting, then with the injured and defensively good Lavin plus other chips in exchange for Butler.

Butler really succeeded in leading the team into the playoffs, and only spent a season, but the current chaos is precisely because of him. Rather than saying that the Timberwolves opened Pandora’s box this summer, it’s better to say that Butler is the box.

Looking at the Bulls now, Lavin, Dunn and Markanin have gradually become reliable players. I wonder if I will regret the original transaction?

Hayward is too bad. Jimmy plays. Who is this right?

A terrible reality is that as long as the air is enough to feed, the Emperor will be like a hen who is crazy to lay eggs, and he will continue to produce enough output for Philadelphia. The poor little Zeller, who was born and beaten into Ozawa, shivered under the majestic Emperor. The data shows everything, 42 points, 18 rebounds and 4 blocks, only used 18 shots, plus a single shot to 22 free throws! In particular, the end of the last season is coming to an end. Seeing that Philadelphia is in danger of being thrown down by the Hornets, the Emperor’s eagerness and enthusiasm have been greatly reduced. The little giant Walker, who is 1.85 meters tall, plays a game, and then calmly scores three points and equals the score… I only heard that the defenders who have come to the wind have pulled the big three-point line and played big. When have you heard that the brothers and sisters are playing in the same position? Super class, it is too super class.

The love of the public, and what are you talking about? A total of 5 games ended in November, a 41-point, a 39-point, a 42-point, bombing.

The teacher was misunderstood by the words, and the NBA was only shot once in the NBA. After adjusting the state, I pulled out the jacket that was not attacked, revealing the claws and teeth, and swallowing the inside of the net. Next, I got 37 points and 21 rebounds. The data alone is not worthy of the Great Emperor; but again, the Nuggets have been killed in their own territory. Levitt whistling, his arms were light and silky, and the ball was thrown in 0.3 seconds before the end. This is really a matter of life, and a good turntable script?

For the Nuggets, Waterloo is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the referee, today’s duty referee surnamed Li Mingqing, the law number blind, the second half, especially the last section XJB blowing, cut the good game into a free throw battle. Both sides are at a loss, and in the end, the Nets are obviously more adaptable to this chaotic situation; the second is that they have a problem with their own thoughts, and they are leading 4 points in the first minute before the game. Murray first attacked one. Lun stepped on the foot and was blown away one step, and the life was ruined by the good situation. How to describe it?

It’s always coming, and Haigong’s trip to Salt Lake City is also a feeling of Durant’s return to Oklahoma. The humming sound of the humming sound, the sound of the sound, and the jazz fans buckled the hat of the top coward. How to judge this matter is a matter of opinion, but for now, Hayward’s conversion to the Celtics is a blood loss. He had been reimbursed for five minutes in the last season and has been weak this season, averaging 9.9 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. Can you imagine a four-year, 128 million player who only pays one such transcript?

Therefore, fat boy does not need to worry about the chairman. Does his teacher have to be upset about Haigong?

It was Crowder who jumped up and down this time and was very active. Even Mitchell had intentionally or unwillingly greeted Hayward. The so-called same enemy, how can you not win the ball? After three, five and two, the back-to-back Celtics were thoroughly cooked. Poor Rozil, finally hit the Ou Di truce, the season’s chief starter, showing 18 martial arts took a 22 +6, but still can not avoid their own hanging. Li Bai said that it is difficult to make a martyrdom; Rozil said that it is even harder to get a big contract.

By the way, I would like to mention a Jay-Brown, this time Tatum crater, this time it is his turn, the whole scene, except for the full violence of Gobel, there is no bright spot. Looking at you for a fishing trip, I am in a good mood to catch the double flowers together. As a parent, Anji is crying and tears, and then screams

This is the same for the NBA season. After all, the wall is also very much in line with the value of money that has been afraid of something, and began to make a fuss. Poor Bill, like a repeater for the whole season, almost every game has to emphasize “we must be good defense, we are not good.” This is not, after being beaten by the magic, Bill again The same remarks are repeated over and over again. Brother, don’t say it, your ears are old.

What should I do next? It is nothing more than solving the employer’s coach. As a teacher of the former Tieling three brothers, Brooks can now be sitting in an electric chair, waiting for the boss Leonsis and general manager Glenfield to join the power switch. Otherwise what else? Who is the ghost of the wall? Or, simply send away Bill and Potter thoroughly?

Li Shu once said, “The people are scattered, the team is not good.” The current Wizards are the virtues, and then lose three or five games, fearing that even the only remaining players who have some fighting spirits, Will follow the tide. Therefore, Yu Yu does not have to be always unhappy, don’t always stare at the imperial brave tyrannical dragon, look more miserable than the shackles, and the mood is not good enough?

For the Pacers, an Oradepo, a small Sabonis, is the two cornerstones of the team in the next five years. Oladipo does not have to say that against the three generations of Zhan, after the old man ran away, he was the absolute core. And Little Sabonis, who was on the road that Sabonis had traveled by the way, let the father have no way to go. Do you know how terrible the SBA is this season? Averaged 14.3 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game, shooting 67%! The average efficiency of players who played more than 20 minutes per game, the league’s top three, is slightly less than Curry and the teacher.

Today, it is the two of them, the Pacers visited the South Coast, and the oysters caught the Heat.

Sweet tube said, I want to play; the eagle said, I want to train Yang not to regret. How to solve this contradiction? In fact, it is not difficult. Spend a 12-minute period, score the score 20-40, and make the game into garbage time. Everyone will not take what they need. Yang does not regret that he can play without pressure. Sweet tube can also get enough playing time. As the opponent’s piston, he can easily win the victory. It is recommended that in future competitions, the eagle must insist on it and resolutely implement the policy.

Mr. Tang played the most outstanding game of the NBA this season. There are data on the effectiveness and killing. Although there are still slots, 39 points and 19 rebounds are enough to cover up everything. Ross continued the legendary performance of Luo, taking 21 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in the basic salary, including three-point two-double combos in the near-death, to take off the defensive rebound for the assists of Tolliver, be single-handedly led , the score of 14 points is narrowed to 2 points. In theory, this may be a super-reverse attack. Why…

Jimmy ruined everything.

Jimmy, known for his toughness, did so many things during the final battle. He made two free throws, followed by Mr. Tang’s cut after the ball was cut by Kufus, and also made a mistake. Then zoom in on the lens. In the fourth quarter, Jimmy did nothing but a symbolic score of 4 points. Where is the desire to win? Where is the hunger for the game? Where do you want to prove your determination?

Originally, I felt that Jimmy’s arrogant double champion was right. After all, this is not enough for the living treasure. It’s just that today’s team is united and hopes to win the game. He has come here, is there a feeling of letting people swallow flies?

Stevens coach and Schneider coaching

Today, Hayward returned to Salt Lake City for the first time after he left the Jazz. He is the star of the former Salt Lake City. He is the most familiar with the city and the most familiar with the fans here. He must know that he is not greeted. It will be a tsunami like a mountain.

I once heard a teacher talk about Salt Lake City. This city is not big, and the population is not too large, because there are few poor facilities in the plateau. The game is one of the few entertainment activities in the local area, so the fans of the Jazz are extremely enthusiastic. Once the home team has an NBA game, they can’t wait for the people in the city to help cheer.

Then you also saw that even though they had a year last year to dilute Hayward’s influence, even if they already had Donovan Mitchell, when Hayward held the ball, it was full of noise.

This is the writing of Anthony in the article yesterday:

There is one more point to say. This is the first time that Anthony NBA returned to Oklahoma City in the new season. Although he doesn’t say anything, but from the actual action, Anthony is desperate to prove himself. After Anthony came to the NBA rocket, everyone knows that he can’t be a fixed-point shooter like Ariza, so he took away some of the singles rights to the light bulb.

But in this NBA game, his singles have no advantage over Adams and his younger brother Grant. The more he can’t get into the more anxious, the more he wants to prove himself. This becomes a vicious circle. Today, the audience ends Anthony. 1 of 11 shots, the one that entered was still because of the Thunder’s interference ball.

He is not happy on the defensive end. In addition to being a big man, Schroeder will break through when he sees him. This is why Anthony is slow, but it is inevitable that he will see the incumbent predecessor want to prove that he is not worse than him.

Therefore, the NBA star is also a human being. Every exchanged NBA star encounters the old club or plays a very bad game, or breaks out his own small universe. There is always a reason.

Today Hayward made 3 of 9 shots, 3 points, 5 points, 1 point, 13 points, 1 rebound and 7 assists. The positive and negative value is -8. Of course, the performance is not good. In stark contrast, the bench scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. The audience was slamming the Celtics and Claude, who ended the game with three points.

Although Crowder was traded from the Cavaliers, he was still a Green Army man. They are all facing the old club, and both good and bad are also interesting, but the relationship between the two teams is far more than that.

Mitchell took Hayward to stay in the jazz status; Ingles used to be Hayward’s substitute; Mitchell and Tatum were the same rookie, if last year’s best rookie selection put the playoffs also Put it in, that Tatum will also have to be nominated; Mitchell and Rochelle are alumni of the University of Louisville.

Such intricacies also make the game a lot more interesting, but the most interesting thing is the fighting style of both coaches.

Coach Stevens first had to solve – after the Jazz’s ball-handler and Gobert’s pick-and-roll, how does Gobert defend?

Schneider coach has to solve – when the Celtics players and Horford pick-and-roll, Horford out of the bomb, is Gobert in the restricted area or throw it out?

Then the Jazz’s first offensive round, Gobel and Ingles handed the pick-and-roll, Gobert down, Steven Stevens arranged the strategy is not to change, Hayward bypassed Gobel to chase Ingles, At the same time, Horford took the basket and tried to cover Ingles and Gobert with Horford’s defensive area. This will not give Ingles a three-pointer, but in fact Horford is also difficult to cover the two, Ingles low hand to get the Jazz first 2 points.

Obviously this is the Jazz’s successful offensive round, but I don’t know why, the Jazz’s last few rounds began to use Gobel’s cover to make long-range shots instead of hitting the rim and then hitting the iron.

Schneider’s strategy in the face of the Celtics’ pick-and-roll is that Gobel and another opposing Celtic defensive player are going to pinch the ball and try not to give him a chance to play. As a result, Rochelle received a three-pointer from Tatum. Tatum and Horford handed a three-pointer. After Horford and Hayward’s pick-and-roll, they scored two points with Hayward’s goal. Hayward had an assist. .

The Jazz was stopped by the Celtics with a wave of 10-2, and Schneider coach called the first timeout.

I think Schneider coach made two points in this pause: First, use Gobert’s pick-and-roll to play in, don’t fuck outside, and second, when defending the pick-and-roll, Gobert doesn’t step forward, just Stay in the restricted area, if the other party wants to vote in the middle, please Owen is not there, I don’t believe that I can be killed by these young men.

After the suspension came back, Rubio, Mitchell and Ingles played the pick-and-roll with Gobel, and Gobel went to the basket and they just had to throw the ball into the sky and finish the task. Then we saw Gobert eating a piece of cake, and an empty pick. Horford couldn’t help but look at the coach of Stevens. It seems that he is asking, can we insist on coaching?

Was the Celtics so passively beaten?

No, Stevens coach encouraged the players to cut the Jazz’s passing route, but the NBA player’s ball is so good, so the effect is not significant.

After the Jazz’s defensive end changed, both Brown and Tatum had a chance to win the CIC, but they couldn’t make it. Tatum even made a cross.

At this point, coach Stevens made the first change and replaced Hayward with Smart. Originally, the overall height of the Green Army was shorter than that of the Jazz. How can we replace Hayward with a small Smart?

Hayward is really tall, but he moves slowly and he plays too clean. Although Smart is short, Smart is with Ingles, and he is horizontal! Tough! Have physical confrontation! When he came up, he faced the innings of Ingles and Gobert directly from the middle of the crowd, neither giving Ingles a pass and not giving him a shot.

At the same time, Schneider is not letting Gobert ban the zone?

Coach Stevens let Horford throw three points out of the three-point line, the Jazz can only watch. Coach Stevens replaced Mortos with the most accurate three-pointer this season, and the meaning was obvious. He was prepared to deal with the Jazz with three points.

Schneider coach followed Claude to replace Favors, Claude is specially prepared for Morris, their body and speed can be right.

The Jazz has also added a little change. Is Smart not able to fight to prevent cover?

Then I let Rubio go to Gobel and pick and roll, or use the ballless cover to change the players outside of Smart to Ingles, and then let Ingles and Gobert pick and roll.

The Celtics’ three-pointer fell back and couldn’t resist the Jazz’s offense. Coach Stevens called the timeout and replaced Ogilvy and Baines. The role played by Baines was mainly to change the defensive end. After he came up, the Green Army began to change infinitely.

After the change of defense, Gobert will face the green army’s small man at the basket. At this time, the weak side of the Green Army came to help defend and prevent Gobert from catching the ball. Stevens coach gambled on the weak side player who was vacated. Do not score three points, after all, there is no Goebel high hit rate in the three points?

But who knows that Ingles and Claude have a three-pointer to open the score, the good news that the Green Army ushered in is that Gobel finally got to rest, and the scores of the two sides were once again close.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Gobert was still sitting on the bench. The Celtics might feel that the sky was suddenly clear and the sky was suddenly clear. They began to use Tatum’s height, Morris’s back and Rochelle. Suddenly bullying the jazz. At that time, the jazz’s restricted area was like the lyrics. “My house is always open and open to the world.”

But when Gobert returned in the middle of the second quarter, the restricted area of ​​Salt Lake City made the Celtics have nothing to do. At the same time, the Celtics’ defense has changed again. When the Jazz players and Gobel pick-and-rolls other than Rubio, the Greens doubled up and blocked, and then Baines returned to defend Gobel. If it is Rubio and Gobert pick-and-roll, then Baines will be in the basket, put Rubio in the cast.

Note that this is the active change of Stevens coach, he is also trying to defend the Jazz pick-and-roll, but Rubio can put the CIC into it. Seeing that this was not the case, Stevens coach changed to Horford, and became the lineup of Rochelle, Smart, Brown, Tatum and Horford.

This lineup is too short, and the anti-field is definitely not able to prevent it, so this time the Green Army is crazy to cut the Jazz’s passing line, this is really no way.

After this attempt, I tried Horford again in the penalty area and put a jazz three-point strategy. When Schneider saw this, he immediately came to a halt and called a timeout. After that, Ingels and Gobert’s high two men turned, and Ingles’ three-point three-shot green army wanted to die.

At this time, Horford was shaken. In the last attack of the Jazz in the first half, he threw himself out and wanted to delay Ingles. Ingles immediately gave Gobert to the next, and Gobert passed the corner of the rice. Chel returned to Crowder, who was 45 degrees to the right, and scored three points.

Throughout the first half, the coaches of both sides saw the move, and it was really a match for the opponent. But Schneider’s coach has Gobel’s almost unsolved card, and Owen, who is in the hands of Stevens coach, is no longer there, so he can only change his way to find the way to crack, but the Jazz has the upper hand.

Why is Irving important?

The Jazz used Gobert to occupy the penalty area while others were defending the three-point line, so the only vacant place for the Jazz defense was the middle distance. If Owen is in, with his middle distance as a punitive measure, the Jazz’s defense will not be so firm.

In the second half, the coaches of both sides continued to fight along the main line of Gobert. The Jazz began to use Hayward’s disadvantage to open the difference to 20 points. But Stevens did not give up Hayward. When Mitchell kept looking for Hayward to single-handedly, Stevens did not change him, but let him adjust to the game, and Horford’s defense in the penalty area told Hayward that he had teammates.

In the last section, the Green Army, like the Desperados, continually threw three points into the body, and the hard-earned ones chased the points back to 10 points. In particular, the two scorpions, Rochelle and Smart, can clearly feel their undead spirit, as if they did not give up two words in their dictionary.

With two or three minutes left in the game, Stevens coach replaced Hayward and Horford with Hayward and Morris to form a five-team lineup. This is because it was only by three-pointed chasing, but still reflected the trust of Stevens coach in Hayward. Coach Stevens knew very well that only Hayward returned to the All-Star level. It is possible to rush out of the East and even go to the Warriors.

The real killing of the game is still 30 seconds before the end, Claude’s three-pointer, the former Green Army told the old club in this way, I am very good now. I think it’s not bad. It’s a complete ending for these “compassions”.

The complicated relationship and grievances of both sides are of course interesting, but I still like to watch the coaching of both sides, which is really interesting. It is a pity that Owen is not there. If Owen is in, you can also see how Schneider has changed to deal with the more varied Green Army.

Everyone is drunk, I am alone! Is Curry’s NBA season expected to win the third MVP?

1. Today, both victory and record belong to Curry.

Although it’s just a matter of watching the outcome of the game, the Warriors’ record is still worthwhile, but they have lost one of them, which is better than most teams. But the fans who pay attention to their performance will find that the Warriors still face a lot of problems, such as the team’s sluggish three-pointers. For example, the bench always gives people a feeling of incompetence, such as Thompson looking for a long time. The state has not been found yet. As a defending champion, people must have higher specifications for this team. But it doesn’t matter, other players don’t play well, and the Warriors can still win. After all, there is still one person who can turn the game. His name is Steven Curry.

In today’s game against the Wizards, Curry played his role as a superstar. In only 32 minutes, he made 15 of 24 shots, hit 11 three-pointers, scored 51 points and 4 rebounds. Explosive data for the second assist. After becoming a striker Griffin, the second player to score 50 points or more this season. At halftime, Curry had already scored 31 points, and it took only three quarters to break the record. In the fourth quarter, he punched the card early. What if Cole let him continue in the fourth quarter? For the performance of his teammates to super-god tonight, Durant said at the post-match conference: “I am the only one who rushed to him and refused to pass the ball, so these praises should be returned to me.”

This game allowed Curry to create and break multiple records. First of all, he is the second player to score 50 points or more this season (and also the highest score in the league so far), and tonight is also the 10th time in Curry’s tenth career to make more than 10 three-pointers. A single ten-point three-pointer. He scored 31 points in the half, and scored 30 points in the 9th half of his career. Curry made a career three-pointer to 2,162, surpassing Jamal Crawford and rising to fifth place in the history. In addition, all the records in the league that now hit a single three-pointer are kept by Curry.

Although in this game, other players, including the three-pointers of the team’s three stars, there is no sign of recovery, but for this team, this does not seem to be a problem – shooting is worse, both There is also a column in Curry. It is said that Durant is the upper limit of the team, and Curry is the lower limit of the team, but the position of these two people, in fact, changed, it does not seem to be impossible. Before Curry said in an interview, he said that he had no hope of getting the regular season MVP. The reason given was “lack of storytelling”, but he only got his nomination for his performance and the overall performance of the warriors. Really can’t say it.

2, now does not expect to win, only hope that Harden is okay

If you watch the Rockets in the last NBA season, it should be “the level of my fire game is still a big win”, but this is not the case, the team has too many injuries and is being chiseled. Wearing a defensive system, fans no longer dare to have such high confidence in the teams they support. The Rockets’ new season is a bad start. In the previous three games, they only won one of them. Regrettably, in today’s jazz game, the Rockets not only did not beat their opponents to ease their shackles, but the opponent’s winning percentage was five to five. As for the Rockets, they have reached the bottom-up.

In the first quarter of the game, the Rockets were still modeled, with their own offense to determine the lead position, and can lead the Jazz by 5 points at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second quarter, the Jazz began to find their own state, playing two waves of climax in succession, not only the gap between the overtaking and the Rockets, but also directly took the game. Although in the third quarter, the Rockets tried to counterattack, but they were ruthlessly killed. In addition to being unable to suppress opponents on the offensive, the Rockets also encountered a problem they did not want to encounter: Harden was suddenly injured, had to leave early, and did not return after the game.

The team has already been wounded, and Paul was banned in the previous conflict. If Harden is injured now, then the Rockets really have no more capital than other teams. Song won the game. Harden’s injury also touched the hearts of all the fans, but fortunately Harden said that this time it was only the general hamstring tightening, not serious, just take a break, it will not be the situation last season, and At the press conference, De Shuai did not say too much about Harden’s injury. The main emphasis was on the future team changes and the desire for Paul’s comeback.

De Shuai stressed that in the future NBA game, he will consider Anthony to be the starting lineup of the team. After Ennis was injured, he tried to make McAway to start the game, but it seems to have little effect. When Anthony faced the Jazz today, he finally played the level he should have. He scored 22 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, becoming the scoring point after Harden, and the efficiency is extremely high. It is true that this is the social melon we want to see. Now that the Rockets are in an extremely poor environment, and there seems to be no way to break the game for a while, then Paul will come back, Harden will be innocent, and there will be a change after Anthony takes the start.

3, the old Zhan Lake people first win, commemorate it!

Lao Zhan’s career has experienced three transfers, three times causing an uproar, and there is a law that every time he plays for his new club, it seems to be very slow, and the first regular season will definitely be a failure. And ended up. This time the transfer played for the Lakers, it seems that it is no exception. Until the 25th, whether at home or away, the Lakers have not won an opponent even one. But today, the opponents the Lakers have encountered are not as strong as they used to be. They are the poorly performing sun. As a result, Zhan was indeed in this game, and he won the first victory of his Lakers career, but he must thank his two teammates.

In this game, McGee’s efficiency is as high as +22, which is the highest in the team and even the audience. He ate all kinds of cakes in the game, hit 8 of them in 13 shots, scored 20 points, and also sent 4 blocks, which had excellent performance on both ends. Most importantly, he also scored a three-pointer in this game, which is his first three-pointer this season and the second three-pointer in his career. In the summer, McGee is shooting hard and hopes to help the team at a certain moment. I don’t know how fast this new learning skill comes in handy. However, it seems that the team hopes that he will hit the basket – but it doesn’t matter, the skill is not to be overwhelmed.

However, it is still Stephenson who really talks about “locking the victory.” The game, 23 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists, also contributed two steals. 23 points is the highest in the team and the highest in the game (Bucker of the Sun also scored 23 points). If there is no Stephenson’s outbreak, perhaps the Lakers will have to accept this defeat, but fortunately he finally stood up. . Stephenson is a typical Tiger Balm player who can score, defend, or organize, and he can do a good job of refining the work. For the team, having such a player is really a valuable wealth.

It is interesting to say that both players are joining the Lakers, and before James became a teammate, they both had some “no” with Lao Zhan. McGee had been blacked out by James on social media before. If there were no obvious holidays, he would not have done so, but he was not advertised. As for Stephenson, let alone. Before he was a walker, he couldn’t be a singer. He tried to provoke James many times. Whether he touched the old chin’s chin or the trousers, or the most familiar one in the face of Lao Zhan, he did it. But now, both of them have become the key to helping Lao Zhan get a good start. The fate of this thing is really unreasonable.

Is the letter brother and his bucks really forgotten?

Today, the Bucks and the 76ers started a contest. In the end, the Bucks defeated the 76ers and gave the opponent two consecutive defeats. They also extended their unbeaten record in the new season to four games. The difference is behind the Raptors who have already fought in five games. As the team leader, Adetokounmpo is certainly the biggest contributor to winning. He scored 32 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocked shots in the game. He won and won. Not because Curry’s super god is playing today, today’s NBA official best data will inevitably fall on the head of this Greek monster.

In the four games, Adetokounmpo scored at least 25 points and 15 rebounds. This was the first player after Wilt Chamberlain in 1965 to achieve this achievement. The start of the four-game winning streak was also after 2001. The team’s team history is the best. The average score of the letter brother is 28.5 points and 16.5 rebounds and has 6.8 assists. Although the three-pointer’s shooting rate is still so bad, it has fallen below 10%, but only by looking at data and efficiency, he is really good. But even so, it seems that the Bucks have been habitually ignored by many fans and have not placed them in the strong contenders of the Eastern Conference.

When everyone talks about the departure of James from the Cavaliers, who will be the new master of the East, the basics are the Celtics, the Raptors and the 76ers, but the Bucks are ignored. Even in the team, there is a MVP player sitting in the town. In fact, from the current situation, I dare not say that the Bucks must be stronger than the three teams mentioned above, but they should not be forgotten so simply. Maybe the previous playoffs were not good, and the regular season has always been the second half of the playoffs, but this year we have a reason to re-optimize this team.

First, the first point is naturally the continued growth of the letter brother and the confirmation of the absolute core position. Now his rebounding is higher than the league’s rebounding king Drummond. Maybe there will be a downturn in the future, but 20+10 is foreseeable, and on the other hand, the lineup is complete. The missing first and fifth positions last season have been replenished this season. The center has Lopez. Bledsoe at the 1st position is also better for the team. The most important thing is that the coach changed from Kidd to the more powerful Budenholzer. The Spurs coach once brought the eagle to the top and proved his strength. Now that he has a better hand, he is bound to stand on a higher stage.

Three points do not enter the two-point frame, the iron beat LeBron hit the iron busy

“Oh, you can’t see the Cavaliers leaving LeBron. It’s not a good three-game losing streak… So no, how do the Lakers have LeBron, or a three-game losing streak?” – I have several unconscious Friends who started early in the NBA this season have given me the kind of reaction. Although after the 25th, the Cavaliers made a big four-game losing streak to the No. 1 pick in the next year, the Lakers won a slowdown, but people’s doubts, but a little bit began to grow:

When is the iron tide of James, when is it?

– The inside line does not enter, the outside line is iron –

As of October 25, LeBron led the Lakers to a record of 1 win and 3 losses, 45.6% of the hit rate is the lowest value in more than a decade, 16% of the three-point hit is even more terrible, but these are not the most A headache.

If you look at LeBron’s performance in these games, you will agree with me. LeBron’s most difficult score in these games is actually at the rim. In the past, I scored a steady score, but now I always put it in the basket. The height of the jump does not seem to be enough. He would have chosen to go to the basket. The former LeBron had only crossed your half, you He couldn’t interfere with his score at all, but in the four games of the season, he has been repeatedly interfered by his opponent from behind, even eating hot pot.

LeBron and the hot pot, these two words are linked together, you can hardly think that LeBron will be the one who is blocked.

56% of the basket’s shooting percentage is still a leader in the perimeter’s scoring ability, but you have to know that this is 69% of the previous year’s shooting percentage. Last year, he came to the brutal 71% of the monsters. A lot of wolves are gone.

LeBron’s habit is that once the three-point line is out, it must be shot until the shot is not allowed; and when the three-point line is not allowed, he will continue to attack the basket and try to find the feeling of “continuous”. . Because of this, you can say that the decline in the field’s hit rate directly affects LeBron’s ability to adjust, and we all know that if LeBron does not adjust, his three-point line feels cold for a very long time. As before the All-Star Game last year, his hand was frozen for more than a month.

Therefore, to solve the problem of LeBron’s hand, it is necessary to start from the problem of his layup, but this problem involves a dead hole in the Lakers lineup:


– the trapped beast of space –

When the big free agent in the summer was divided by the teams, and the Lakers failed in the negotiations for the big-name introduction, the Lakers entered the regular season with this wonderful lineup: the center, only one of the McGee People; said three points, the entire team’s reliable turrets are few.

However, when the game really started, the problem became more serious: Kuzma, who hit 37% of three-pointers last season, shot only 25% this season; 38% of the standard 3D player Pop last season, this season only 16% of the remaining three points; Stephenson three points 22%; Ingram is not to vote at all … the entire team in addition to this season’s dark horse cavalry Hart, the most accurate outside shooter is Rondo and Bauer.

Well, can you see how ridiculous this sentence is?

The Lakers’ game in the first three games was exactly the same: first, relying on the impact on the inside and McGee’s high-altitude advantage to play with the other side, and wait until McGee came off, the other side opened three points, and the difference was immediately opened: the ball The team pulls the defensive intensity, fights the defensive counterattack, and quickly chases the points; when the score catches less than 5 points, the opponent can always enter the outside line continuously, and the Lakers’ outside line will be misfiring, and then the points difference will be opened again… It can be said that The Lakers are not so much the reason that the team is young and the players are not playing well. It is better to say that the moment the lineup is completed, the dilemma is now fixed.

Because of the Lakers’ ability to project outside, there is no room for making roots.

Tyrone Lu has a lot of bad things, but he is very good at playing (or squeezing) LeBron’s strengths. An inside line + three shooters that will pick up and pick up the gap after the cut, which has been proven to be the most suitable partner for LeBron, the former can provide the depth of the height, while the latter can completely open the inside line, let LeBron does not have to face excessive double-teaming. This is also why, although the Knight 2.0 version of LeBron is playing tired and tired, the efficiency of scoring is surprisingly high. Because as long as there is enough space, any one’s defense is not enough to limit LeBron.

However, in today’s Lakers, every breakthrough he encounters will be confronted by the opponent’s rapid contraction to the inside line. Every time during the breakout process, the perimeter defender will cut the ball at the free-throw line, so you have to hold the ball and choose the attack method in advance; the big man is blocking the route on LeBron, forcing him to turn or Change direction. When you do this, you have to slow down, so that if LeBron has passed the opponent, it will still be slowed down by the turn, which will lead to LeBron being chased.

In other words, LeBron’s efficiency at the rim is lower because the opponent is very fiercely shrinking the basket, causing LeBron to be chased every time he breaks through. To put it bluntly, all the opponents of the Lakers do not believe that their outside line can be opened. The Lakers got a win in the Suns, also because the Suns were the first team to score three points more than the Lakers. In an iron fight, the Lakers finally relied on more experience to beat their opponents, but this did not solve the Lakers’ lineup: the shooter couldn’t open space for LeBron, LeBron could only play in the paint every time. The big game of the tiger’s close, this data, naturally, I can’t see where to go.

– Mentor or warrior, thinking or worrying –

Of course, if LeBron makes a heart to adjust, his hand will not be so cold. However, I don’t think he wants to do this.

Or, I don’t think LeBron’s attention is focused on his hand at this moment.

In fact, LeBron has 12 in the left side of the 3-point line in the left waist (45 degrees) and 0 in the left corner. In addition, his other three-pointers are 45%; In addition, he basically scored all from the inside, and there were very few shots outside the three-second zone. The magic is that he didn’t shoot at the low left of the basket, while in other areas, he hit a close range. The rate is 63%.

To put it simply, LeBron is barely in close proximity to the three-point line on the left, and outside the three-point line, he clearly has no touch, but he has too many shots. If you don’t look at the left side, the problem of his shot hit rate is not big.

Why, LeBron will suddenly have this problem of partiality?

In fact, in the playoffs of last season, the left low was LeBron’s most accurate area. After his big step, he turned and shot a 54% shooting percentage, which was not good at the moment of victory. LeBron is not without the ability to score on the left. In fact, after Jordan pointed out that the scoring efficiency was reduced after being forced to dribble by the left hand a few years ago, he used the excellent mid-range shot, low post back and backward shooting. solved this problem.

The reason why LeBron shot too much outside the three-point line on the left side, and suddenly entered the three-point line, and suddenly did not shoot, because his mind is not in the matter of scoring.

He is observing.

After 14 years of returning to the Cavaliers’ first season, LeBron did something similar. He handed over the ball and let Owen and Waiters turn round until they exposed all their problems. LeBron’s work in the Lakers is similar: he gave up most of the time, watching his teammates’ offensive habits, observing where his teammates prefer to catch the ball, is better at empty-handed cuts, or Find space outside the three-point line.

Because he wants to focus on observation, he will give up more routes that the player is good at, that is, the right side of the court, let Rondo and Bauer organize, he waits outside the three-point line on the left. If the teammate has no chance after breaking through the ball, when the ball is in his hands, there is not much time left. He will shoot directly three points. If the ball comes to him earlier, he will choose to sink to the low position and play back at the same time. Find a teammate who is open. In the game against the Spurs, he used three passes in the left low to find the ball outside the three-point line. He would rather let Bauer find a three-pointer and would not be willing to attack on the left side.

This is the biggest reason for LeBron’s downturn during this time: in order to find the right direction for his teammates faster, he did not put his mind in adjusting his state. He has already passed the age of one or two games in the regular season, and he has enough confidence to cut the status back when needed. In the first three games, he only focused on his own state in the final section of the game with the Spurs, which gave him a goal to enter overtime.

However, the temporary adjustment of the state is not what LeBron is best at. His excellent muscle armor has become the biggest problem at this time. He wants to adjust his muscle memory, which is almost impossible to complete in a game. This is also why LeBron once the three points, it is difficult to find the right foot in the free throw, his control of muscle strength can not reach such a fine degree, unless he concentrates and wholeheartedly on this matter. That’s why, LeBron’s high scores in the playoffs are played against the cliff, because only at the moment of life and death, LeBron will give up thinking about everything on the court, focusing only on his own score, he is right The control of the muscles will reach the highest level.

Excessive basketball IQ has its drawbacks. LeBron is too focused on thinking about the whole team, focusing on thinking about young people, and often thinking about over-dead. How to choose between this is the test of coaching ability. Tyrone’s answer to this was to completely let LeBron’s thinking decide everything, which made him a champion coach for a year, but he also lost LeBron’s heart. How Wharton has an answer to this question, we can only continue to look forward to it.

– James, who is playing iron, is playing iron –

To sum up, LeBron’s iron is half because of the dead hole in the Lakers lineup, and half because his mind is not on the shot. This is not a problem in itself, and LeBron’s experience is enough to help him adjust his state.

The question is whether his personal adjustments can help the Lakers make up for the lack of functionality in the lineup. Of course, this is another topic.

At least for now, the Lakers version of LeBron is still worthy of our expectations.

NBA season has not won a victory! Where should the knights of the post-James era go?

This game is riding this game is the Cavaliers’ five-game losing streak this season, except for the Cavaliers, the NBA League only the Thunder has not yet won.

Today’s Cavaliers lineup has almost no difference in the last season, the difference is only LeBron James. Through the performance of the first five Cavaliers, it is hard to believe that James made the lineup into the NBA Finals last season and almost won the game in the first game of the NBA Finals.

It seems that James’ ability and influence on the game is well-deserved as the first person in the NBA.

At the beginning of the season, the team’s poor performance on offensive defensive coordination can be understood for the time being. These can be temporarily attributed to the inadequacy of the NBA season. But the enthusiasm of the Cavaliers’ defense is really unacceptable.

JR Smith made 0 of 7 shots, Thompson made a 1 of 10 shots, and Love’s shooting rate was even more terrible. These players play such a role, coach Lu should be considered to make more use of young players, such as Decker, Sexton and Xiaonansi to help the team bring more vitality. Korver mentioned the existence of LeBron James yesterday, and the breakthrough score can help him and the shooters get more vacancies. Because LeBron James existed last year, most of his opponents concentrated on James, but when James left, the Cavaliers gradually revealed more problems.

The Cavaliers’ NBA season has only begun. Can Coach Lu solve the team’s problems and lead the Cavaliers to break through in the East? We will wait and see.

The first meeting of the NBA’s new season is a little earlier than ever.

The Oklahoma City Thunder was reversed by the Boston Celtics at home and suffered a four-game losing streak.

Thunder’s star, Westbrook, should have a back pot in the game. He only made 5 of 20 shots in the game. The fourth quarter was 6 points and 0 points.

In addition, George also has only 7 of 22 shots.

The NBA Thunder swallowed a three-game losing streak. The man behind the team should come out and have a pot.

Although I know that the current situation of the Thunder, there are still some gaps between the Warriors and the Rockets in the Western NBA team in the first echelon, but no one will believe that they will be in the NBA before the start of the NBA regular season. At the end of the month, I have not won a victory. As of the 25th, the Thunder has suffered a three-game losing streak, ranking first in the Western Conference. The Thunder will be so miserable, although there are relationships among them, such as facing opponents, such as the team’s own internal problems.

At the beginning of the team, it was understandable that the warrior, who was almost full of health, was caught off guard. In the second game, they were not strong, but they were not able to talk to the Clippers. They continued to eat the next defeat. Although it is nothing to be said, it is justifiable. After all, the team There are two generals, Wei Shao and Robertson. But in the third game, Wei Shao came back, facing the opponent is not strong king, the final result is still lost, and is a fiasco, lost to the opponent’s double-digit points difference.

The Thunder should have been a team that has attacked the championship, but now it’s a hard-to-find result that no one thought of.

In the summer of this year, the thunder in the midst of the sorrow, in the team’s general manager Presti almost completed the rebellious operation, not only miraculously renewed Paul George, but also let the team evade NBA history The highest amount of luxury tax, also traded through Anthony, got the outstanding young players such as Schroeder and Louvu, and made the team’s lineup look stronger through some sewing repairs in the free market. The depth is more complete. But Presti and the team’s higher level one, but one thing is not considered, is the coach Donovan, whether it is really necessary to continue to stay.


“If we are lucky enough, Donovan can work with the same core players next season. Continuity is his best partner in the future.”

Presti’s work in the free market this summer, in addition to retaining George, also retained the team’s coach Donovan. However, he did not explain how good Donovan is, so the team chose to continue to work with him. The reason why he continued to coach is just to “do not destroy the stability of the team.” It can be seen that the team hopes to give him another chance. Even though he has been in Brooks’s hands, this team has had four seasons, but there is no result except the first year and the beginning of this year.

In 2015, Brooks couldn’t lead the team to go further, so he split up with the Thunder. Then he made a big splash on the NCAA, and he coached Donovan, who had coached college basketball for 19 years and won two NCAA championships for the University of Florida, became the new head of the Thunder. Although he did not have the experience of coaching the NBA team before, the success of the university is hard to believe, he will have enough ability to achieve some results in the NBA.

It’s just a pity that Donovan is disappointing. He held Durant and Wei Shao two trump cards in his hand, but he was defeated by the Warriors in the end and missed the finals. Later, when Durant left, Wei Shao was the only pillar of the team. Whether Wei Shao led the team alone or George and Anthony joined the team, the final result was ruthlessly eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Out. In the new season, it was directly given to the fans who have been steadfast in support of the Thunder.

After so many years, the Thunder players come and go, but Donovan can always stay in the position of the Thunder coach. The problem is not moving, not only the handsome position under his current butt, but also his rigid tactical system and on-court arrangements. Of course, the Thunder has never been able to go further. I know so, maybe the Thunder will Will not be in the beginning of 2015, the “change” mentality, let Brooks leave. After all, nothing has changed now.


Thinking carefully, Donovan can only be said to be a coach who can support his job. Only then, if Thunder wants him to lead the team to win the championship, or to defeat the Rockets and Warriors, he has repeatedly faced himself to face the fate of being eliminated. Strong enemy, at least for now, it is simply a luxury.

From his arrival in Oklahoma until now, we can find that Donovan only has the reliance on Wang Feng, and there is always no way to play the good cards in his hands and integrate them into one. When Durant and Westbrook were both teammates, Donovan coached two people for a season, and that year the team entered the Western Conference finals, but in the end Wei Shao’s mistakes directly ruined the game and let The Warriors successfully attacked. Can you only let Wei Shao have a pot? As the coach did not arrange the final tactical arrangement, I am afraid that it is difficult to blame.

Later, Durant joined the Warriors and stood on the side of the enemy. In the 2016-2017 season, the Thunder’s record showed a significant decline, and Donovan also had no tactical arrangements at this time. It was just that Wei Shao led the overall situation and the big package, all the players became This green leaf of safflower. Think about it, is it really not that? The cards in the hands of Thunder were Oladipo, Adams, and Robertson. In fact, it could be better.

As for last season, the team got together the Big Three. Maybe Anthony is no longer at the peak. Maybe George is no longer as strong as the Heat and the Bayonet in the East after the big injury, but the three are still quite influential. However, Donovan still has no way to bring the three of them together. Under the premise of having an unprecedented luxury lineup, the record is almost in place. Finally, this combination is only a one-year trial period, and it is completely broken down into history after the end.

On the Rockets side, D’Antoni has the magic ball theory. There are running and blasting tactics. The two guards who need the ball are perfectly integrated. The Warriors have five deaths. Almost everyone can do their own duties. Shining, and the Spurs here, the coach Popovich will never be out of touch with the times, there is always a set of his own. On the Thunder side, Donovan has no way of owning a tactical system of his own, with a clearly branded tactical arrangement. What is the difference between such a coach and Tyron Lu to James?

And Lu guides to ensure that it is stronger than Donovan. After all, the three NBA seasons as the coach led the team to the finals and also won a championship.


Donovan’s problem is really too much. No matter how gorgeous the lineup is, it cannot be integrated into one whole, just one point.

He relies too much on the star to solve problems with his personal ability. Wei Shao and George are the tactical systems of the Thunder. The offenses are all around their singles ability. Basically, except for singles, they are singles, while defense is based on physical talent. George may. There are still some tricks, but Wei Shaozhen is a little bit worse. It is not bad to make full use of the personal ability of the superstar. Who wouldn’t want to have someone on their team who can rely on it? But when the superstars are not playing well or are injured, what should Donovan do?

He naturally has a way – to change the individual to perform, the other person as a superstar. When Wei Shao missed the two games with the Warriors and the Clippers, Donovan’s tactics in these two games were basically Adams’s pick-and-roll, George without the ball, and Schroeder’s singles. The play is very similar, but Wei Shao changed to Schroeder. In addition to being too “indulgent” in the array of stars, and the tactical routine is too stiff, he also has a big problem with the use of players other than the stars.

When Schroeder played for the Hawks last season, he shot 44% from the field and 29% from three-pointers. In the three games of the Thunder, the three-point percentage was flat and the total hit rate dropped to 28%. And the example like Schroeder is more than one. It is said that the Thunder lacks the shooter, but it is not. It is only under the system of Donovan that they are collectively lost. Kyle Singler, who was cut off by the team with the extension clause a while ago, was a stable shooter when he played for the Pistons and even played for Brooks. Otherwise, he would not get 5 years and 25 million. The contract, but in the hands of Donovan, he finally became the one who was fired.

McDermott, who had played for the Thunder for a short time, Donovan gave him the lowest playing time outside his rookie season, but then he left the Thunder, whether in the Knicks or the Pacers, the three-point percentage has broken. Four percent. Of course, a similar example, as well as Affinese, who is now playing in the Thunder, as a legitimate shooter, his shooting percentage has now fallen below 30%. It is not that he uses a bad shooter, but that the shooter will not be in his tactical board and has an active premise.

In addition, do you think that since the team selected Adams in 2013, the “Thunder” draft is not so good? Part of the reason is that the team has always maintained a “strong team”, so the draft is lower than before, the newcomer is of lower quality, and Donovan is not like Casey, Steven. In general, a coach who is willing to give young people the opportunity to exercise. In addition, he has a certain number of problems, such as the suspension of the suspension, the rotation of the lineup, and so on.


The famous Larry Brown once said that sometimes the coach did not make the player, but the player made the coach.

Donovan led the University of Florida in 2006 and 2007, and he was the one who made him, Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer. But after he moved to the NBA, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Victor Oladipo, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George did not give him this face.

Before coaching the Thunder, he had the opportunity to become the Magic’s coach in 2007, and also signed the contract, but later chose to give up, the Magic also made Van Gundy become his successor. But now, the NBA has been around for so many years, and it is still not suitable for him. It is said that Durant left the Thunder, partly because he and Donovan “do not deal with” – from the trumpet incident that was previously smashed, you can see the leopard.

We can’t expect that every “will” can be James, but before that, “handsome” is a competent person, the team can go further, isn’t it?

The NBA rocket started to panic? Desperate to throw the next Nets?

According to Woj’s earlier reports, the Rockets updated their latest offer for the Timberwolves Jimmy Butler, which includes four first-round NBA draft picks.

According to the existing rules, if the Rockets want to really realize the transaction, according to the existing NBA rules, the rules of the alliance, a team can only trade up to 4 first-round picks in 7 years, and must trade the first round every other year. Can not trade the first round of two consecutive years. Lottery protection for draft picks will also be limited in such transactions. Therefore, the draft rights program can only be 19, 21, 23 and 25 years.

As we all know, in the early years, the Nets team exchanged the future trade of the team, in exchange for the battle of Deron Williams, Garnett and Pierce, from the paper lineup, the Nets have the competition nba championship Strength. The final result, they finally only reached the Eastern NBA semi-final. Later, when these players left, the Nets completely became the Eastern Fishing Team. The team had neither a relatively good player nor a future draft pick. It was a loss of the wife and a loss. After several years of adjustment, the Nets are now slowly getting back on track.

With such a ruling, the Rockets, which have won seven games in the NBA season with the Warriors and have almost won the game, will have to trade Jimmy Butler this season through the future of the team and have a hand in the season with the Warriors? However, Rockets general manager Morey has always been smart and capable, on the one hand, the Timberwolves will not easily let Jimmy Butler easily. In the face of the temptation of the Rockets, how does the Timberwolves make choices?

Talking about personality with NBA ball style, talking about Paul and Rondo!

The fight between Paul and Rondo has been going on for a few days, but the online turmoil does not seem to stop, and even the situation of the NBA players standing in the queue, can not help but be embarrassed, this time I also take a look at the heat to do a Simple analysis.

First of all, Paul, Paul’s style of the game, we all know, is a word stable, I believe that he is mature and steady in life, and occasionally make some jokes, so people are destined to like, but Paul also has a dispute The strong heart, perhaps the nba playoff experience that has failed for many years, makes his arrogance become paranoid and stubborn.

I remember seeing an article in slam that everyone hated Chris many years ago. The article says that the author went to Paul Enshi to experience the training method of the NBA superstar. As a result, Paul’s favorite training was to bend his waist and follow a The *** ball then picked it up again, monotonous and boring, repeated again and again. The author completely hated Chris Paul because of this experience, but he had to admire his mad attachment, and this is exactly Paul’s greatest charm.

During the training, he will ask his teammates to hone a tactic for ten or more, just to let them remember each other’s position. On the court, he will yell and yell, just to let them Appeared in the most correct position, he is mature and traditional, steady and victorious, paranoid and even somewhat rigid, such people will certainly be evaluated by the two poles, especially the teammates are mixed.

Let’s talk about Rondo, Rondo’s style of the game I thought for a long time, and finally consider his extreme data and the title of the Long Center, and finally got a “evil” word, the evil of the East evil, such a person is doomed to be unruly In particular, Rondo’s playing is a real tactical library. The same tactic will generate thousands of changes in his hands. Therefore, in the free system, Rondo is often able to get like water, which seems to be somewhat abstract.

Let’s take a simple example. With the same tactic, you let Paul be the point guard. Paul will die in the hands of his teammates and finish the tactics and then pass the ball out. Even he will use his skill to stubbornly The ball leads the teammate to his most suitable position. Of course, if the tactic fails, Paul has a strong personal ability to solve the problem. In contrast, Rondo may simplify or even complicate this tactic, such as Rivers. Ray Allen has a three-fifth three-point tactic on the right side. It is possible that half of Pierce has a single-point tactic, or Rondo feels that he can make Garnett vacant by just two more moves. More will make such a choice, when you say it must be clear to everyone, not that Paul will not pass the ball like Rondo, but he does not want, and Rondo will definitely play like Paul, but he I will feel better in my choice.

Ok, let’s talk about a question here. If you imagine that you are a coach, who would you choose between the two point guards? I think anyone will choose Paul! Rondo’s approach in the coach’s view has tarnished his absolute authority, especially the traditional coach like the tactical master Carlisle, so Rondo in the Mavericks became a different kind of resistance coach, and in the Rondo, despite the Gentry’s open system is mixed with the wind, but in the end it is inevitable that it will be swept out of the door. This is the reality, the reality of the NBA, and the reality of society. Perhaps Paul’s good relationship is the more sophisticated than Billund.

After talking about the coach, talk about teammates, Paul is strong, he can really make teammates better, but teammates will become simplistic because of his stubbornness, look at teammates who have good relations with Paul, Ariza, Chandler Le, Jordan is a single player, and Griffin and David West don’t like Paul. This is because they are all technical players. Why do you have to listen to Paul’s words? During the year, Paul asked David West to develop a three-pointer and was rejected by David West. David West must have thought that I like the middle distance where I can catch the ball. Why should I listen to you and stand on the three-point line? Waiting for the ball!

And look at Rondo, he is a typical champion jigsaw puzzle player, thick eyebrow Cousins ​​can work with him, because no matter where they are Rondo’s ball can reach, and they can be in any position Launching an offense, even if you don’t have to doubt, Rondo is better able to make Griffin out better than Paul. However, it is a pity that such a Rondo has a heart that wants to be the core, but has no core and ability. Admittedly, this is just a statement from my family. If you feel reasonable, then please like it. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Nba ball brother defense is praised, he will become the defender version of the dream of Green?

1. Is the ball brother a defender version of Draymond Green?

Because of the knee surgery, the ball brother did not have any chance to show up in the recent NBA preseason game, and seems to be looking for status, performance is not good, but he is still being placed by the Lakers management High hopes, at least James, as his teammate, and his small Wharton as a coach, are full of praise for the young defender. Today, Little Wharton has the opportunity to interview, and he has blown a wave of his own disciples, but he is no longer just blowing his organizational skills or the overall situation, nor is he saying how humble his character is. What, but focused on his defensive ability.

Little Wharton blew a wave of ball brothers today, and they all said how talented their disciples are on the defensive end. His original words are like this: “He is very tall, can prevent multiple positions, keep on changing defenses, he also has a good sense of intuition and reaction. We are constantly concentrating on defense, and he is a The performance of the rookie surprised me. It was a difficult position to play, but we knew early on that he could defend multiple positions and force opponents to make mistakes. I am very happy to see him return to health and maintain such performance.” Come back, we haven’t officially started playing in the regular season. It’s really bad for the disciples’ character.

So what does Little Wharton say? It is true that he has his reason. In the late season of the regular season last season, the league counted the five players with the strongest defensive ability in the five positions so far in the season. Among them, in the position of the point guard, the ball is the ball. And there is another expert who has put his defense in the top five of all the point guards in the league. The ball brother is not a player who uses physical fitness to defend and limit the opponent’s score. What he really excels is the defense and the prejudgment of the ball. To put it bluntly, the team’s overall defense is put first, and then the brain is used. Play and use your brain to defend.

However, if you look closely, Little Wharton’s praise for the ball brother seems to be quite intriguing: he emphasizes “can defend multiple positions” and then “continuously change the defense” when these two points are put together. Who are you thinking of? Is it the 23rd of the Warriors, the guy named Draymond Green? It seems that there is really a little bit like it. Both of them are organized and defensive, and the difference seems to be only the position on the field, and the two people have very different personalities. In the Warriors’ tactical system, Green plays a firm defender and the central axis of the running team. Can the future ball player reach his height? It takes time to prove.

2, Butler and Timberwolves reconciliation! It’s just that the two sides are not so willing.

At the end of September, Butler sent a deal to the team. There were a lot of people who wanted to get him, and the Timberwolves also released the determination to send him away, but things have dragged on now. Still, there is no result. Butler still has to play in the Timberwolves, and the aversion to the management of the team has reached the peak of history. The Timberwolves have asked for more than once in the case that the two sides have already negotiated, and finally let the hope Butler’s Heat chose to quit. When both sides were deadlocked, reconciliation became the only viable solution. Today, the boss and Butler are finally a temporary handshake.

According to a report by the famous journalist “The Athletic”, Thomas Charania, the source said that the negotiations between the Heat and the Timberwolves about Butler are now completely ruined, and Butler has returned to the training of the team – Of course, it is not to pick things up as before. The boss, Taylor, and his wife went to the training hall and Butler to meet in person. Finally, the two sides reached a consensus: Taylor will continue to try to find a trade as much as possible. Until then, Butler will play the role of a good teammate, as usual to him. Work hard. I have tossed up a month of soap operas, and now it is the end of the “first season.”

It is now almost certain that Butler is still a Timberwolves player, playing in the upcoming NBA season, is expected to participate in the season opener with the Spurs on Thursday, and this is also determined by the team coach Xi Bodu. When asked by reporters whether he still can lead the team, Butler replied: “Go to these people (referring to his teammates) and ask for personal questions, ask them if I am still the same as before. I laughed Come here, I am glad that there is a ball to play.” Interestingly, Wiggins, who was directly dissed by Butler, took the initiative to show Butler this time: “I know that once we start playing the real game, Butler It will be the one you want him to be in your team.”

The reason for the reconciliation between the two sides is based on the fact that the team will send Butler as early as possible, and Butler will also try to play without causing trouble for the team. Butler still wants to leave this team, no matter what the purpose, but he can’t wait to get out of contact with the Timberwolves now, but everyone understands. As for the Timberwolves in order to maintain the stability of the team, it is also a spur to “send Butler as soon as possible”, let him stay here, do not provoke the truth, it seems that the two sides want to truly reconcile, it is not an easy task It can even be said that it is an impossible thing.

3. Who is the worst team in the preseason game of the 2018-2019 nba season?

The new season of the NBA is about to begin. It is just that on October 17th, the regular season will be officially launched. Many fans will surely be excited, but before that, we can’t say that we haven’t watched the ball for a long time. The pre-match, but it didn’t take long before it ended. Although the purpose of the preseason is to train the teams, run the lineup, exercise the bench and rookie, and the data and record will not be counted in history, the fans do not need to have too many wins for the team. If you have a comparison, you will definitely win or lose. If you want to choose a “preseason game, the worst”, who will be elected? The situation seems to be somewhat unexpected.

Due to the different games, we can’t use the difference between the regular season and the playoffs to judge who is strong and who is weak. We can only use the winning percentage to make an assessment. There are currently four teams in the NBA preseason. The play in the game is really bad enough, the winning percentage is less than 50%, winning less and losing much. The most ironic thing is that these teams have just entered the playoffs last season. As the second Celtics in the Eastern Conference last season, they played four games in this preseason. They only won one of them and lost three games, three of which were not James. The Cavaliers double-kill, it seems that James did not affect the Celtics, but the name of the Cavaliers, which became the shadow of the Celtics’ sergeants.

Of course, James’s opponents seem to be in a bad situation. The “Zhong Zhao” is not only the Celtics who have been suppressed by him, but also the warriors who have been suppressing him. Although the Warriors play the preseason lineup, not the strongest lineup of the Warriors in the new season, the core players often miss or control the playing time, but their substitutes are indeed poor enough – the Warriors have been carried out so far. In five games, only one victory was taken on the head of the weak team of the Kings. The other three games were defeated and the Lakers took two of them. This kind of record should not be on the head of the Warriors. If you compare the situation of the Rockets and the Raptors, you will know that people also have one hand to play the game.

The Timberwolves, who are as bad as the Warriors, lost four of them in five games. The one that was won was the defeat of the Warriors. However, it is understandable that such a situation can be understood. After all, as the main heart of Butler did not fight, and the team was also ruined by the transaction, it would not be unusual. But to say the worst team, it should be awkward. They played in five preseason games, all of which ended in losing. They were the only five-game losing streak in the preseason of the 18-19 season. They were also the only ones to stay with teams outside the NBA. An unbeatable NBA team in the preseason, knowing that they swept the Trail Blazers into the second round of the playoffs last season!

Analysis today:

Nba’s new season’s magic, maybe a lineup you can’t think of

Not long after the regular season of the last NBA season, the Magic, which had been ruined in the East and had not been able to add to the playoffs for many years, unexpectedly played a good performance and even once boarded. It was the position of the top spot in the east, but in the end it fell slowly because of lack of stamina and frequent injuries, and finally returned to their usual routine. Last season, the Magic was the second-lowest in the Eastern Conference, second only to the most complete eagle in the league, but in the new season, they got the potential stock of Bamba and the handsome coach Clifford, who may lead the team. Something changed.

The team has now gathered three outstanding insiders, namely Vucevic, who has been playing for a long time in the team, Gordon, who is not good at slam dunks and tactics, and rookie Bamba this year. Now it’s all in the era of small balls. It’s not so important for all teams to look at big men, even negative assets, but the magic is hoarding three, and two of them are still centers, which is completely against the times. The trend is OK. However, combined with the preseason and the current technical characteristics of the three players, it seems that there is no way for them to coexist in the game, together as the team’s debut.

Both Vucevic and Gordon, one responsible for the center and one for the power forward, have a very good scoring ability, and the three-pointer casts, both players have – at the beginning of the regular season last season The strength of both players is reflected. And Crawford also said that the Gordon will be his tactical core in the new season, which is basically a matter of course. But on the other hand, Bamba, who looks like a “traditional center”, can actually shoot three points. His shooting touch is still extremely soft. In the preseason, the three-point percentage is even better than Gordon as the striker. It’s even better, it’s amazing.

The situation is like this: Bamba can shoot and the situation is not bad. Vucevic can not only play the center but also play in the position of the power forward. Gordon can also play in the position of the power forward and the small forward. Perhaps after the start of the new season, Clifford will try to use the “three towers” tactics, let Gordon move to the small forward position, then Bamba and Vucevic form a twin tower, the backcourt for Funière and Augustine to start, This will be a lineup with defensive, projected, and young enough.

Can you hit at least 4 three-pointers in the opener? Answer the title to win the Curry jersey

The NBA season is officially launched, and the [hot discussion-guess] column is on schedule.

[Hot-guess] is a competition quiz organized by the NBA Circle Topics Society Hot Forum. Every day, we will ask questions based on the next day’s competition. Everyone can reply according to their own judgments.

Tomorrow’s NBA opener matchup

1.76 people vs Celtics

2. Thunder VS Warriors

Guess today

1. Opener vs. Thunder, can Curry hit at least 4 three points?
2. Can Owen score more than Durant in the opener match?
3. How many points can the opener win in the first game?

Replies format example:


Can not

Prize for this issue: one piece of Curry jersey

The principle of winning the prize: the first person will answer all the questions and guess the score. If not, the closest one will not exceed, and those with high community activity will receive the prize.

Lakers nba preseason summary: Because of this key four points, Zhan Huang is not so tired in the new season.

This summer, James jumped out of his contract, became a completely free NBA player, and finally selected the Lakers for his next club.

As the first person in the NBA league, James will have a controversy as long as he takes a step forward. He became the Zijin Legion and still received many criticisms from the defenders who believe that “loyalty” is a professional ethics that players must follow. But even so, it seems that this year’s transfer, no longer as big as 2010 and 2014, perhaps everyone understands that James was really tired in the last NBA season.

In the last NBA season, the Cavaliers can be described as twists and turns, ups and downs. From the beginning of the NBA regular season, there was hardly any place to praise people, but James took advantage of this teammate who could hardly help him. He would kill the NBA Finals.

It’s just a pity that in the end, I have to bear the fate of being swept out by the Warriors. For a player who is very competitive, it’s not just the game’s defeat. At this time, everyone understands that James is really not easy, so the fans gave him more tolerance for his departure from the Cavaliers.

However, in the new season of the NBA, for the Lakers, he may not have to be as tired as before and still can’t get the results he wants. The Lakers played six preseason games recently. James played four of them. Although he only scored 13.3 points, 3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, he shot 59.1% from the field and was very efficient. But the most gratifying, It should be seen in the game that the performance and growth of the other Lakers teammates.

And how they play, and James Nba’s new season “tired and tired” is closely related.

1. Seamless connection between McGee and the team

In the summer, the Lakers will be the two consecutive NBA seasons to follow the Warriors to win the McGee signed, to strengthen the team’s inside.

Even after signing McGee, the Lakers’ inside is still their most obvious weakness. Although the number of players is not worse than other teams, the “quality” is really not as good as others. So it’s hard not to let the fans worry about it. However, in the performance of the preseason, McGee’s play is enough to dispel your doubts.

In the six games of the NBA preseason, McGee had a good performance. In addition to winning the Kings, only two points were relatively low, and the remaining games were quite commendable.

In the game, McGee fully demonstrated his superb physical fitness, including bounce ability, speed of defense, agile footsteps and running ability under the fast break, and even revealed a three-pointer long shot, this is his this year. The result of hard training in the summer. Just from the offensive point of view, McGee’s performance has reached the requirements of the Lakers management, as far as the contract is more value.

In fact, McGee is in line with the basketball concept that the Lakers need to speed up. Although he is a pure 5th player, he is fast, and he is actively running on the court. He turns the ball in the high position and runs not inferior to the defender, and when confronted with other big men, speed and footsteps can be Rolling the opponent, maybe he is not a superstar, but he is the best choice for the Lakers’ current system

2, Bohr, underrated defender

When talking about the ball brother, in addition to the father tied to him, there are two points that people will take the initiative to think of, one is his wonderful shooting position, the other is his excellent overall situation and The field of vision, even the “stopping the shooting” and “Little Kidd”, became the label attached to him, but there is still a point that has been ignored by many people, or is invisible, is his defense.

Previously, the media regarded the ball as the NBA’s top five point guard, which attracted a lot of criticism, but even if he didn’t have this qualification last season, he can become a part of this list in the future. In the first NBA preseason game of this year, the ball played 23 points against the Warriors and scored 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. It is worth mentioning that he has 4 steals and the defensive strength can be seen.

he defensive strength of the ball brother, a simple summary is a good body, a good head and a good attitude.

His physical fitness is quite prominent among the point guards. His height is also the height of the wing players. When faced with the small guards, he will never suffer, and he can use his body to exert a lot of pressure on the opponent’s offensive players. And his upper limbs are good and his wingspan is above the standard, which is the key to making him a stronger defender.

On the other hand, steals are the best of the ball, but he is not the first-class skill, but relies on the excellent pre-judgment of the ball and the interpretation of the situation on the court. On the one-on-one individual defense, the ball brother does not dominate. But the pre-judgment made him make up for the lack of skill, and his defense is crisp and neat, and there is no controversial or gambling defense. This is quite a rare point.

There is also his mentality is good, he is willing to do the defense and defense, clear the obstacles for teammates, not greedy at all. In addition, his attitude on the defensive end is quite positive. He will not say that he is lazy or healthy. He is not afraid of being tired and tired, and can also see the opponent’s trap. Having said that, old Zhan’s side has not defended such a reliable guard for a long time.

3. Will Ingram be a qualified second home?

Before James joined the Lakers, the Lakers pursued the “Gemini” policy. They believed that Bohr and Ingram would be the key players to lead the Lakers. Now that James joined, the team must revolve around him. This is beyond doubt. And the ball brother was “sponsored” to the bench with the arrival of Rondo, then the Ingram, who was originally the leader? May be the position of the second handle.

Throughout the team played by James, there has always been a need to set up a “two homes”, such as Wade, such as Irving, such as Love, and Ingram is clearly the best choice for the current two. He can score, can defend, has been doing very well in both aspects, and there are steady and rising situations. However, in the recent preseason game, the young “Little Durant” seems to have another gratifying new change.

Ingram, under the leadership of Rondo and James’s two passers, began to actively move, able to play defense, play a beautiful off-ball attack, and also produce good chemistry with the two point guards. effect. And in terms of scoring, it has gradually stabilized: in the face of the Kings scored 31 points and 9 rebounds, against the Warriors, he also scored 18 points in a single quarter. In the words of James, it is “the little brother has become a big trouble for the opponent.” “.

The past two seasons have been a groping period for Ingram, but now with a good old man and a group of experienced veterans as guides, he has made unprecedented progress. It seems to be a foreseeable thing. And when these become the preconditions, his goal should not be just a qualified starter or the team’s second head, becoming a top star, is what he should do, but his fate.

Maybe he can’t be like James’s “Pippen” in the future, and it’s even hard to catch up with the role played by James and the team when he played for the Cavaliers in a short time. As the saying goes, “Mo is bullying young and poor”, young is the biggest capital, and no one can guarantee that Ingram will grow to a point in the future.

4, James’s two enemies, but now is his best helper

Among the many one-year contracts signed by the Lakers this summer, two of the players who were signed were particularly eye-catching. One was Rondo and the other was Stephenson. Both of them are exactly the old rivals of James. One of the peaks in the Celtics, is the mountain that James could not cross before 2010, the first of the Heat’s Big Three, the first enemy of the Heat, and Stephenson did, not too much Explain it?

But now that it is already a teammate, then the previous grievances and grievances should be written off. In the last few games, Rondo played four of them, playing as the team’s starting point guard. He averaged 5.3 points, 5 rebounds and 9.3 assists per game. His control of the game is still still in control. “Familiar taste.”

And before everyone worried, the question of whether he and James’s two ball handlers can coexist, but also disappeared with the inexplicable fit of the two when they appeared together. When the two men were together, the Lakers’ offense seemed to be orderly, especially at the time of the fast break, the blow to the opponent was almost fatal.

Another old James family, Stephenson, was able to hand over a transcript of 9.8 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists in his own game. It seems that the data is very uniform and there are no special highlights, but fans who watch the game know that scoring, defensive, assists, passing, and even rebounding, as long as you can think of it, Stephenson can do it.

The two enemies of Zhan Huang, now one became the chief of staff around him, and the other became a plug-and-play Wanjin oil.

Although the main purpose of the preseason is to train new players and run the lineup, the Lakers’ achievements in this period are still worthy of recognition.

Ignoring the individual players, overall, the Lakers are best on the offensive end, averaging 112.5 points per game, compared to 108.1 points last season. In addition, the team averaged 25.6 assists per game, which is two more than last season’s 23.6. The overall offensive fluency of the team is much better than before. It is obvious that the Lakers are moving forward.

Moreover, the team’s offensive rhythm has become significantly faster, and the quality and quantity of passing has improved significantly, which is precisely the style of the current basketball concept. I just said that James was too tired last season, but now he is no longer a group of teammates who are looking forward to him as a savior, and even occasionally will cause trouble for him, but experienced veterans and energetic The big family of teenagers.

Just looking at the ability to lead the team, James never disappoints, time has proved for him. Then, look at the “not so tired” old Zhan, you can take the Lakers to what height.

ESPN released the NBA list, the Rockets dropped to the fourth Spurs NBA playoffs hope is not big?

ESPN released the latest NBA team strength rankings, the Warriors sit firmly in the first place, the Eastern Conference champions the most popular Celtics followed, the Raptors grabbed the third, the Rockets dropped to fourth, the Lakers ranked eighth.

1. Warriors, BPI forecast wins: 58.4 games Last ranking: 1

Best case: 67 wins and 15 losses Worst case: 52 wins and 30 losses

2. Celtics, BPI prediction wins: 56.5 games Last ranking: 2

Best case: 62 wins and 20 losses Worst case: 47 wins and 35 losses

3. Raptors, BPI forecast wins: 53.3 games Last ranking: 4

Best case: 61 wins and 21 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

4. Rockets, BPI forecast wins: 54.6 games Last ranking: 3

Best case: 61 wins and 21 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

5. Jazz BPI prediction wins: 49.2 games Last ranking: 6

Best case: 56 wins and 26 losses Worst case: 40 wins and 42 losses

6.76 people, BPI forecast wins: 52 wins Last ranking: 7

Best case: 60 wins and 22 losses Worst case: 45 wins and 37 losses

7. Thunder, BPI forecast wins: 47.2 games Last ranking: 5

Best case: 57 wins and 25 losses Worst case: 41 wins and 41 losses

8. Lakers BPI forecast wins: 46.7 games Last ranking: 9

Best case: 55 wins and 27 losses Worst case: 39 wins and 43 losses

O’Neill: Warriors NBA All-Star starting VS Dream Eighty-five group, which side will win?

The Warriors’ first five Tigers are solid NBA All-Star teams, and they are the top NBA players in the Western Conference.

Curry, Tang Shen, Durant, Green and Cousins. When these people came together, many people exclaimed: “The NBA is welcoming the finale.”

O’Neill asked in the INS today, the Warriors started the lineup of the five tigers and the dream eight, who will eventually win?

The dream eight-five group is Wade, Kobe, LeBron, Anthony, Howard.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Wade was still at the top, and he played one of the best performances in his career. Kobe was the league’s first point guard at the time, LeBron was at the top, Anthony was a melon, and Howard was a spark of the dpoy level.

From the perspective of attack and defense, which group is more likely to win?

NBA Warrior dual-core ability comparison, Curry’s team value is higher than KD?

For most people, Warrior star Durant is currently the second player in the NBA, second only to Lakers star James. Who is the third person in the NBA league? This is controversial, but it is certain that Curry will be one of the candidates.

How big is the gap between the two cores of the Warriors and Durant? The US media today subdivided their capabilities and compared them. As a result, Curry 6-5 slightly beat Durant. Do you agree with its comparison results and which projects have doubts?

Scoring ability: Durant

Organizational ability: Curry

Backboard ability: Durant

Projection ability: Curry

Ball defense: Durant

No ball defense: Durant

Efficiency: Curry

Leadership: Curry

IQ: Curry

Key ball: Durant

Team value: Curry

Regarding team value alone, is Curry the top player in all NBA players in the league?

In the NBA regular season, Curry averaged 32.0 minutes and scored 26.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 1.6 steals, shooting 49.5 percent from the field, 42.3% from three-point range and 92.1 percent from the free-throw line.

Durant averaged 34.2 minutes per game in the NBA regular season, scoring 26.4 points, 6.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.8 blocks, shooting 51.6 percent from the field, 41.9% from three-point range and 88.9% from the free-throw line.

NBA Cavalier What is the biggest disadvantage of JR!

This is a new series before the start of the NBA new season. In 30 days, I will share a total of 300 jokes about 30 NBA teams.

Ready? Hurry and put on a cotton coat and take a cold to catch a cold~

After James left, how did the Cavaliers miss him?
– He is not called old beijing, just use him as the background of P picture.

I miss the Big Three of the NBA Cavaliers’ championship season!
– Isn’t it the Big Three now?
what! In addition to Love, which two are considered giants?
– Kobe Simmons

Frye said that his star card in the solar era is worth only $2, is it really worthless?
– He still likes to overestimate himself…

The defense is not active, the shooting is unstable, what is the biggest shortcoming of JR Smith?
——The key moments to fight for the offensive rebounds are too positive.

Now I often receive spam messages for small loans in my mobile phone. What are they doing?
– There is a heart that is the owner of the NBA Knight

The NBA’s new season’s Cavaliers’ record will definitely get worse, Cleveland fans will still buy it?
– Don’t you watch the NBA Cavaliers look at the NFL Browns? They won a ball in two years…

After the end of the NBA season, four team doctors in Cleveland have left the team. Why?
——The doctor can’t save the Cavaliers, and the writer Tyrone Lu will soon go out.

Every time James transfers, he will bring two younger brothers. Who did he take this time?
– Clifton.

The NBA Cavaliers have a lot of thorns, TT, JR, Hood, who is the least honest?
– Cleveland honest people

If a layman doesn’t know how to read and understand, how do you say him?
– You know the ball well!

NBA champions in the second place, the gap visible to the naked eye?

Before the M Draft, East Cecchi claimed that he did not want to work for the King and finally made the Sacramento King determined to win Bagley. At that time, many people were optimistic about this choice. Bagley’s good physical fitness, can be appointed as the 3rd and 4th position, is the ideal swing forward in the small ball era, but the performance of the summer league has made some fans stunned. The NBA’s resistance to non-university leagues is comparable, and Bagley loses the advantage of ending in the paint, while exposing the shortcomings of lack of outside shooting ability. The lack of concentration on the defensive end is a problem in college. Therefore, Bagley wants to be the most popular 3D player today, at least for now. As a ball-handling player, he is not an outside player who scores and organizes explosives. Today’s preseason debut show, highlighting Bagley’s ambiguous positioning. The outside line was not released, and it seemed to lack confidence in the inside line. Even the free throws were only 50%. When defending, the footsteps are general, and it is easy to be targeted by the opponent. If you are not conscious, you can only use four fouls to stop the opponent’s attack. The Suns’ lottery show, Mick Carl Bridges, although he only played a game around the game, scored a blank, but watched his defensive end of the resilience and the offensive king’s taboo on his ability to open space, It feels more affordable than Bagley. But Bagley’s comparison is of course not Bridges, but the opposite center player Ayton.

Similar to Bagley, the most worrying thing about Ayton when he was selected was the defensive problem. After all, as the traditional 5th position, it was easy to be targeted by the NBA’s ball-handed defenders. In the first preseason game, Ayton did not become the defensive end of the Sun, and his foot movement was at least above the average of the big man. Needless to say, the inner line protection ability, the innate advantage of the height of the arm and the keen defensive sense, make him enough to become the team’s guardian of the basket, the three big hot pot is just a regular operation, I believe we can see in the follow-up game. Go to the hot pot feast of the champion. On the offensive end, Ayton showed a better range than Bagley as the inside, and the low-post singles had one hand, and even saw the ability to cope. A 20+10 double-double performance, the limelight not only completely overshadowed Bagley, but also dwarfed the data of the King’s Twin Towers. It is necessary to know that the experience of Kalistan and Rabbisier in the NBA is far more than Ayton. This is the extent to which Ayton adapts to the NBA. Of course, it is the maturity and strength of a No. 1 pick.

The sample for a preseason game is small, and the visible gap is reflected in several details. Ayton proved why he could hold the champion seat, and Bagley’s prospects seemed confusing. Aiton can clearly define the core of the game. Bagley can neither do the core of the ball nor the three-pointer and defensive ability of high-quality 3D players. He can only use 3D as the development direction and temper his own outside shooting and defensive skills. However, in that case, it runs counter to the core play of his college days. The King hopes that Bagley will practice the outside line and defense. Perhaps he hopes that the former champion, Giles, will be healthy and more realistic. After the sun has harvested the joy of Ayton to live up to the expectations, it is necessary to think about the primary and secondary issues of the dual-core inside and outside of Booker’s return. Booker’s scoring ability is very good, and the defense has obvious problems. It may be more appropriate as Ayton’s older assistant. What do you think?

What level? Kobe averaged 50+ to lead the six big superb NBA single-week performance

Not long ago, the US media exposed NBA Kobe’s 50+ data per week, which is almost ruthless.

Six pictures bring you the NBA single-week performance of the six superstars! Joe’s father averaged 48.3 points, 12 rebounds and 5.5 assists. Kobe averaged 51.5 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists…

Take a look at the best data of these great gods!

The five superstars are in place! The 76ers in the new NBA season will once again break through themselves.

In the NBA, the most insignificant is probably the youth army. So what is the youth army? As the name implies, there are almost all young people in the team, and there are only a few teams of veterans. Generally speaking, the results of the youth army may not be very good. After all, young people have no experience, so they may not be compared with those teams with mature tactical systems, but often they can use their talents and hard work to make some The jaw-dropping game is the legendary “killing the master”. Although they may not be in the first place, everyone knows that there must be a place in the future. So this shows the horror of a few young people. They are very young. The core members of the team are rookies who have just played for 1 or 2 years, but they have achieved certain achievements, and any team. There is a battle for power.

We are talking about the 76ers. Yes, the 76ers are really special. They have been smashing since Iguodala left, and have not tasted the playoffs for many years, but they have not given up and have been working hard – Rotten. When Sam Singh was the general manager of the 76ers, the 76ers were almost a bullying character. They can win 20 wins a season, almost a victory. In the 2015-16 season, the 76ers won 10 games. The 72-negative and Golden State Warriors have the same record of 73 wins and 9 losses. Coincidentally, the NBA’s lowest record in history is also 76. In the 1972-73 season, they “had taken” 9 wins and 73 losses. Can be surpassed. Because the rottenness is really unbearable for everyone, the boss of the 76ers can’t stand it anymore, and Sam Xinki also resigned. But at this time, everyone was surprised to find that Xinji has left Joel Embed, Ben Simmons, Marker-Fultz, Dario Shalic, TJ-Mc for the future of the 76ers. Excellent young players like Cornell.

So the 76ers broke out. In the first season of Embiid’s complete health, and the first season of Simmons, the 2017-18 season, the 76ers led the 50-32 record directly under the leadership of the young dual-core. It was an invincible 16-game winning streak that went straight to the playoffs. In the end, it reached the semi-final of the division with the third record in the East, and finally regretted. But in any case, for the young 76ers, this is a huge breakthrough, because this is not only the first time they entered the playoffs since the 2011-12 season, but also let the league see their power. .

Things are obviously not that simple, because according to the tradition of the 76ers, their rookie rookie is basically reimbursed for the first season – Embiid reimbursed for two years, Simmons reimbursed for the first year, the first year of Fulz Approximately equal to reimbursement. So last season’s 76ers we can only say that it is dual-core, because the 2017 No. 1 Fulds did not provide any help to the team. The new season, the long-awaited, full-fledged Fulz will finally return. According to the training situation in the summer, Fulz has carried out all-round reinforcement for himself – not only to carry out physical recovery training (after all, suffered injuries last season), but also to overcome psychological problems (because of injuries) I am afraid that I am afraid to make a force.) More importantly, I am changing and getting used to the shooting style. Fulz himself said that his three training sessions a day is just a routine operation, and we can see his level of effort from here. As the pride of the NBA champion, you can have such a diligent training attitude, success will naturally follow. The problem of Fulz’s running-in that everyone was worried about is almost no problem, because according to Simmons, he and Fulz play very easily, because both are very unselfish players. Head coach Brett Brown will not continue to let Redick start because Fulz does not have Redick’s more suitable starting style. He said that Fulz will play with Simmons next season.

So in the next NBA season, we can really see the NBA76’s “Big Five” returning. The Big Five here is of course only an exaggeration, but when you think about it, these people are worthy of the title of “giant” in the east. Point guard Simmons doesn’t have to say, the regular season 15+8+8, the best rookie winner in scoring, ball control and defensive; scoring guard Fulz, the 17-year NBA champion in physical fitness; small forward Robert – Covington, the winner of the NBA All-Defensive team last season, is one of the league’s top 3D players; power forward Dario Shalic, the all-around team-running agent, can be led alone. Can not eat the ball; team real-core Joel Embiid, last season’s NBA All-NBA second-team and the best defensive lineup winner, the first center’s strong competitor. Although this starting lineup is not as good as the five giants on the Warriors side, it is almost the top three in the league. After all, there are both talents and strengths, and a very balanced lineup. It is indeed rare. Of course, the NBA76 is definitely not just these five people. The point guard has TJ-McConnell and Jerry Bayless, the scoring guard has JJ Redick, and the small forward substitute has Wilson Chandler. The power forward substitute has Mike Muskala, and the center has veterans Emeka Okafor and Amir Johnson. It must be said that the 76ers’ lineup is definitely the top five in the league. The most valuable thing is that they are not only talented, whether it is Fulz, Simmons or Embiid, they are all players with high basketball IQ, which is what we often call “playing by the brain”. In the era when the NBA is increasingly advocating speed, the 76ers not only keep up with the trend, but also improve the trend. If you and the 76ers speed up the shelling, then the 76ers can fight with you because the young people can’t run; if 76 People don’t want to fight with you, then they can hand over the ball to Embiid singles, and then use Enbit’s singles to attract the team and then proceed to the next step. Now, after Fulz’s comeback, the 76ers’ tactical system has been enriched by the naked eye, and it is getting harder and harder to target.

Thanks to the squad of Sam-Sinki, the NBA76 team has been steadily growing for a few years, and has truly turned into a squad in the East. They have also accumulated their potential through the draft and succeeded. Model. Last season’s innocent Enbid and Simmons can bring them 50 wins, this season’s more complete lineup of the 76ers, breaking through the last NBA season is simply a bag. Just as Duncan said to James, “The future is yours,” after James left the East, we can also say to the 76ers, “The future is yours.”

The Hong Kong League can’t play, why should Bynum try to return to the NBA?

Bynum’s last appearance in the NBA was four years ago. He played 36 minutes on behalf of the Indiana Pacers and lost 23 points and 19 rebounds. Later, we saw the news about Bynum, it was nothing more than which barber shop he appeared, changing a variety of hair styles, in short, nothing to do with basketball. Earlier this year, Bynum wanted to return to the game and had a contact with a team in the Hong Kong League. It’s hard to imagine that the main center of a two-time NBA championship team, the NBA All-Star, and even the Hong Kong League teams are not going to be seen. The day before, Bynum hired a representative to contact the NBA team to make a comeback. The general fans heard it and sneered at it. It seems that no one is optimistic that Bynum is coming back, but why is he so confident in Dongshan?

From the video of a Bynum training that was exposed online, he showed a good touch and footwork, and he had a few years of experience in the Lakers. He saw that he had been training for the past few months and his body shape. Keep it good. Don’t forget that Bynum is the youngest player in NBA history to participate in the draft. He just passed the 18th birthday when he first appeared on the show, so after playing nine seasons in the NBA and four seasons, Bynum is only this year. 30 years old, is the age of ordinary players. Age is not a problem. The problem is that the alliances that he was absent have already undergone earth-shaking changes. The traditional low-ranking big ones no longer enjoy the fragrance, and the space-type 4th and 5th places bloom everywhere. However, from the training video, Bynum also knows how to keep up with the current NBA trend, and has developed a three-pointer with a three-pointer from the top of the arc. Although training and competition are not the same, it is at least a proof that Bynum is trying to integrate into modern competitions. Coupled with his natural footsteps and acquired comprehensive offensive methods, it is not a big problem to go to a team to be the second and third substitutes. As for why he failed to test the Hong Kong team, the reason is many, one is a few months before his devil training, and secondly, Hong Kong may not meet Bynum’s request, plus he has been It’s more conceited, and it’s no surprise that the joining matter has been blown up. However, the fact that the media is exaggerated and presented to the people has become the level of Bynum’s current level that is not enough for the Hong Kong class.

Although Bynum is expected to become the second and third round of the NBA team’s inside rotation, it can only show that he has such strength, and whether it can be realized as a battle force is another matter. The first is Bynum’s health problem. He never played a full season after playing. He always missed twenty or thirty games every year. After being sent to the Philadelphia 76ers by the Lakers, he was directly reimbursed for the season. More serious than injury is the problem of professional literacy. Since becoming an All-Star in 2012, Bynum has been very self-sufficient, always absent from training or has a misconduct, and was banned by the Lakers until it was traded. Later, he broke out of absenteeism training, did not participate in the team activities as required, and entered negative news such as various hairdressing places, as if basketball had nothing to do with him. For this reason, Bynum will be a cancer star who won’t get any contract from a 19+12 inside star. Presumably, after this series of blows, Bynum can understand the true meaning of basketball, and I believe that the hard training during this time will not be a short-lived. Perhaps he finally understood the truth that success requires one percent of genius and one hundred percent of effort, so now efforts should be too late.

Interchangeable Trey Young and East Citch, who will be the NBA lottery in the scrap

The nba preseason is often the first level to break the new lineup and test the nba rookie. Everyone wants to be a prophet, to see who can play, who will water. Finally, understatement, look, I have already said it.

This year, I liked the two rookies Dongcic and Trey Young respectively to complete their NBA preseason debut. On September 30, Lone Ranger and Beijing Shougang played an NBA preseason game. East Cickey played 30 minutes and scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks on 5 of 7 shots. He received a lot of praise; Trey Yang played 20 minutes. 5 of 16 shots, 3 of 6 points, 1 point, 8 points and 8 assists. In the middle of the 9th half of the game, the netizen joked that the NBA Eagles should become the famous trading background in history.

From the objective factors, the lone ranger is facing the CBA team after all, the gold content is not too high, just after the 20th birthday, Xiao Yang also played a game, and the second half of 5, still take Out of the ability to adjust. These two young people who are destined to be involved because of the transaction, the time is still very long.

East Cickey’s game is very good, three three-pointers, one block, one steal and a simple and effective dribble to play. Originally in Europe, the three-point line is a bit weaker, plus East Chech is not a good pitcher, and his three-point ability is to ask a question mark. The shot is steady, the rhythm is well grasped, and a super-long three-pointer is thrown in the top of the arc, at least to ensure that he will not waste the opportunity under the vacancy level.

Another defensive problem that was originally questioned, at least in the game against Beijing, he blocked Hamilton once and accurately cut the ball. He is not the kind of eight-clawed monster that stretches the wind under his arm, but his selection and confrontational consciousness are completely up to standard. NBA’s new season Dallas said that he wants to play four, organize power forward, I am not worried about his passing and attacking. After watching this ball, I will expect his defensive performance in another level, this will be the decision. He is going in the future.

The last point is that he is too mature to see a little oysters. Playing in Europe early, never rested from the 17th European Championships to the draft, has been playing the game, the copy brushed more, and the practice makes perfect. Than the head of the young green Yang can play too many games, this experience value, there is a gap between the two.

Besides, Trey Young, he has always chosen this question. The reason can’t be attributed to him all the time. Since the explosion in November last year, he has invested too many messy and unreasonable balls in the NCAA, and he relies on him to vote for Oklahoma. A lot of balls. The 20-year-old young man is inevitably frivolous and cannot see the original feeling of the adult world. In short, if the game is played less and not enough, it will habitually solve the problem in a way that is familiar to them, but it may not be useful.

His passing is really a bit of a skill, and the height of the 188 can be very good. He has a very good ability to find teammates, a high level of enthusiasm for the game, and his choice of his shots can tell his confidence. Many people say that there is something in the next library. But without Curry’s precedent, how can Terry Yang be recognized? How can he be crazy in the market? Trey Yang’s lottery ticket is still far from the date of the draw.

These two children can’t escape contact in this life, a mature handsome guy from Europe; a rebellious little point guard in the United States. They are all known for their organization, one is that the offense is stable; the other is shooting wild. I am very curious and expect what their future career will become. After all, they are the same as me.

Probably the most important benefit in history. 10 NBA China tickets are waiting for you to come.

The NBA’s new season is getting closer and closer, and before the official start of the regular season, there is a super feast of NBA superstars and entertainment big coffee, that is the annual NBA China!

The 2018NBA China Tournament will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen by Dallas Lone Ranger and the Philadelphia 76ers. The lone star, Nowitzki, will come to China again after the Beijing Olympics 10 years later. This time he will usher in the competition. The league’s hottest star – the challenge of the 76ers led by Embiid and Simmons!

Such a wonderful Chinese game, one of the most difficult things for the fans is that they can’t grab the tickets, but the community with welfare tops is not afraid to grab the tickets! This time we have prepared 10 tickets for the NBA China Tournament for everyone! If you participate in community activities, you will have the opportunity to get tickets for free. Are you not excited?

Heartbeat? Then take a closer look at how to participate in the event and get tickets!

The important thing is to say three times: first post, first post, post first

First, how to obtain the NBA China Race Ticket registration qualification:

1. Those who have posted the theme posts in the Tencent Sports Community [all circles] will be directly eligible for registration;

2. If you don’t post the topic posts in the community, you can participate in the community “[My and NBA story] + self-title” activity. Posting around the topic, the community administrator will decide whether to add the essence to the post based on the quality of the content. The netizens who were posted during the event were still eligible to apply!

Second, the activity recruitment rules:

1. Netizens who have obtained the qualifications for registration, reply to the city + micro-signal + the plot of you and the NBA in this activity post

2. Number of recruits: 10 (5 in Shanghai, 5 in Guangzhou)

3. Event time: September 17 – October 2, 2018

4. Competition time: Shanghai game October 5th Shenzhen game on October 8th, the ticket is randomly distributed according to the location of the winning users.

5. Note: The community will provide Chinese competition tickets for the successful selected users, accommodation and travel expenses.

China’s NBA fans are coming soon 150 tickets to show you the promise of PK Embid

Dirk Nowitzki, Joel Bilde, Harrison Barnes, Ben Simmons,

I guess you can’t even say the names of these NBA stars in one go.

So now I want to tell you that the community [NBA Superstar Zero Distance] will bring you intimate interaction with these stars and mysterious entertainment stars.

how about it? Surprising, not surprised?

On October 4th, 13:00, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center,
This time, we played a big ticket, NBA China Football Fans Day,
Together to witness the super feast of NBA stars interacting with entertainment stars.

NBA Raptors new aid first boarded the game, still familiar taste!

The lonely, lonely NBA offseason is finally over!

The NBA preseason kicked off and you can read the ball! Suede, Eric, really good~

Let’s first review the game yesterday.

The NBA Celtics made their debut and lost to the Hornets.

Um…. It doesn’t matter, “Seagull” is really good~

The NBA 76ers took the Melbourne United team.

In the first game of the NBA new season, the young people of the NBA 76 are excited!

Offensive, defensive, and rushing are all full of strength, ~ dunk, cap, self-declared….

It’s still very enjoyable, so it’s not too light for everyone in the offseason.

Um…. then starting a three-pointer with 8 of 1. Still the great skills of the great emperor~

Then come to today’s game,

NBA preseason Raptors at home against the Blazers

Lai Nana also ushered in the NBA Raptors first show

Stayed away from the NBA for nearly a year

Let people be very curious about his strength, in the end he is still not the NBA top5 player?

At the beginning of the NBA game, Leonard missed a few shots because of the long battlefield.

The Trail Blazers led the score with Lillard and McCollum

But as the game progressed, Leonard’s program slowly ran up.

The offensive end got the first point of the Raptors career with the iconic CIC

Also played the Carlo connection, skrskr.

As Leonard feels warmer, the Raptors are catching up.

In the end, the NBA Raptors played well and beat the Blazers 122-104.

Leonard debuted for 19 minutes and scored 12 points, 1 board and 3 assists to make a good start for his Raptors career.

The NBA watched the whole game, although the action was still a bit stiff.

But the mechanical card that gradually faded the rust

It’s just around the corner to get back the familiar feelings.

And what makes me feel kind is Xiao Green – Danny Green!

I was worried that Green would not be convinced in Toronto.

But Green’s performance made me smell the familiar taste.

Ama debuts 20 minutes, shooting 1-6, three points 1-5. Got 5 points and 3 rebounds

Emperor Ama is still the emperor Ama!

Hahaha, the iron can not be lost! (txtx)

The NBA season has already begun, and the past has made him pass.

I hope that Leonard and Green will play well in the Raptors and stay away from injuries.

Tomorrow, the NBA Spurs will also be welcoming the Heat.

LeBron will also start the Lakers debut

Looking forward to the wonderful!

Owen’s substitute Rozil, can you start a game in other NBA teams?

The NBA season is Rozil’s contract year, and he shines in the NBA’s absence from Owen last season. ,

Do you think if he can make a starter in other NBA teams?

Is the price of the NBA Rockets fighting for Butler worthwhile?

Butler’s deal has entered a period of infancy, with no fewer than ten NBA teams appearing on the list of potential players, including the NBA Rockets, one of the most active teams. Ariza and Bamot leave, the NBA rockets are eager to complement the wing players can understand, not to mention Butler is a ready-made NBA All-Star guard swingman, NBA best third team member, the small ball era of the toon. But last year’s Paul trade, for example, getting the NBA star players is bound to pay a lot of money, then the NBA rocket appeared in the trading rumors, is the price of fighting for Butler worth it?

There are some reasons for the supporters. The role of the NBA player and the NBA Superstar is not simply equivalent. Last year, the NBA Rockets paid Paul the best defensive first team of Beverly Beverly and Super Sixth Road Williams and four or five. It didn’t seem to make much. But after Paul joined, it brought the best regular season record of the NBA Rockets history, and finally only one step away from the NBA championship. Does Butler have such influence? As one of the best flanks of the NBA League’s offensive possession, as one of the best balanced players on both ends of the offense and defense, the improvement he can bring to the Rockets is obvious. If anyone is worried about Butler and Harden, Paul and Anthony’s ball distribution issues and compatibility issues, last year people questioned Paul and Harden a lot, the results are quite good. Butler can give Paul Harden a full rest time, Anthony is basically determined to start from the bench, the problems of the major players D’Antoni will solve.

Opponents also have their own reasons. In order for the Butler rocket to be the first to be the mainstay of Gordon, he is one of the most important firepower points of the NBA rocket in the past two years. It is also an indispensable leader in the second team. He is very familiar with the rocket system and has the ability to make three-pointers. Even better than Butler, so it is more in line with the theory of the magic ball of General Manager Morey. Butler’s defensive ability is not Gordon’s comparable, but Gordon is only the main body of the transaction, the NBA Rockets need to take a first-round pick and another player to make the deal. With the current strength of the NBA Rockets, the first round of NBA draft picks is definitely the last pick. The key is who is the other star in the NBA trade. The most likely addition to the rumors is Tucker. If the final NBA rocket puts Gordon and Tuck on the shelf, it is not worth the candle. After all, Tucker is the soul of the Rockets who played seven games with the NBA Warriors last season. His internal and external training and perfect supporting role, and the rocket system is natural, especially after Ali Zabamot is absent. It is the last 3D representative of the Rockets. Butler can’t reach the 4th and 5th like Tucker. Tucker’s departure will make the Rockets’ internal rotations seriously inadequate. Therefore, if the Rockets want to get Butler, they must weigh the gains and losses. However, it is difficult to weigh the gains and losses.

LeBron’s NBA Lakers debut, what do you want to say?

James Westward joined the NBA Lakers, a good story is still difficult to open the dynasty?

LeBron’s NBA Lakers debut, what do you want to say?

The reply area shows a reply, please start your performance!

Does Durant have a chance to challenge the position of the first person in the James NBA?

Since Kobe Bryant entered the NBA career due to injury, LeBron James has been the first person in the NBA league for many years. Since he won his first NBA championship in 2012, it has been seven or eight years. During this period, other players in the NBA can only compete for the name of the second person. Curry played a very impressive performance in 2015 and 2016, and slowly withdrew from the first competition. Harden and Westbrook took the MVP trophy with versatile data, but lost a few points to the team’s success in the NBA playoffs. After Leonard played the MVP-level season, he was almost out of the game for a year. The letter brother and the thick-browed brother were slightly immature, and they thought about it. Only Durant, who always followed the back of James, was alone. In 2012, he lost to the NBA Finals with the Thunder and lost to James. It will be the second person in the NBA. In 2018, he won the back-to-back NBA championship in the NBA Warriors and won the back-to-back NBA Finals Most Valuable NBA Player title. However, when the NBA seasons gave various versions of the active superstars in the new season, Adu Still only ranked second after James. So Durant still has the opportunity to challenge the position of James’ first person, or what should he do to become the first person in the NBA today?

At this stage of the NBA career, the honor of the NBA scoring king is no longer what Durant pursues. In those years, he did not take this title in the NBA Thunder. Now it is Davis, the letter brother or even Booker. Mitchell and other young players are fighting for something. And in the NBA Warriors, there are two scoring masters Curry and Thompson, it is necessary to split a certain shot and scoring opportunities. The same reason applies to the competition of MVP. Because of the existence of Curry, Durant